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Reader submission — locking device for testicle bondage

Check out the pictures and information below from a blog reader:

Hey Metal, hows life?locking device for testicle bondage

I just got back from a week out field, my uniform I wore out there would keep even the most gunge-loving piglet happy! Three more washes and I should be able to wear it again.

Anyway my most recent purchase is something I think you would enjoy a lot, hence this email. I know how much you adore padlocks, and locking metal restraints. Well one of my most favorite pieces of kit is my locking ball weights, you know the metal ones that you need an allen key to take on and off? I call them locking since an allen key is not something you always have access to.

locking device for testicle bondage 02Fetters in UK bought out a range with a recessed groove in them, and then a variety of attachments for them. I have two of the attachments so far and aim to get the third, well-marketed (i.e., you want it but it will cost you!) the latest one I brought adds an extra layer of entrapment to the device, it is a locking collar that fits around the groove, I have a pic of it attached and in use on my nuts, let me tell you that thing is on tight, you have no chance of slipping it off over the weight unless it is unlocked.

I hope you enjoy these pics and that you’re doing well!

— anonymous

Thanks, anonymous, for the information and pictures!


Reader contribution: londonslv in self-bondage and chastity

Check out the pictures and information from londonslv:

londonslv in self-bondage and chastityDear Metal,

Here are pics and a description of a self-bondage session I had a while ago. The chastity itself was a russian-roulette game I sometimes play to lock myself up, as I’m still in search of a local key holder to control access to my cock.

To start the session, I assembled everything I’d need on the floor. The padlocks were checked working, then the keys placed on a high shelf, where I wouldn’t be able to reach them until the end of the session.

londonslv in self-bondage and chastityPrior to the session, I’d edged myself for a couple of hours, before locking my cock in its prison. The key to the CB went into my safe. The combination of which is in a text file on my PC. (It’s 8 digits, and I set it a long while ago so I would forget the combination).

So, having assembled everything I needed, I put padlocks through the top eyelets in my boots – they’re not coming off until the end of the session.

Next, I put on and padlock my Mr S Leather muzzle. It’s quite a trip. As you can see, I have padlocked the self-bondage lock (from MEO) to the collar of the muzzle. Padlocked to the end that releases is a chain, and the handcuff key. The handcuffs are padlocked to the other end of the chain, so I can never “lose” the key, even if it tries to bounce away when it lands.

Now I’m almost ready, I start the “russian-roulette” part for my chastity. Using the timelock software, I set it up to encrypt the file containing the safe combination for a random time up to 4 weeks with a bias on the longer side, but with a hidden timer so I can’t see how long is left to run. I don’t start the encryption however. I have a gaming keyboard with 16 macro buttons, so I’ve programmed each of these to start the timelock software running, after various delays from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

I push a macro button at random, then complete the self-bondage. My hands are now cuffed, with each cuff also going through the loops of the DM boots.

Now I’m trapped, horny, desperate to cum thanks to the edging earlier. Having to wait while the self-bondage lock melts, dripping cold water onto me. It usually releases after about 45 minutes, depending on ambient temperature.

londonslv in self-bondage and chastity 4So while I’m in bondage, I can only wait, wondering which macro I pushed, whether I’d get free before timelock starts, sentencing me to up to 4 weeks in chastity, and having to watch the PC do this to me while I’m helpless to stop it. (The PC base unit and keyboard and power switches are out of my reach).

The last picture shows me a little later on, the ice lock can be seen to have melted somewhat.

This was quite a fun session, and ended up with my cock horny, frustrated, and locked for about 5 weeks. (In two of the macros, I had programmed a couple of booby-traps – one would start the timer, then add 1 week, the other would add 2 weeks!)



You can find londonslv on Recon


Houdini in chains

Blog reader Steve sent this … it’s an image by Kumar Singh of Harry Houdini on the cover of a book:


Of course, I prefer chains that are totally ESCAPE-PROOF … especially when they are restraining hot muscular escape artists. Yes I mean YOU David Blaine … send me an email sometime … because I KNOW you read Metalbond and I know you want to be locked in my cage!

Thanks Steve for sending the cover art of the book. He says “the artwork inside shows pretty mundane handcuffs, although lots of them.”