The Making of ‘The Tournament Affair’

The information below is from @reconkayar, co-author with @mmmph82 of the male bondage story “The Tournament Affair.” If you haven’t read this fiction, click here.


@reconkayar writes:

I never sat down intending to write a bondage story.

Sometime in October of 2023, while I was on social media cultivating new like-minded contacts in the kink community – looking mostly for online company and conversation – I connected with a personable fellow kinkster called Denny – @mmmph82. We’ll call him Denny In-Real-Life – “IRL Denny” – to distinguish him from the character.

IRL Denny and I weren’t an obvious match – he’s fascinated by kidnap fantasies and long-term captivity. My attraction is more to casual, switch bondage sessions, with very little backstory and emphasis on moderate-length, challenging struggle episodes.  But we found common ground on our shared attraction to heavy bondage ties, gags, and guys in leather gear and boots.

After some get-acquainted time, Denny encouraged me to join him in some online role-play chat, spinning a kidnap scene with him as victim. I was reluctant.  “I’m TERRIBLE at this sort of thing,” I thought to myself, “and I don’t really LIKE kidnap fantasies…”

In the end, he persuaded me – maybe it’d turn out to be a sexy little diversion at a challenging moment in Denny’s personal life and my own, I thought – so we started chatting.  We did only a minimal amount of stage setting between us – he liked the idea that his character would catch a ride with a gaming team and then be drawn into an abduction, and I loved the narrative of “just let us tie your hands” that turns into something much more serious.

And off we went. In a nutshell, that is the story of how “The Tournament Affair” got written. After that first evening chatting and roleplaying, we called it a night, looked for one another online the next day, and picked up where we left off.  And the next day. And the day after that. For weeks upon weeks.  Yes, the ENTIRE story was improvised in role-play chat between IRL Denny and me.

There were several “light-bulb” moments during those early weeks of creating the story.  First and foremost, I learned I was correct about myself from the start – I AM TERRIBLE at role play.  The staccato back-and-forth of a stimulating role-play chat is totally beyond me.  When prompted to add the next line to a role play story, I instinctively produce detailed narrative.  So – IRL Denny writes a line, I write a paragraph.  IRL Denny writes another line.  I write three paragraphs. And thus what started out as a back-and-forth imagination exercise turned into a 12-chapter, 56,000 word novel.

At another key moment, a couple of weeks in, I asked IRL Denny to do me a favor – could he please take responsibility for preserving the story? It was clear to me we were creating something that people might want to read later. And yet all the text to the story was embodied only in X/Twitter DMs, with story text mixed in with any non-story discussion IRL Denny and I were having. And he agreed, issuing requests to X/Twitter support to make full chat downloadable in a single file.  And still, the story continued to spin out.

Only very occasionally did IRL Denny and I ever stop to plan out the upcoming twists in the story.  Instead, most of the time we simply improvised the story, each of us adjusting to what the other one put out. Nearly 100 percent of Denny’s dialogue and thoughts as they appear in the story were written by IRL Denny, and most of the non-dialogue narrative and actions and words of the teammates (not to mention those of Ken, since I’m IRL Ken) were written by me.

Respective kink interests of us both are reflected in the story.  All the thoughts about kidnapping and abduction, stealth measures, and gear, GOM activity, and notions of abduction and “disappearance” came from the mind of IRL Denny.  The detailed rope tying descriptions, constant gagging and re-gagging are mostly my own contributions.  And we both came together on our shared fetishes for manscent, leather smell, and boots.

Especially as the story wound down, there was much suspense between the two of us about how the story would conclude.  The ambivalence of the Denny character was reflected in the thoughts of IRL Denny. As I wrote Nathan’s and Ben’s dialogue in Parts 10 and 11, I was not at all certain whether IRL Denny would permit his character to utter voluntary consent to kidnap training, or if instead that would prove be a bridge too far for Denny, and the character would walk off into the night, The End. We settled these issue as we wrote, leading to the transition at the end of Part 11 and the dramatic opening of Part 12.

Taking the downloaded raw content from PDF format DM chat and turning it into publishable prose was a punishing exercise all its own – an exercise that took nearly two months of sustained effort. The downloaded file sent by X/Twitter support came to 950 pages of raw dialogue, all of which I needed to sift through to discard extraneous chatting, not to mention conduct a seemingly endless cleanup of grammar and wording. Esteemed kink friend @JarheadTop, who was drawn to the story on his initial read, was something of a savior, stepping up to review and edit the story with fresh eyes. He and Metal, our publisher, deserve massive credit for careful review and copy editing.  Only with their generous help did “The Tournament Affair” transform into as cohesive and readable a piece of writing as you’re seeing in the published work. We are grateful to them both. It’s no exaggeration to call “The Tournament Affair” a novel – it prints out at 145 pages.

Even now, I’m a bit agog that we created such distinctive and multidimensional characters as Nathan, Ari, Chad, and Ben turned out to be – all out of thin air, and all in the context of an improvised role-play chat. The reactions I get from the readers who have contacted me is that many feel as much of a connection to the four teammates as we do – I personally believe that IRL Denny has had serial crushes on each of the teammates at least once! And all this makes me excited about writing more stories built around the same characters, but not in DM format next time (please!).

All of us send our thanks those who made “The Tournament Affair” one of the most enjoyed male bondage stories on the Internet.


Metal would like to thank @reconkayar for the information above.

Read the Tournament Affair by clicking here

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