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Jail cell domination with Christian Wilde and Micah Brandt

The justice system will not save Micah Brandt from a brutal flogging at the hands of Christian Wilde, in this shoot from Bound Gods:


Lieutenant Christian Wilde dedicated this entire week to making sure that his perp, Micah Brandt, spends a long time in the nearest penitentiary. Lieutenant Wilde’s belief in the justice system is challenged when the Chief informs him that Micah is gonna be freed on Monday. Lieutenant Wilde realizes that it’s time to dish out some justice, Bound Gods style. First he pins Micah to a holding cell door, and rips his flimsy clothes apart. Clover clamps attached to the cell door pinch Micah’s nipples and hold him in place while Lieutenant Wilde torments his cock and balls. Micah is pulled off the cell door and takes Christian’s massive cock down his throat. Lieutenant Wilde suspends his prisoner to the ceiling with his ass out and unleashes his just wrath across Micah’s body as he flogs him without remorse. He then pulls out his night stick, and fills Micah’s hole with the solid black rod. Micah thinks back fondly to his relaxing cell, when the night stick is quickly yanked from his ass, and he is barraged by the flogger. Micah happily takes solace in a new cell, with some extra rope restraints. Lieutenant Wilde doesn’t like how relaxed Micah is, and decides to wake him up with the help of some hot wax. Lieutenant Wilde gleefully rams his giant cock deep in the inmate’s hole. The fucking is intense, but Micah can’t help but shoot his cum across his chest. Micah then feels Lieutenant Wilde’s cum flood across his face, as he aw

Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_02 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_03 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_04 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_05 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_06 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_07 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_08

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Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_v1 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_v2

Title of this video: Lieutenant Wilde’s Extreme Justice

Models: Christian Wilde, Micah Brandt

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Male BDSM: Micah Brandt gets tied up and jacked off in bondage

Micah Brandt has been watching Men On Edge for years and says that he gets turned on because he’s never done it before. Though he’s edged himself in his personal life he’s never been bound and been edged by another.

38221_3 38221_5

They start with him tied up to the bedpost while balancing on a stack of books. Jessie Colter tears Micah’s underwear off with his teeth and plays with the ripped stud’s pre-cum. In no time at all Micah gets pissed off by the teasing and sensory deprivation. He fucks Jessie’s mouth with clamps on his balls, but he’s reduced to a whimper as Sebastian and Jesse leave him alone in the room.

38221_10 38221_11

Next, bound on the bed, Sebastian and Jessie suck his toes while making Micah suck their own. In a piledriver position on the bed, they fuck his ass with the vibrating dildo, making him beg again and again. With Jessie’s ass smothering Micah’s face, he continues to beg. After a full day of edging, he rockets his huge load all over himself and receives the post-orgasmic tickle torture.


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Male BDSM porn: Micah Brandt and Connor Maguire at Bound Gods


Bound to a post and blindfolded, Micah Brandt trembles as he waits for what Connor Maguire has in store for him. Mr. Maguire starts playing with his new sub, tormenting Micah’s tender nipples, hard cock and even his balls with the zapper. Micah is moved to the ass splitter while three painful clover clamps pinch on each nipple. Having the slut admit that he loves the pain, Connor delivers more brutal zaps before tearing the clamps off while Micah screams at the top of his lungs. Hanging on the St. Andrew’s cross, Micah endures a harsh flogging, while he’s reminded to show his gratitude.

37892_1 37892_3 37892_7

Still bound to the cross, Micah is flipped over and rammed from behind by his dom’s massive cock. On his hands and knees, with a collar around his neck, Micah worships Connor’s beautiful feet. Decided that Micah finally earned the right to service his cock, Connor pulls his sub up to his dick and fucks the back of Micah’s throat. Connor then throws Micah to the floor, having his sub jerk off while again sucking Connor’s toes. Using his foot, Connor smears Micah’s load all over his cum-hungry face before he’s brought to his knees for one final fuck. Begging for cum, Micah’s rewarded with his master’s load.

37892_9 37892_11 37892_13

Models in this shoot: Connor Maguire, Micah Brandt

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Pictures: Micah Brandt and Austin Wolf in Skuff: Rough Trade 1

Check out these pictures from “Skuff: Rough Trade 1” featuring Micah Brandt and Austin Wolf, at Hot House:

micah_brandt_and_austin_wolf_gay_bondage_03 micah_brandt_and_austin_wolf_gay_bondage_04

Micah Brandt is bound, gagged and plugged. His dom, Austin Wolf, walks over and plays with Micah’s ass, eliciting intense moaning from the submissive bottom. Both men are dressed in kinky black leather. Austin takes the butt plug out, then pushes it back in, using extra spit for lube. Removing Micah’s ball gag, Austin shoves his cock down Micah’s throat. Thick strands of spit coat Austin’s cock as Micah gags and chokes on Austin’s huge meat. Flipping onto his back, Micah jerks his cock while receiving an intense face fucking from Austin. Putting Micah’s legs up in the air, Austin goes down and rims Micah’s delicious ass. Jerking his cock, Micah moans and gasps with intense pleasure as Austin eats his hole. With Micah’s butt eager and willing, Austin slips his cock inside and starts fucking. Micah is overwhelmed by the sensation of Austin’s dick filling up his hole. Gaining in intensity, Austin delivers a searing pounding to Micah’s prostate that makes Micah ooze cum over his stomach. But they’re not done yet — Austin keeps going, and Micah keeps jerking his hard cock. Sweat totally covers their bodies as they move to a seated position with Austin on his back and Micah riding Austin’s thick rod. As Austin’s cock penetrates deep into Micah’s ass, Micah jerks his cock until he blows another load, dripping his cum across Austin’s chest. Sliding off Austin’s cock, Micah jerks Austin’s cock until Austin blows a huge, gushing load, which Micah catches in his mouth. Grabbing Micah’s leather harness, Austin pulls him close for a final, sweaty, cummy kiss.

micah_brandt_and_austin_wolf_gay_bondage_05 micah_brandt_and_austin_wolf_gay_bondage_06


Actors in this shoot: Micah Brandt, Austin Wolf

Categories: Anal Sex, Bondage, Interracial, Leather Fetish, Muscle Men

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micah_brandt_and_austin_wolf_gay_bondage_01 micah_brandt_and_austin_wolf_gay_bondage_02

The Twisted Doctor’s Punishment

At Bound Gods, Wolf Hudson finds himself in the hands of a twisted doctor; but once he’s freed from bondage, the punishment is on…


Wolf Hudson has found a new job, but in order to start work he needs a physical, so he finds the only place his HMO will cover, Dr. Micah Brandt’s office. The creepy doctor tricks Wolf into medical restraints and has his way with his patient’s big uncut dick. Once Micah turns his back to grab more “implements,” Wolf finds his window of opportunity and tackles the twisted doctor to the ground and drags him off to the padded cell. Tossed around like a rag doll, Micah is slammed on the floor, beaten with his own belt and fucked from behind by a pissed-off and horny Wolf. Inverted in the air, Micah is beaten from all sides with a vicious flogging before swallowing 8 inches of uncut cock down his throat. Wolf finishes the doctor off with one more fuck before covering his face in cum.

MetalbondNYC_Gay_Bondage_38944_3 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Bondage_38944_7 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Bondage_38944_11 MetalbondNYC_Gay_Bondage_38944_12

Models in this shoot: Wolf Hudson, Micah Brandt

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