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Legion Part 1: The Best of the Fallen Angel Collection

Here’s a vintage shoot from the men over at Titan. The most iconic and award winning leather series in gay porn history, the Fallen Angel series, set the standard for what Leather and Fetish is supposed to be.



Director Bruce Cam took the backroom and brought it into the bedroom for everyone to see in all its glory. Masculine and muscular leather clad men doing things that many had never seen, and most will never forget! Bruce Cam has chosen the very best scenes from the five Fallen Angel films and had them digitally restored into HD and 16×9 wide screen. You can now see every turgid muscle, every bead of sweat and every pulsating puckered hole about to be violated!

FA2-B3-523 FA3-B4-480


Starring Austin Masters, Bronn Douglas, Damon Page, Jackson Reid, Jay Black, Jim Buck, Kyle Brandon, Mike Roberts, Ric Hunter, Steve Cannon and Thomas Lloyd




See this at Titan





Metalbond A to Z: Vintage male bondage

For the letter V, let’s go with VINTAGE male bondage. It’s hard to believe anything ever happened before the internet, and before Tumblr, but back in the day there was LOTS of hot male bondage out there, in print and on video and even in the movies.


Some of those pictured above include: Rob Cryston, a famous photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe, Kristofer Weston (when he was Steve Landess), the work of Larry Townsend, the work of James Bond, an image from the Mr S catalog, artwork by Cavelo, and much more.

Many of the images above are from the Vintage male bondage site.

Vintage bondage porn

Does anybody remember Drummer magazine? It was hot as fuck.



Before the Internet, there was an extensive selection of scene-related publications, mainly published in the 1970s to the 1990s. These magazines included DungeonMaster, Checkmate, Metropolitan Slave, Manhood Rituals, MACH, Manifest Reader (my personal favorite!), the Zeus Inferno albums and other Zeus one-offs, most of Larry Townsend series, the Robert Payne series — and of course the crowning achievement of them all — Drummer!

And then came Bound and Gagged magazine — and my whole life changed because I knew I had to move to New York City.