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Raunchy bondage fantasies

male bondage

Sometimes the things we can’t put our hands on in real life come to us in dreams. And even the TitanMan, that big and rough fellow with hair on his chest, muscles wherever they can be packed on, and a cock that’s a sturdy packer of its own — even this rowdy stud has his secret fantasies. He may look like he’s peacefully asleep, but inside he’s churning. Rapid Eye Movements are the giveaway, the telltale flickering beneath the eyelid that reveals the presence of dreams. The four long-playing and steamy segments of R.E.M. take you into the subconscious of eight stunning TitanMen, where the floodgates of desire are open, and everyday practicalities surrender to cock-stiffening possibilities. In R.E.M., TITAN favorites Carlos Marquez, Patrick Knight, Sean Paris and Josh O’Hara are joined by stunning newcomers. Making their first TITAN films are Andreas, a copiously foreskinned Russian who is ruggedly built and hirsute, and Dirk Lang, an uncut European with a dangerous attitude. Completing the cast are classically handsome Spaniard Oscar Leon, and caramel colored hunk Brock Webster. The raunchy fantasies shared by these high-powered fuckers will cause you to have some rapid eye movements of your own.

sweet bondage dreams

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male bdsm

Water Torture: Patrick Knight pushes through three intense challenges before finally blowing his load

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Patrick Knight is head buzzed, ass-stretched and water tormented to the extreme


The Pit – Patrick Knight starts his first challenge at 30 Minutes of Torment in the pit, his hands bound above his head as Van gets his big cock nice and hard. After a few warm-up punches, Patrick’s balls are pulled till he’s up on his toes before Van suspends him in the air. As Patrick dangles, he’s given a beating with the flogger before being taken to the water chamber. – The Water Chamber – Bound in rope, Patrick is fully submerged in water as Van holds his head down. Patrick tries to hold his breath as long as he can before having the pillowcase over his head and repeatedly dunked again and again. – The Ass Station – The Bad Dragon dildos await Patrick in the ass station. He warms his hole up with the small one while enduring the riding crop whipping his torso. Van gives Patrick’s head a shave before making him shove the big dildo up his ass and ordering him to blow his load.

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