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A hard dose of discipline is what this straight fucker needs

At BreederFuckers, handsome hetero stud Kasper’s toned muscular body displays the marks beautifully. The fucker needs to be roped onto a mattress and spread on display because he still doesn’t understand that he’s now a fuck toy for men.


His curvaceous arse is pointed in the air and his nuts and todger are pinned between his powerful thighs. His captors play a wicked game on that bum, spanking and caning him till it blazes scarlet. He’s flipped over on his front so that precious mouth and anus can be used. With Dave’s big hard cock shoved in Kasper’s face he whips his head from side to side at the thought of sucking man meat. But the erection is rammed down his throat till he splutters and moans. Kasper is so overwhelmed by the dick being slid down his throat he doesn’t realize what’s happening to arse till he feels his sphincter being viciously stretched open. His hole is widened to make room for a massive dildo on a power tool. Kasper is penetrated at both ends so vigorously the tough bastard will never forget this. Pounded till he can barely breathe, he’s ordered to open his gob to receive his reward of a fresh load of spunk. The sticky cum coats his tongue and back of his throat. He swallows his medicine.

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His arsehole is displayed and his genitals are hanging vulnerable


At BreederFuckers, toned and muscular Kasper has been bound and put on exhibition. Those big powerful legs and arms are rendered useless as they are spread in the air. Adrian feels the circumference of his tight rubbery sphincter muscle and then slides his fingers up his arse. He finger fucks him till his hole goes sloppy. Pegs are attached to his balls to make them become extremely sensitive. Then they are tied up and attached to the leg-spreader so they are tight and plump. Kasper seizes up with fear as a cane is trailed around his body giving him lashings here and there making red stripes on his muscular form. The sensitive soles of his feet are caned causing him unimaginable agony. With his arsehole nicely widened, a vibrator is inserted up his bum and jammed in place so he has the sensation of being constantly fucked. That fleshy foreskin of Kasper’s is too tempting to not enjoy. It’s clipped and attached to his feet so his glans are exposed. This makes it all the more terrifying for this fucker when a burning candle is hovered over his body. Searing hot wax spills down onto his punished thighs, his big plump balls and onto the sensitive flesh of his piss slit. The wax slowly cools to form a mold over his bulbous testicles and shrunken terrified cock. Adrian kindly begins loosening his binds and takes the gag out. Rather than thank his superior, the tearful Kasper unleashes a torrent of nasty words. Boys with filthy mouths need to learn respect. A bar of soap is jammed in the fucker’s gob as a final act of humiliation.

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With the danger of his aching nipples being yanked even harder, Kasper is taught a lesson

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Kasper’s sensitive nipples are clamped and he’s led around the room painfully crawling on his knees to prevent his nips from being wrenched off:


It’s important to train the headstrong young man in this way so he understands that he no longer has free will. If his head is led to a man’s crotch, he must sniff and worship the bulge he finds there until he gets his master good and hard. Now he needs to learn to offer up his own genitals as a gentleman’s plaything.

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man on man bondage play

Tied naked, virtually hanged and fucked right up his tight ass for the first time

It’s what happens to Kasper at BreederFuckers:


City banker Kasper has the tables turned on him good and proper. Adrian convinces him to come to his lair for a chat about insurance. Unbeknown to Kasper, a hoodlum is waiting to do him over. Kasper is grabbed and later opens his eyes to find himself tied spread-eagled, unable to move or fight off Adrian’s lusty advances.

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