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Leather Xmas

By Stormbound

stormbound boy gay leather gimpIt is a frosty morning outside, but inside the house is warm and cozy. In the living room a fire crackles merrily in the fireplace, while a man reclines casually on the couch with a cup of fresh coffee in hand. The man is quite the leather bear, tall and strong with a well-groomed, short black beard and gray-green eyes. His beefy muscular frame is clad in a leather jacket over a white t shirt, leather pants, and a pair of crisp leather boots. A leather biker cap on his head over his cropped hair. As he takes a sip of his coffee, he hears the door to the kitchen open.

He looks over to see another man come out with his own cup of coffee. This man is a little shorter and a bit broader than the first, with a slightly shorter beard of fine dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. But he is dressed in the same leatherman style as the man on the couch, the thick quality leather creaking with the movement of his burly muscles as he walks over and sits down on the couch with a smirk next to the first man.

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Merry Christmas to all you gay bondage fanatics!

At Men On Edge, “Vanta Claus” (get it? Van Darkholme as Vanta Claus) brings gifts during a live shoot!


Men on Edge has John Smith and Sebastian Keys joining in a holiday celebration as Vanta Claus arrives with lots of fun toys and goodies. They start John off with his hands bound behind his back while they tease his cock till it’s standing at attention. Aching to cum, John tries to fuck their hands in the bondage as they continue to drive his cock wild until he bursts a huge load right onto his stomach. Up next, at the members’ request, they tie Sebastian on the bed spread eagle while John learns the ways of edging cock. An electric ball pouch is placed around Sebastian’s nuts before they torment him with more electricity up his ass. After being driven wild, Sebastian finally blows his load before he’s finished off with post-orgasmic torment and extreme tickling.

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Kip Johnson gets kidnapped by aliens and misses Christmas party

Check out Kip Johnson, Van Darkholme and Sebastian Keys in Slick It Up Gear at Men On Edge:


Van and Sebastian are up to no good again, dressing up as aliens as they look for hot studs to edge. They sneak up to one of the houses on the block and notice Kip Johnson all alone at home, wrapping presents before he heads off to the holiday party. Before Kip knows it he finds himself surrounded by a mysterious light as the two intruders take him away. Bound with duct tape around his mouth, Kip tries to squirm away as his abductors come closer, but his resistance is futile. The two pervs begin teasing his cock with hitachi’s till it’s rock hard, poking out of his underwear. Kip moans with pleasure as the pervs edge his cock with the milking device. Bound on the exam table, Kip’s made to open his hole for the vibrator as the aliens jack his cock off with the fleshlight. They then lift the stud’s legs in the air and fuck him with the shockspot machine, using the biggest dildo they can find to shove up his hole. After relentless edging, Kip finally blows his load all over the toy in his ass before his captors use machines on his cock to give him some post-orgasmic torment.

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Are you a Good Santa or a Bad Santa?

Girth Brooks, Chad Brock, Blake Daniels, John Jammen, Sebastian Keys, Clayton Kent, The GIMP

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Good Santa was there,

To give the gift of Blake Daniels to the hot men with care.

But Bad Santa showed up to make sure that Blake worked,

and he beat on Blake’s ass if cocks weren’t being jerked.

As Santa whipped out and slapped him with his fat cock galore,

Blake sucked cock and fucked and was called “Christmas whore.”

Not yet the end of the night and Blake is begging for loads,

So Santa’s horny helpers start to take off their clothes,

With the stud’s body now covered in cum,

Santa wishes a very Horny Christmas to everyone.

Girth Brooks, Chad Brock, Blake Daniels, John Jammen, Sebastian Keys, Clayton Kent, The GIMPGirth Brooks, Chad Brock, Blake Daniels, John Jammen, Sebastian Keys, Clayton Kent, The GIMP

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Master Christmas

By Aenyse

Lying in bed, Noel moaned quietly in his sleep. In his dream, there was a hot, muscular biker striding through the bar, eyes locked on his. The biker stepped up to him, far closer than Noel would have expected. Close enough to smell the leather of his jacket and trousers. The biker leaned over and growled something in Noel’s ear. Noel didn’t know what it was, but the voice sent shivers down his spine as he felt himself start to come undone.

Then, outside of the dream, he felt something sticky in his underwear. Sticky and wet. As the hot biker began to fade from view, Noel groaned as he began to wake up, realising that he’d had another wet dream.

“Fuck’s sake.” He grumbled as he swung his legs out of bed and went over to the pack of wet wipes that lived on top of his chest of drawers. He quickly wiped up the mess, tossing his underwear into the laundry pile and getting a fresh pair from the drawers.

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