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Folsom Street East 2015

It was great to see so many guys out at Folsom Street East today!

BoyEd CTrubberman Cuffsandcops_cuffs Cuffsandcops_shirt Kenji Neil NYBondage_chastity00 NYBondage_chastity01 NYBondage_chastity02 Pair Tread_01 Tread_02


Thanks to everyone who came by the Metalbond table to say hello and try on handcuffs and belly chains!

Pictured above, from the top:

Boy Ed in a Metalbond T shirt; CTRubberman; Cuffsandcops with speed cuffs and a federal corrections officer shirt (both genuine issue); Kenji with some New York Bondage Club clothespins on his nips; Neil the Erotic Hypnotist; nycslave4training, showing off his leather-harnessed torso and chain collar, and opening up his football pants to reveal a metal chastity device; Sir Robert and Boy Jeff; and a hot guy in a “please tread on me” T shirt, wearing high-security belly chain.




So I had another session with Neil the Erotic Hypnotist, and I have been meaning to write about it. (If you missed the posting on my FIRST erotic hypno session with Neil, click here.) Neil knows how to use hypnosis for bondage and control. This time, we decided to start at my place and then take the action to the New York Bondage Club for some play in public. It turned out to be a memorable evening.

New York Bondage Club

Neil came over late on a Sunday afternoon, and we spent some time discussing the various goings-on in our lives, some of the mutual friends and acquaintances we have and our respective workout routines (Neil spends a lot of time in the gym, and it shows).  We also talked about New York City real estate. That’s because whenever two or more New Yorkers get together for any reason, under any circumstances, the conversation always, inevitably, touches on real estate at some point. It is an un-alterable law of nature, just like that of gravity.

Anyway, after our catching up on a social level, we decided it was time for me to go into a trance under Neil’s guidance, to be prepped with triggers for our visit a bit later to the Bondage Club. The focus of our play was again to be on bondage and control, without the use of restraints.

Neil had me lie back on my futon and get comfortable. I had darkened the room. The air conditioning was on, making the temperature pleasant. The phone ringers were turned off. The key was for me to relax, to listen to Neil’s voice as he coached me to let myself fall into a deep, almost dreamlike state of consciousness. I remember he told me at one point, after I had closed my eyes and started to drift away, that my right arm was light as a helium balloon. I did sense that my arm started to rise up off the futon, as it if really were lighter than air. It was an interesting feeling.

Neil also gave me several mental triggers that he planed to use on me later. One of them, “cuffs,” meant that I was to clasp my hands tightly behind my back as if they were cuffed, until he gave the “release” command. Another trigger, “statue,” meant that I was to remain frozen in place, unable to move, until released. He also gave me a command called “grab,” which meant that I would grab onto an object and not let go. He also gave me commands to feel “horny” and “sensitive.”

After Neil brought me out of the trance, he tested the triggers on me in my apartment, and, satisfied that they were working, we departed my place and headed for the Bondage Club. When we got there, I stripped down to just my boots and gave Neil all of my clothes to put in his backpack.

I’ve been going to the New York Bondage Club for many years, even way back when they met at J’s, and I know that some nights there are better than others. The club this particular night had an interesting crowd and a nice vibe.

One of the first things Neil did was get my hands “restrained” behind my back using the “cuffs” command. With my hands behind my back, we walked around the club and viewed some of the other scenes that were playing out. To me, it felt like my hands really were restrained, just as if they were tightly tied with rope or leather. They did not budge as we wandered about.

We weren’t the only ones playing, of course. There was a fit young man getting tied down with actual restraints on his back with his ass up in the air. Another dude with a large dick was tied inside a cage, then tickled and tormented. In another area of the club, a guy was giving erotic massages. At one point Neil had me “cuffed” around a post while we watched a particularly interesting scene, and during this time I was rock hard. He also took me over to the bondage chair the NYBC has built into a wall and had me sit down, feet firmly planted on the floor, and he ordered me to “grab” the rings so that my arms were splayed out in a wide spread eagle. Normally at the Bondage Club, a man would be TIED into such a position. But, with hypnosis, Neil was able to have me restrained here without the use of any ropes or cuffs. He kept me like that for quite a while, and it was interesting to watch the reactions of some of the other club-goers as they walked by and witnessed the situation I was in.

Later, after we had played for a while and got a bit more relaxed, we showed some of the other guys there, including several of the regulars, what we were doing. Many of these other guys were intrigued and asked some interesting questions. Mike, who runs the Bondage Club and who has seen me engage in lots and lots of play there over the years involving lots of equipment taken out of my gear bag, was impressed that I was tied up mentally, without actual physical restraints.

One thing I definitely noticed at the Bondage Club is that I seemed to respond more to the triggers involving physical restraint and control, rather than to the commands involving the way I was to feel or to perceive sensations. For example, I really did feel that my hands were actually locked behind my back for stretches of time. In fact, when Mike tried to pull my wrists apart to test this, he was unable to. My arms were securely locked behind my back. The triggers also worked very well when Neil had me grab those rings in the wall and stay that way — I was like that a long time, well past the point at which holding the position became uncomfortable.

But when Neil gave the commands to make me feel “horny” or that my skin would be “sensitive,” I can’t really say with certainty that these sorts of commands had much effect.

Maybe this is more because I enjoyed being ordered around by a hot, muscular guy, rather than I was under the effects of hypnosis. I’m not really sure. And it’s also what makes me wonder about the effectiveness of hypnosis itself. Upon discussing the session later with Neil, he insisted that the hypnotic restraints were in no way voluntary.

