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Tom of Finland Trough

Available from Fort Troff, the TOM Of Finland Trough has inflatable edges so you keep the fluids contained. It’s perfect for messy play.

piss trough

Fort Troff says: This playpad is PERFECT for a mini piss pool. Use gobs of fist lube without ruining the carpet. Use silicone lube without ruining the sheets. Take a jizz shower.

To order, or to see VIDEO of this being used, visit Fort Troff

male bdsm

My Gay Eye: Tom of Finland edition

A special edition of My Gay Eye presents the many sides of Tom of Finland and explores the Foundation he cofounded. Contemporary authors and artists add to this homage to Tom of Finland with essays, interviews, short stories and images.

Tom of Finland book


This 2018 yearbook of gay erotica includes an article by Rainer, aka RH of the Mencomix site!

You can order the book here

It is also available on Amazon

If you need someone to hold the key to your chastity device

Then you are in luck!

gay bondage


Want to up your game a little on locking your dick away? Imagine the uncertainty as you click the padlock shut and seal the key inside the envelope … and then send your key to Mr. S for safekeeping, knowing that you can’t break and run to the secret hiding place you normally keep it in. Mr S will send you a label with your purchase (or email you one) so you can get your keys safely to them. Let them know when you want your key back – one day or one month – and they’ll UPS it safely back to you. You can trust them with it – they promise! Click here for more information,

gay bondage

To see all the chastity devices available from Mr S, click here if you dare.