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Fake cop torments a hot stud and fucks him in bondage

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Tyler Alexander has been breaking laws around town without realizing that he’s had a stalker the likes of Parker London on his tail. In Parker’s den Tyler is blindfolded and belted to a pole as Parker reads off his charges. The fake badge makes Tyler doubt his captor’s authority, but his cock gets hard as he’s stripped down anyway. Parker gives him a zipper and throws him in a cage overnight. Horny the next day, Parker checks on the captive, who is still rock hard and makes him suck his cock for a flogging. Tyler gets jacked off with the electric butt plug and cock ring then fucked hard. Parker shoves the butt plug back in his ass to make him cum, then fucks him again and blows his load all over the punk’s face.

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Short sleeve police shirt in perforated leather

We’ll file this one under Authority Figures

Short sleeve police shirt in perforated leather

 Short Sleeve Leather Police Shirt in Perforated Leather

Formal leather is hot. Sometimes it is a little too hot. Perforated leather actually lets your skin breathe while clad in leather. The perforated pattern adds a custom accent to the traditional police shirt. You can still wear the sexy black, classic look while sporting a look that sets your gear apart from everyone else’s.

Mr. S makes its police shirts from the finest hides. These shirts feature triple pleated backs, two snap closure front pockets, epaulets, and black snaps up the front. This is the classic leather shirt worn with leather pants or jeans. Tapered cut enhances your torso.

Short sleeve police shirt in perforated leather

 Short sleeve police shirt in perforated leather

To learn more about this shirt, visit Mr S Leather.

Welcome to the Military Police


stories by CREUSSI’ve been serving in the foreign legion for years now…

Good time, bad time… depends…

No regrets…

No pain, no gain, said the enlisted Englishmen… it was right here too…

I was to change of regiment. I was due to get to the new one, next week, on Tuesday… I did not have my “Feuille de Route”, but we always get it at the latest minute.

As we were Friday only, I was expecting having a 72 (a leave for 72 hours – 3 days). Sure it was not signed yet, but I was almost sure I would be free tonight….

In order to move quickly, all my belongings where ready by the middle of the day, and I was just waiting the documents to be signed to get dressed in “tenue de sortie”, and go…

I went to the “ordinaire” (the place where troopers eat) for lunch, and had a nice lunch.

Then I went for the regular haircut, in order to look perfect when I get to the new place.

I was not to be involved in the training this afternoon.

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