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Artwork by Sparkie Shock: Severe bondage and electro torture

The great thing about art like this is that a prisoner can be tortured WAY more and WAY harder than in real life.

sparkie shock torture artwork

This artwork is by Sparkie Shock, and it shared here with his permission. If you like, you can support him — and see MUCH more like this, at his Patreon page, available here. He also does animated videos!

Also look for Sparkie at Just For Fans and OnlyFans, where he has even more hardcore content!

severe testicle torture

You can almost hear him scream

Looking at these images, you can almost hear the captive military prisoner scream as his sadistic captors crank up the juice connected to his ’nads.

Sparkie Shock military torture

These “military torture” images are by the erotic artist Sparkie Shock. This artwork is shared here with the permission of the artist. You can learn much more about Sparkie Shock and support him at his Patreon page.

Sparkie Shock