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Wings of Desire – A Bound Gods Feature Presentation

Hayden Richards stretches his wings and torments Tanner Wayne in a bizarre fisting dream at Bound Gods


Tanner Wayne is driving down the road when he notices Hayden Richards hitchhiking. Tanner picks up the hot stud. Unfortunately for Tanner, Hayden is disoriented from the war and believes Tanner is an enemy soldier who has been tracking him down. Tanner finds himself bound and hooded with his cock exposed as he hears Hayden’s footsteps approaching. Hayden begins interrogating him, demanding why Tanner was following him. When Tanner tries to explain the misunderstanding, that only makes Hayden angrier. He clamps down Tanner’s nipples and covers his balls with clothespins. Exhausted from his interrogation Tanner dreams he’s held down by mysterious hands as Hayden shoves his cock down Tanner’s throat. Later in his dream, a bound Tanner finds his wings of desire. Hayden breaks free from his angelic wings and begins fucking Tanner’s hole. Hayden then stretches Tanner’s hole using large toys to prepare him for Hayden’s fist. Pleased, The Fisting Angel fucks Tanner’s ass again before showering Tanner’s face in cum.

gay bondage 30813_14 30813_17

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Doug Acre and Hayden Richards are two of the brave guys who have subjected themselves to bondage torture at ‘30 Minutes of Torment’



Check out Doug Acre at the new gay bondage porn site 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Doug Acre is bound in chains as Van grabs him by the dick, getting his big cock hard. With a ball gag in his mouth, Doug endures heavy punches to the chest before he’s dragged off to The Pit. Weights are attached to Doug’s balls as he struggles to stand while feeling the sting of the single tail. More and more weights are added as Van places candles below Doug’s knees to keep him standing. Suspended upside down, Doug dangles over the bathtub while Van beats him with the cane. Doug is then repeatedly dunked into the water before having clothespins attached all over his body. Van sprays him with the hose and dunks him in the water, pressing his boot on Doug’s head to keep him down. After three intense challenges, Van challenges the big-dicked stud to finally blow his load and receive some post-orgasmic torment.

34000_2 34000_3 34000_10


Free video previews of Doug Acre at 30 Minutes of Torment available here and here.

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And check out Hayden Richards at 30 Minutes of Torment:


Hayden Richards has dommed plenty of times on Bound Gods and Bound in Public, and now he comes to 30 Minutes of Torment ready for the challenge in store. He’s stripped down to his jock as his hands and legs are bound in the chair. Hayden feels the sting of the crop against his skin before Van gives him a few punches to the chest. Van gets the stud’s cock nice and hard before surprising him with clothespins. One by one, Hayden feels the pinch of every clothespin as they’re attached to his balls and tied down with twine. With a row of clothespins on his balls, Van pushes Hayden even more, beating him with the crop as his sensitive balls stretch from the clothespins.

34098_1 34098_3 34098_9


Free video previews of Hayden Richards at 30 Minutes of Torment available here and here.

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Free video previews: Bound In Public

Click the pictures below for free video previews from each of these scenes of group bondage action, over at Bound In Public:

Greedy whore gang banged by horny dudes at a local balloon shop


Hot stud gangbanged, DP’d and caught in a bukkake for Thanksgiving Party:


Muscled stud with a big dick cattle prodded and gang fucked


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Do any of you guys think growing up Catholic made you kinky?

Sometimes I think so. I’ll skip the narration for this recent update from Bound Gods — featuring the one-and-only Hayden Richards and Doug Acre — but you’ll get the idea, I’m sure:

34198_8 34198_22 34198_23

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Cock hungry whore cattle prodded and fucked at Dore Alley Street Fair

New at Bound In Public: Brian Bonds endures the cattle prod before he’s gang fucked at Dore Alley Street Fair


At the Dore Alley Street Fair, Brian Bonds is the center of attention. He’s bound to the cross with his balls tied up as the doms carry him through the crowd. After an intense flogging scene to get the crowd going, Brian is suspended on a fence with a zipper going down his thighs. The crowd cheers him on as Brian takes a shock from the cattle prod before the zipper is ripped off his legs. The BIP crew takes the naked stud back to a sex shop to have their way with him.

33186_2 33186_17

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Horny Dockworkers and The Bondage Shipment

Hayden Richards binds, torments and fucks Connor Patricks down at the docks

gay bondage

Late one night down at the shipping docks, Hayden Richards and Connor Patricks are the last ones working. As they’re moving a heavy chest they discover it’s filled with rope and leather gear. Hayden is curious about using the rope and talks Connor into giving it a try. Connor’s hands and feet are tied up as Hayden blindfolds the bound stud. Hayden begins teasing Connor’s cock till it’s rock hard. Just when Connor’s ready to blow his load Hayden beats him down until he submits. He lets the bound stud know he’s going to be his bitch for the day and then shoves Connor’s mouth down on his cock. Connor’s then bent over as Hayden gives him a hard fucking. Suspended upside down Connor has clothespins attached all down his body as Hayden crops every one of them off. After a beating from the flogger, Connor is bound on the cart with his ass out in the air. Hayden shoves his cock up the captive’s ass once more, milking a load out of his cock before leaving Connor at the dock with a face full of cum.

gay bondage 31481_5 31481_6 31481_11

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Hayden Richards fucks, beats and fists house slave #316

gay bondage

Hayden Richards enters the dungeon and waves his slave to approach him. On behalf of the house, house slave #316 is offered for the master’s pleasure. Hayden beats his slave’s ass with the crop as his hard cock is serviced. #316 offers his hole to his master, begging to be fucked. Hayden then has his slave bound, with clamps attached all down his shoulders to hold him in place.

gay bondage 5

#316 struggles to hold still as his master gives him a beating with the flogger. Hayden examines his slave’s hole as he’s suspended in the air. #316’s cock is raging hard as his hole is stretched and pulled, opening up for his master’s fist. Satisfied, Hayden fucks his slave before spraying his hot load all over the slave’s face. #316 then blows his own load on his master’s boot and polishes it clean.

gay bondage

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Leo Forte gets worked over hard at Bound Gods

They are calling this the ‘most intense session ever’ on Bound Gods

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the house. Leo Forte

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the house. Leo Forte, slave #198, is brought in to service the magnificent new dom. Van welcomes Mr Richards and commences dom training. Somehow things get personal and the spotlight is on #198. The bondage session gets brushed aside for a moment. Van takes #198 on the most intense journey in the history of Bound Gods.

gay bondage 29574_6

#198 is stripped naked physically, mentally and spiritually because he’s too smart for his own good. With Daddy Zeus passing this last winter, Van makes a last attempt to get #198 on track. Will he succeed? Or, will the House crumple with no successor?

Gay Bondage

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