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Video: Dumb jock in bondage

Here is another free hi-def video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. This is what they say about this one:

“There is something about a straight jock that brings out the sadist in us. It’s not so much that Neill is cocky or arrogant. It’s not just that he has a rocking body. It’s his pure maleness, his bulging muscles and lack of brainpower, like he’s nothing but a primitive sex machine. We have to hurt him, treat him like a side of beef. Jared delights not only in turning up the voltage flowing into Neill’s pecs, but also savors announcing it in advance. The look of fear on that dumb but gorgeous face is priceless. Neill takes the abuse, like a kicked dog, and then takes some more. Jared plays with the stud’s cock and strokes his body like he owns it. Then, when he gets bored shocking the stud, Jared bolts him into a steel ankle and wrist bar, his naked ass up in the air just begging to be fucked. So he fucks it.”

Check him out. And be sure to view in full screen!


Title of this shoot: Neill – Dumb Jock – Part 2

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Forced workout: Jared makes Neill lift heavy barbells (pictures and video)

Neill, one of the biggest muscle guys at Dream Boy Bondage, is forced to work out with heavy barbells — and he is whipped every time he makes a mistake or shows even a little weakness:


Here is a free, high-def video clip — be sure to watch this one in full-screen mode:


And here are more pictures from this series:

neill02DBB_2a neill02DBB_3 neill02DBB_4 neill02DBB_5 neill02DBB_6 neill02DBB_7

You can see everything that happens to Neill by clicking through to Dream Boy Bondage.

My favorite predicament at Dream Boy Bondage

… is when they put guys up on the cross and let them hang there for an hour, or much longer. Like they have done here, to tough guy Neill:


I can’t tell you how many times I have shot loads watching guys like Neill hanging on the Dream Boy Bondage cross. The predicament is made much more challenging when his ankles are bound to the sides of the pole, putting all his weight on his arms. Only a tough and muscular prisoner need apply for such treatment. Fucking HOT if you ask me!

neill10DBB_2 neill10DBB_4

To see more of Neill and other men like him, go to Dream Boy Bondage. It’s worth the money if you ask me.