ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 13

By Nitro

nitroatlA reward? What did that mean? His hole was hungry? Was he going to finally be able to fuck his Sir for the first time in months? Sir was typically not up for being on the receiving end of anything but a tongue up his ass, but sometimes when the wind blew just right…

The very idea of this had his cock throbbing inside the spiked chastity cage, which made him groan into the gag. Now that he felt Sir was no longer watching he tried to stay very still. He didn’t think he could handle much more of the heavy electro that gets delivered when he moves. His entire body was aching, and the massive plug in his hole felt like it was the size of a Buick.

He was so tired from putting on such a show, and his muscles ached from being locked in here all day. He started picturing his Sir sitting back in that chair earlier while his dick was serviced, and he felt his own cock throbbing into the spikes. He pictured him leathered up and in tall boots, his thick cock pushing against his codpiece. He pictured him slowly sucking the phallic cigar as he exhaled a plume of smoke.

Sucking on his gag, he let out a long deep groan and started thrusting his hips as much as the bonds would allow. This of course triggered the motion-activated electro and his body spasmed in the sack as the electro kicked higher and higher creating a vicious feedback loop. The more he hurt the harder his dick got, and the harder his dick got the more he hurt.

The cycle kept going for quite a while as he worked himself into a frenzy – he was now so horny that the only thing he could think about was hurting himself more. He kept slowly humping the air even though the spiked cage wouldn’t allow him to get fully hard, and he could feel the precum leaking constantly. Was SIR still watching? Was he listening? Was he alone? FUCK!!!!


Outside the world of isolation, Jake had been busy setting up the evening’s scene. He pulled up a small table next to the sling with his ashtray and a fresh asylum 80 ring cigar on it and a whiskey. There were extra chains hanging down from the bottom part of the sling, and plenty of padlocks.

He walked to the isolation room and unlocked the door and admired his property hanging in the sleepsack exhausted. He disabled the electro and disconnected the liquid feeding tube. Stepping up, he wrapped his arms around the boy and held him tight as he released the straps holding him in the air, and leaned the boy back against the back wall.

“Can you hear me boy?” He said

Ian issued a low moan into the gag – clearly exhausted.

He started releasing the sleepsack and helped the boy lean against the wall as he massaged the boy’s shoulders and arms, listening to the groans. He had been in there quite a while and was quite sore from the lack of movement. Attaching a chain to the collar, he slowly started to pull the boy out of the isolation room and into the larger playroom over to the sling. Once by the sling he attached heavy steel irons to the boy’s wrists and ankles and used the hex key to lock them in place. He pulled the wrists behind his back just at his ass and used a padlock to connect them by just a few links of chain then pressed down on the shoulders so the boy kneeled on a padded surface below him and then secured the ankle irons to the wrist irons by another few short lengths of chain and locks. Additional locks secured the ankle irons to the surface beneath him which had the effect of pulling his body upright unable to slouch down.

He removed the thick gag from the hood and let the boy stretch his jaw for a few moments while he gathered items.

“You’ve done very well today, boy. I’m very proud,” Jake said

Ian immediately felt a wash of pride knowing he was working hard.


“You worked very hard for me today – and that boy didn’t even know you were there. How do you like that?”


“You knew that I was watching you didn’t you?” Jake said with a grin as he once again groped his leather codpiece.


“I’ve got a surprise for you, boy – I had a new toy made that I want to introduce you to.” He walked over to the shelf and picked up a dildo that had been molded after Ian’s own impressive meat. He walked behind the boy and put the phallic piece in reach of the boy’s hands so he could feel the detail. “Does that feel familiar?”


“That’s right – i molded that after the cock that i own. That is how big your meat used to be before the spiked cage,” He said with a sly grin.


The boy’s cock was throbbing in the spiked cage and burping out precum at alarming rate. He didn’t know yet but this wasn’t just a dildo – it was also a gag. The meat end would protrude outside of the boy’s mouth, but the backside also had a shorter version of the same cock mold, it would fill the boy’s mouth nicely, but still allow him to breathe without a problem.

He came in front of the boy and pressed the gag portion on his lips. Now not seeing what was going on, the boy likely thought the dildo was being rammed down inside, but Jake had other devious plans today. He pushed the rest of the gag home and secured the strap with another padlock.

“How does your cock feel in your mouth, boy? Picking up what’s happening yet?” Jake said as he gripped his cod piece with one hand and started teasing his sensitive nipples with the other.


Jake unzipped the rear of his leather pants and added some lube to his own hole, then coated the dildo in lube. He reached over to the table and picked up a pair of nasty tit clamps with sharp claw teeth called Talons and added them to the boy’s meaty nubs eliciting a groan into the thick gag.

Jake climbed up into the sling and lit his cigar and blew smoke towards his property. “Now – you got to have your fun earlier, but its time for me to have mine!” He pulled on the chain connected to the boy’s collar until the dildo was right at the entrance of his hole, and he saw the boy freeze in place. He finally connected the dots. “I’ve not let you fuck me in a long fucking time, have i boy?”


“Well my hole is nice and hungry today – and i need to be filled up just right,” He said as he removed his codpiece and let his cock free. “Have fun, boy,” Jake said as he pulled the chain a little tighter until the head entered his hole. Once a couple inches were inside he secured the chain so the boy couldn’t pull back anymore.


Ian tentatively pushed forward and heard his SIR groan with pleasure. He smelled the cigar smoke in the air, and he felt his cock throbbing in the tight cage. He started making slow strokes in and out – he couldn’t pull all the way out of SIR’s hole, which is good because it would be hard to find it again not being able to see.

Before long he was in a good rythm – pushing in and pulling out, making slight rotations of his head so SIR could enjoy the veiny ridges of the meat. He was loving the sounds of his SIR groaning with pleasure. He was picturing him there in his tight form fitting leathers, enjoying his cigar and his property. Every time he moved the vicious clamps swung from his tits and made him groan, but also made him leak more precum.

He could hear SIR breathing heavy and he knew that he was getting off on this so he doubled up and started fucking harder and deeper. When he got all the way into the base of the dildo he could feel the heat from SIR’s thighs and ass wrapped around his head then he would pull out as far as he could and then back in.

“FUCCCK,” SIR yelled as he was getting railed and chomping on his cigar. “Keep that up boy and you’re gonna make me blow hands free just from the fucking and me playing with my own tits up here,” He said.

This really motivated Jake as he started fucking as hard as he could, ignoring the pain in his neck muscles, ignoring the pain in his tits, ignoring the pain in his hole, ignoring the pain in his cock. Right now he is only a fucktoy for his SIRs pleasure, just as he always wanted.

“Oh FUCK i haven’t been fucked like this in a LONG god damn time. Good boy – GOOD BOY!” Jake said as he kept tugging on his own tit clamps.

Jake put everything he had into it – fucking SIRs ass, rotating the veiny meat, making love to his owners hole.

“OH FUCK. OH FUCK OHHHH FUUUCCKKKK.” He could actually hear the cum hitting his SIR’s chest and as if on queue his own cock erupted in the spiked cage, making him scream from the spikes chewing in deeper.

To be continued …

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  1. Still hoping for more! REALLY enjoy your devious mind. Waiting for Ian to inform Jake that his dominance begins when they enter the gym, not when they leave the locker room for the gym floor and ends when they leave NOT when they finish their workouts

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