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Waterboarding in rubber


This guy is wearing three layers of gear, including a latex singlet, Body Glove neoprene wetsuit with gloves and booties and hood, under his orange Studio Gum outer suit with its own hood. He is also wearing an additional Studio Gum outer hood with goggles, totaling three hoods.

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Title of this update: RUBBER WATERBOARDING

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Officer Swift – Part 4

By straitjacketkwf2

My mind was reeling. I was trapped inside Dr. Erickson’s private asylum that operated as if it were for the criminally insane. The “treatment” consisted of the use of physical restraint and drugs to modify behavior. I persisted in maintaining my will against the attempts so far to change my belief system, even if I did question aspects of my being. It is true, I had repressed any sexual feelings while I was in school and in my first months as a cop. And now this: being forced to bring back those questions I had asked myself and then so easily dismissed.

What happed to me next is, even now, still painful to recall. As I lay on the jail cell green and shiny vinyl mattress in a canvas straitjacket, which I later learned was a Posey friction buckle jacket, in a diaper and leg cuffs, I realized how vulnerable I was. I heard someone’s heavy footsteps making their way walking down the corridor to our cell; it was Nelson with a meal.

During the entire stay in the asylum the meals were never breakfast, lunch or dinner, just meals. I was never really sure if it were day or night. This was deliberate on the part of the asylum; neither Dave nor I knew how long we had been in this hellhole of a place.

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An inmate gets his hole flushed out with a power hose

This guy isn’t as thick as most of the other crims in here. Despite his obvious arrogance, he’s managed to control himself and at the same time gained some privileges and genuinely thought he’s too sensible to find himself in this situation where he’s overpowered by the guards, stripped against his will and has this water mistreatment inflicted on him.

Outside he was dealing in drugs, and the authorities have no reason to think he won’t carry on his career inside prison, so they’re keen to jet wash his arsehole and flush out anything he might be carrying. Even if anything stays up there, it’ll be soaked and ruined. And his stashed phone’s not going to be working afterwards either!

male bondage water torture

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Water torment for Nick Moretti

Here’s a scene preview from BoundMuscleJocks.com featuring Drake Jayden, Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti.

water torture with Drake Jayden, Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti

At last, it’s time for Mr. Norris to finally get his comeuppance. He is accocsted in the shower by the two cops, and Officer Yeller lets the Lieutenant have his way with the pimp — in the form of brutal water torment.

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Title of this shoot: Protect and Serve, Part 8

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waterboarding Drake Jayden, Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti

Forced nudity in prison: It’s freezing cold water for this inmate

At Strip Search Hell, the prison officers have to assess whether an inmate will cause them problems. A guy can come in with the full intension of behaving but then goes totally crazy. They can kick off, fall out with other inmates, cause jealousy in others or spread trouble through the jail population. That’s why cleanliness is so important, and it doesn’t matter if it comes out the end of a freezing cold hose.

cmnm forced male nudity

The prison officers don’t have time or inclination to ask him a load of intimate questions. They suspect he’s gone jail bent, and that’s all that’s needed before a mandatory visit to Mr Hose. It’s freezing cold water for this chap, underneath his foreskin and right up his hairy arsehole. They want him spotless.

show me your asshole

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squeaky clean male butt hole

NEW SITE! 30 Minutes of Torment


Check out the scenes below from a new bondage site — 30 Minutes of Torment

This episode is called “Nomad – The Beginning


Bound and blindfolded, Nomad awaits with a bit gag in his mouth as Van approaches, punching the captive’s chest. The blindfold is removed as Nomad endures a flogging, turning his pale skin bright red. In the roman bath with a pillowcase on his head, Nomad has his hands bound behind his back with weights tugging on his balls. Van approaches with a crop in hand as he orders Nomad to his feet and attaches clamps all over his torso. He beats the captive down with the crop, adding more and more weights to his balls as his beating continues. Nomad is then presented with durian fruit at his feet as he’s ordered to kneel on top of the sharp, pointy fruit. After getting a nasty mouthful of the durian fruit, Nomad is hosed down with blasts of water spraying him in the face as he’s bound in the chair. After enduring relentless torment, Nomad is challenged to finally blow a load out of his aching cock.

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Free video preview of Nomad available here.

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