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Happened Last Night (January 2013)

By Erik of Roids N Rants

The shiny black Slick It Up hood is stretched tight around my head, muffling every sound. There are no eye holes, only a hole for my mouth, and I’m totally blind and helpless as I’m being guided deeper into the apartment. Disoriented, I have no idea where I stand, and suddenly I’m seized by too many hands to count and held in place as my arms are pulled behind my back and a rope is tied around my wrists. There is no going back now.

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Hoods and other gear from Slickitup

Hey guys, if you are looking for something exciting to give your kinky boyfriend for Christmas, check out Slickitup. They have lots of hoods, full body suits — and plenty of jeans and other fetish apparel.

latex-look-jeans LEATHER_LOOK_SPA_4a74c005eeb76 MOUTH_ONLY_HOOD_4a74b3ea02ef4 SMALL_MOUTH_ONLY_4a74b5b50f15c xmas-mailer


Whenever I have ordered anything from Slickitup, I have received a personal note from the designer and owner of this company, Dave, who is pictured showing off the big guns.

Thanks for keeping it hot, Dave!