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Phenix Saint gets tied up and abused in the psycho ward

We’ll file this one under Institutional Restraints. These images are from “Chloroform” — a vintage shoot at Bound Gods. Phenix Saint is in the psycho ward and he’s restless. Struggling in his straitjacket and screaming for help, the night orderly Jason Miller comes to the rescue.

Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_01 Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_02 Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_03 Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_04 Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_05

Phenix has jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Turned on by stud’s body, Jason uses a little chloroform to have his way. The twisted orderly ties up the unconscious Phenix in the hospital bed and zaps him with electricity. Phenix screams in agony and uses all of his strength to break free. Pissed, Phenix restrains Jason and punishes him even harder. After flogging and caning Jason’s ass, Phenix plows his hard cock into it and cums all over his face.

Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_06 Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_07 Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_08 Gay_Bondage_Phenix_Saint_09


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Male BDSM: The Beast of Burden

17875_p_01 17875_p_02

Ricky Sinz turns Jason Miller into a bondage beast of burden.

17875_p_04 17875_p_06 17875_p_07 17875_p_16 17875_p_20

Here’s another vintage shoot from Bound Gods. In this one, Jason Miller is caged up like an animal, and he’s starving for attention. Tough stud Ricky Sinz is going to give it to him and then some. Ricky beats the prisoner into submission and puts him in back-bending suspension. Jason endures the ultimate humiliation when Ricky straps a piece of bondage furniture to the captive’s backside. The beast of burden is made to crawl around, lick boots and suck cock. Ricky flips him over and fucks the hell out of him.


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