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New site: Bound Twinks

Tyler can’t believe his good fortune when he sees Chris in his favorite position: bent over the fuck bench, mouth taped, hands and feet bound, and his eyes wide with nerves. Tyler isn’t a sadist or brutal, but he does love seeing his captives in a state of suspense. Them not knowing what he’s likely to do next gives him a special thrill and satisfaction that can only come from being a bondage top. And Chris is lucky to get to be his puppet.

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Title of this shoot: Tyler Tanner & Chris Keaton, Encounter 1

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‘Submit’ with Jack Vidra and Cain Marko

‘Submit’ with Jack Vidra and Cain Marko

With his legs up to the sky, Cain Marko jerks his cock while Jack Vidra pumps his meat hard into Cain’s ass. The relentless pounding doesn’t quit until Jack gives Cain control by riding his bare cock all the way down to his balls. With Cain in complete control, Jack lays back as the muscle-stud rides his cock bareback with reckless abandon. After Cain has had his hole stretched, he gets off and sticks his cock into Jack’s hole. Copying what Cain did, Jack hops on top and rides Cain’s fat cock until he shoots a thick load that gets stuck in Cain’s fur. Now that he’s blown, Jack keeps riding Cain’s fuck-stick until the clench from his ass makes Cain blow his load deep in Jack’s ass.

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Title of this video: SUBMIT

Fisting Inferno ‘Submit’ with Jack Vidra and Cain Marko

Justin gets spanked hard while tied upside down

Here’s another scene from the men over at Spanking Straight Boys. Justin has a muscular, lean body with a bubble butt and powerful thighs. He is well behaved, polite and respectful.

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Justin didn’t know what was in store for him during today’s shoot. He didn’t know Tom was going to put him in a leather harness and restraints and suspended him upside down. He didn’t know he’d be in such a defenseless position or that every part of him would be on display. Justin’s butt is already red and quite sore as this video begins. Tom uses a riding crop and his hand on Justin’s firm butt. He spanks Justin hard. Justin has a hard time with it, grunting and gasping as swat after swat pushes him further and further. His butt quivers and spasms throughout much of this spanking. The humiliating position he’s in physically must be the least of his worries.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Justin Upside Down

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