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Boy Blake gets restrained with electromagnets

The video in this update from Serious Male Bondage documents a second try at restraining Boy Blake with electromagnets. The first try was shown in earlier videos in this series. The earlier tries were not successful for several technical issues including the magnets not being strong enough. This second try includes the use of stronger magnets, and better flat plates that stick to the magnets called armatures.

Boy Blake gets restrained with electromagnets


See the video at Serious Male Bondage


Boy Blake gets restrained with electromagnets

Video: Trouble Bound

A young man visiting Las Vegas with his friend is mistakenly accused of using an electronic device to make the slot machines pay out at a mobster’s casino. His friend is caged while he is taken to San Francisco to find the guy who invented the device. The story takes several twists and turns from there. Watch the trailer here:


See the complete video at Men In Chains

Men in chains free video preview

Recommended website: Men In Chains

My friend Mark Bind’s excellent male bondage website, Men in Chains, is going stronger than ever in 2022. If there is a way of restraining a man, Men In Chains has a video documenting it! Many of the videos are serialized features with recurring actors, including Jimmy USMC, Cody Stiles, Blake Allen, Dart Tech, Lukas Tyler, Dakota Duke, Jakob Engel, Harold Monrow, Mark Burnley, Pup Havok, SFDom, Steel Bond — and many others! Not to mention Mark Bind himself!

Shown below are various pictures from just some of the many selections that are included in the extensive library of Men In Chains videos. You can watch previews of these and many other videos by clicking through to Men In Chains. If you choose to purchase a paid subscription as I have, you can watch the videos in their entirety. This is highly recommended.

Jimmy USMC male bondage heavybondageforlife


For the coming year, Mark Bind has shared with me some images from many of the upcoming video features, which are smokin’ hot! I’ll be blogging about these updates on Metalbond each Friday, so keep checking back.

Or better yet, you can go directly to Men In Chains now.

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