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Male bondage: Jack Hunter undergoes a dark edging fantasy

At Men On Edge, Jack’s photo shoot goes from edging play to something diabolically sexy.

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Jack Hunter arrives at the Armory on a brisk autumn day for an audition and photo shoot. Liking what they see through the lens, Sebastian and Christian start playing with Jack. He has his lean body bound in tight ropes as his erection tries to fight its way out of his briefs. Sebastian presses his hitachis against Jack’s giant cock, bringing the stud to the edge of an orgasm before taking the toys away. Christian pulls Jack onto a platform box and admires the hard dick standing at full attention. After a round of edging, Jack and Christian return to the green room for a break.


Jack starts feeling a little funny after the bondage. Next thing he knows, he’s bound to the wall of a dungeon as Christian and Sebastian work their hands all over his body. As he moans and grinds against his bondage, Jack takes a dildo deep inside his hole. Sebastian edges Jack with a hollowed out pumpkin in the spirit of the season. With his huge cock impaling the entire pumpkin, Jack nearly blows it as the vibrating sheath fits over his cock head. Finally deciding to let the stud cum, Christian milks a hot load from Jack while Sebastian holds a vibrator deep within his hole. Fresh from cumming, the torment resumes as Sebastian jacks the sensitive cock once more with the pumpkin.

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Jack Hunter gets tied up in the Nevada desert

Completely nude and tied to the hood of a white SUV, Jack Hunter gets driven through the Nevada desert. He’s suspended from concrete ruins, and his big cock is edged by Tony Orlando and Sebastian Keys.

Jack Hunter male bdsm

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male bdsm gay bondage

Leather bondage sex

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In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Mr. Maddox has a new slave to torment, Jack Hunter. Wearing leather and a twisted smile, he examines the slave before him, sizing up how much extreme torment this slut can take. Mr. Maddox expects nothing less than full submission, stomping Jack’s face into the ground and teasing his cock-hungry mouth with a throbbing cock. He plays a cruel game of hard-to-get, one moment face-fucking the slave and then kicking him away the next. Mr. Maddox strings Jack up in an archway and tests the slave with his flogger, knocking out whatever will remains with every blow. He hoists Jack’s legs above the ground and violently plows into his asshole. Jack returns to the ground and has the privilege of a short rest on the cold, hard floor. Ready to fuck again, Mr. Maddox spreads Jack wide open in ropes and shocks him repeatedly with the Tazzapper before going back in for a vicious fuck. He milks a load from his slave as he pounds away and then covers the cum-drunk slave’s face in hot cum

Jason_Maddox_Jack_Hunter_gay_bondage_02 Jason_Maddox_Jack_Hunter_gay_bondage_03 Jason_Maddox_Jack_Hunter_gay_bondage_04 Jason_Maddox_Jack_Hunter_gay_bondage_05 Jason_Maddox_Jack_Hunter_gay_bondage_06 Jason_Maddox_Jack_Hunter_gay_bondage_07 Jason_Maddox_Jack_Hunter_gay_bondage_08


Title of this shoot: Mr. Maddox’s Brutal Night of Torment for his New Slave

Models in this shoot: Jason Maddox, Jack Hunter

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