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Locked in stocks

Getting the captive into the stocks, the Master uses a variety of toys to get the prisoner’s back nice and warm. Noticing the prisoner’s mouth is at a convenient height, he makes use of his mouth by throat fucking him as he whips the captive’s back.

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Title of this shoot: Chained for His Pleasure, Part 4

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Boung Muscle Jocks

Coach Killian gets tickled

JB Iceman found out that his track coach Killian Knox has been testing out a new unauthorized tickle-training technique on him. Not only that, but JB learns that Killian has never even gone through the tickle training himself! Having been through this tortuous tickling training himself, JB knows how it’s done. He puts Killian in the stocks and tickles his muscular coach on his armpits, sides, thighs and ticklish feet. Killian is gasping for air through his laughter by the time it’s finished, but at least he has some credibility now.

JB Iceman found out that his track coach Killian Knox has been testing out a new unauthorized tickle-training technique on him

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Rubber prisoner locked in vertical stocks

03 Daddy Tony and his boy, Mikey, are featured at Serious Male Bondage.

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Daddy Tony fits his red-rubber-catsuit-encased bondage pig into vertical stocks. Then he adds a taught leather cord for some tormenting CBT. This is a real bondage session between real lifestlye BDSM players as only available from Serious Male Bondage.

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HINT: To find this video in the Serious Male Bondage archives, do a search for “THE VERTICAL STOCKS”

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Male BDSM porn: Guy next door held in a stock, facefucked and flogged

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At Bound Gods, Kip Johnson struggles against the belts strapping him down to an iron cage, not knowing what awaits. Christian Wilde emerges from the dark and inspects his plaything, testing Kip’s nipples and package with heavy blows. Mr. Wilde shoves Kip into a low horizontal stock, pressing the sub into a difficult squatting position. Kip’s long hair gets stapled to the wood, holding his head in place for a face fucking from Mr. Wilde. Moving Kip to a taller stock, Mr. Wilde ropes his cock and balls down to the floor. Kip receives a painful edging torment before Mr. Wilde flogs Kip’s torso and ass raw.

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Now squirming in a full rope body harness, chest decorated with ample clothespins, Kip gets cropped and fucked by Mr. Wilde. Cum hungry and gagging on Mr. Wilde’s cock, Kip jerks himself off on Mr. Wilde’s command before accepting the dom’s hot cum all on his face.

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