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How to make regular handcuffs even more inescapable

You guys all know about the double-locking mechanism on police-issue cuffs, of course. Now, thanks to a brilliant idea from levis501sub, you can make handcuffs impossible for the prisoner to get out of even if he has a handcuff key! The trick, as described on this guy’s Tumble page, is to disable the double locking mechanism using zip ties or padlocks. For the padlock version, he carefully enlarged the double-locking hole with a metal drill, and after the double lock is engaged he adds the padlocks. VERY clever!

escape proof handcuff idea


See much more detailed information — and lots more handcuff pictures and ideas — at levis501sub’s Tumblr page, located here.

Iowa Cowboy – Part 04

By Atlanta Stud

With spring break approaching, Dave and I wanted to get away from campus, but we didn’t feel like hanging out with a bunch of college kids in Daytona getting wasted every day. We were on the web looking at potential cabins to rent for a week at a state park when Brody popped in and asked what’s up. Filling Brody in, he told us to scrap that plan because his folks have a small cabin about three hours out that we could all go to … that is, if we didn’t mind having him along for the week. So it was set that we’d leave that Friday morning of spring break.

When I got back to our room after taking my shower the morning of our departure, I noticed two packed bags on the floor. Dave saw the inquisitive look on my face and said not to worry, everything I’d need is taken care of and to get dressed. He had laid out my attire for the trip … jeans, boxer briefs, long-sleeve olive thermal shirt, brown belt, my desert tan military boots and day old socks.

I was pulling on the boots when Brody, in jeans, short sleeve sweatshirt and his black speed lace military boots and sporting a fresh military haircut walked in carrying his duffel bag. “Let’s hit the road, men!” he barked as he dropped his duffel bag on the floor.

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