“It’s true that you had no problem keeping your hands behind your back, but you also didn’t have much of a choice,” Neil told me in a follow-up email. “I know that with hypnosis it’s often hard to tell the difference, since the conscious mind has a tendency to rationalize things,” he said.

I guess Neil might say he created an undeniable force for me — something akin to gravity.

Nevertheless, no matter what Neil says, and no matter how hot all this was, and despite everything I have read recently on the topic of hypnosis, I must admit that I am STILL a little skeptical of it all. Maybe I just need to experience more hypnosis sessions, as I understand it does take practice to go into deeper trances.

The bottom line is that I am glad that Neil and I had this new session — and I am definitely curious enough to do more of this type of play in the future. Next time, perhaps, we can focus on other forms of control, like getting me to exercise longer and harder at the gym. Neil tells me this type of control is another of his specialties.

To learn more about Neil, you can visit his personal website by clicking on his picture, directly below:

Neil the Erotic Hypnotist

Bondage through hypnosis

Thanks to the inspiration of Marknorth and others, I have been more and more intrigued lately by the concept of bondage without restraints, and that reminded me of a session I had a while back with Neil the Erotic Hypnotist. Check him out:

Neil the Erotic Hypnotist

After reading about this guy on Ben in Leather Land, Bob Wingate and a couple other websites, I became interested in seeing what it would be like to be put in bondage through the use of hypnosis. I must admit, even after reading about this, that I was a bit skeptical. In fact, my impression of hypnosis up to that point was that it was all a bunch of hocus-pocus, and that it would never work on me.

However, the whole idea did seem rather exciting, perhaps even little bit dangerous, and so my curiosity won out. I contacted Neil, and after a few emails back and forth I set up a session with him. Immediately upon meeting him, I was put at ease by his personality and his demeanor. He’s also a rather good-looking guy, which was a definite plus.

We met in a third-party location, a rented room equipped with a couch and a massage table. We began with a simple discussion of some of my interests — specifically, to experience a feeling of being controlled and restrained. Then Neil started to explain to me what we would be doing and how it would work.

The basic concept, Neil explained, is for the subject to enter a deeply relaxing state under coaching, so that the hypnotist could then verbally implant suggestions or “triggers” in my subconscious mind that would elicit a specific behavior later on.  He explained to me the difference between the conscious and the subconscious parts of the brain. The conscious mind is where all rational thought takes place, while the subconscious mind is about habits and things we (i.e. our conscious minds) see as doing on “auto-pilot.” These can be quite complex, like driving, or like locking the door when you leave your apartment. Hypnotic suggestions to the subconscious mind can cause the subject to later do things without thinking about them. (Come to think of it, I can’t tell you how many times I have left my apartment, only to wonder later whether I had remembered to lock the door on my way out. I have no memory of doing this, yet I do it every time. That is my subconscious mind at work.)

The trick with hypnosis is to tap into the subconscious part of the mind, and to do that the subject has to let go temporarily of the conscious mind. It was all about learning to relax, and so he had me lie back on the couch as he talked me through it. The relaxations exercises were fantastic, and for me they were erotically charged as well. He had me imagine I was resting on a sandy beach while listening to the waves lap peacefully against the shore, or he had me walk quietly down a long staircase into a room with a bed, where I could rest and relax. With every passing minute, I felt more and more relaxed. It was all about letting go of all my tension, all my worries, and going deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation. And it worked. (In fact, if we had done nothing more than this relaxation exercise, I would have left a very happy man.)

He had me “go under” four or five times in total, and in each instance I went deeper and deeper into this state of relaxation. And each time he implanted into my subconscious several “triggers” when I was under, that he later used to elicit certain responses or actions from me.

One of the triggers was that when he made a specific gesture with one of his hands, that I would remove an article of clothing. And sure enough, upon my waking up, he made this gesture and I actually did start to remove my clothes. Before long I was totally naked. How did he do that? Did I take off my clothes because I was under hypnosis? Or because I really wanted to get naked in front of him? Perhaps a little of both? I am not sure.

He had me go under a few more times, and he implanted more triggers. One of them was that when he touched my body in a certain location, that I would immediately place my hands behind my back as if they were tied tightly together. And sure enough, after he had me wake up again, he used this trigger to “restrain” my hands behind my back. He kept me like that for quite a while. And while that feeling of skepticism remained in the back of my head, I really did keep my hands behind my back until he later used another trigger to release me. He also used a few other triggers on me, including one that turned me into a statue, and another that made me very horny — a feeling, in fact, that lasted for several days and weeks.

Do I think that I really was hypnotized, or that I kept my hands behind my back on purpose? It is an interesting question, isn’t it?

When I departed Neil’s presence later in the evening, I left with a feeling of excitement, and also one of deep relaxation. He told me I would sleep very well that night (another benefit of the relaxation techniques he used), and I did. Mostly I felt exhilarated after having had this new experience.

Later, Neil reminded me that the conscious mind doesn’t understand the subconscious mind or the process of hypnosis, so it has a tendency to rationalize things, like “I just wanted to take my clothes off,” “it was hot in the room” or “I just didn’t feel like moving my arms,” etc.  That’s perhaps why I still had doubts later, he said, as to whether I was really hypnotized or just playing along.

Was I glad I had visited Neil? Absolutely. For me, it was an interesting way of experiencing a different form of bondage and control.

To learn more about Neil, visit his website by clicking here.