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Cuffed by the TaskMaster

By Padlocked Slave

I never set out to be a long-distance captive doing humiliation tasks for a strict disciplinarian. For a whole fucking weekend no less. It just sort of happened all of a sudden. And like getting stuck in quicksand, I found after a very short while that I could not escape.

It all started in a rather unexpected way. You see, my big fetish is locking metal bondage — handcuffs especially. But anything that locks really. I’ve spent many weekend hours looking at tumblr feeds and flickr accounts featuring handcuffs and prisoners, often fantasizing of being locked inescapably in a particular set of bracelets. Along the way I joined the CuffClub, a handcuff collectors online discussion group, which is where I first encountered the guy. The site was mostly collectors and law enforcement types. But some kinky people were on there as well.

This guy had posted some pictures of a set of high-security cuffs that were unlike any I had ever seen. They had this special locking mechanism with what looked like a unique key. Sort of like a house key, but for handcuffs. I just had to message the guy about them, and he chatted me up. We seemed to hit it off, and after a while I could not believe my luck when he agreed to ship the cuffs to me so that I could try them on.

But there was a catch.

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Never Done This Before – Part 3

By Hotch Rider

With Jack’s command, I got out of the glass-walled room into what looked like an old storage facility. It wasn’t terribly large, maybe 60 feet across in both dimensions. There were lockers, hangers and cages all around the room and they were filled with your typical dungeon equipment: whips, chains, cuffs, gags, hoods, dildos, rope and then some. The floor was polished concrete and there were windows at the ceiling, which was almost 20 feet high. It smelled of fresh leather.

“Walk to the middle and face me.”

He was watching me take it all in. I knew he could see my mouth hanging open and cock twitching. I walked toward the middle of the room, where there was a yellow circle with a drain in the middle the size of a manhole cover. I stood on it and faced the man.

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Every Dog Has His Day

By Thunder

I first met Master Jake on the Internet, when he responded to an ad I had placed looking for someone to help guide me and teach me about being a human dog. I had always had the desire to explore this and had played from time to time, but the desire was building and I found it definitely time to explore this part of life I wanted more and more. I should back up and tell you a bit about me. I am 38 years old, 6’4”, 205 pounds, a journalist, masculine, athletic and in pretty good shape. I don’t have much family, so this type life is a bit easier due to this. I live and work in a smaller Midwest city that is not known for it’s kink prowess, although I never had trouble finding men to date.

Anyway, it was about 3 weeks after I placed the ad that Master Jake contacted me. He emailed that he was a stern man who already owned 3 full time human dogs and was seeking at least one or two more to complete the pack he had always sought. Master Jake was in his early 50’s, a retired military lawyer who now owned a small farm in Southern Georgia where he lived with the dogs. He volunteered that he was a man of wealth through family money and good investments and worked now managing his money and other’s primarily from the farm, although he did maintain a small office in town and practiced law there when needed. Around this small town he was known as a very good man who was a bit authoritative even with others from time to time. A few people in the area knew of his BDSM inclinations and one or two knew of the dogs and served as dog-sitters when he traveled for personal or business reasons.

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A Weekend Diving

By Rubrpig

Brad looked up at the clock and saw that it was after 5 and he was very glad that this long and hectic week was finished. He and his buddy Sean had plans to spend Saturday and Sunday scuba diving so he was really looking forward to it as it had been a while since he had been diving and had spent some time with Sean. Sean had been in the US Navy for several years now and was a naval ordnance disposal diver. So it looked like they would have a good time. They had been lovers before Sean joined the Navy and now they were just really good friends. Brad stood up, turned off his workstation and headed to the garage to get his SUV and head home.

The next morning, he got up and had breakfast. He had spent the previous evening going over his dive rig and making sure everything was working properly. He was planning on diving his twin tank rig and he had 6 spare tanks fully charged and ready. He finished breakfast, grabbed his overnight bag and headed out. Brad was planning on meeting up with Sean at the motel they had booked into as Sean was coming up directly from his base.

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Never Done This Before – Part 2

By Hotch Rider

We pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main road, heading away from the city. It took Jack around 15 minutes to get off the main road onto a bumpy path. The walls of the truck blocked my sight of where we were. All I could see was the almost completely dark sky with even the moon and stars hiding behind the clouds. It was a chilly night.

Another 15 minutes passed before the truck stopped. The engine went quiet, Jack opened his door and got off. I didn’t hear the door closing. Instead, there was some ruffling of metal and, I’m guessing, the sound of the glovebox closing. Jack walked over to the back of the truck and lowered the tailgate. At this point, I felt the discomfort in my shoulders for the first time. I had never spent this much time in handcuffs before and certainly not in this position. Then it hit me: I couldn’t get myself out of these cuffs. They were locked and I didn’t have the key. I couldn’t just unlock my hands because I couldn’t reach my dick. No, I had to beg this man whom I’d met just a few hours ago to please have the courtesy to free me.

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A Week in Chains – Part 7

By asiancuffs

Part 7 – The Men who break a thousand chains

My sleep was sweet and deep for the night and was waken up when they give us our breakfast. Shortly after we finished, 2 police came and escorted us away. Our cellmates see us led away in dangling chains and did not say a word. We were taken into the storage room and they were ready to break our shackles. Our collar and lead chains were removed and after hitting with the hammer, my ankles and wrists were free. I watched the shackle set that have been attached to my limbs for the dropped to the floor with a loud clanking sound. I don’t know why but I feel a bit sad at this moment. Then Chuck had his restraints removed also and we were a ‘free man’ now. The first thing I want to do is to take a shower and change all my clothing. My personal belongings were packed in a bag and was on the table. I took the bag with me and rushed to the shower room with Chuck. After a nice hot shower, I dressed myself up in nice, clean and soft T-shirt, pants, jocks and socks. My boots smells and the clothes that I have been wearing for the last few days were hard like rock with the dirt. Chuck threw his clothes away but I kept them in a plastic bag as a memorable souvenir for this adventure. I looked at the mirror and a nice T-shirt shape on my body was sun tan free. The worst was on my wrists there was a 2 inches wide un-tanned shackle marks. This will be hard for me to explain to my friends when I return home. Chuck told me that I can tell them that I put on elastic wrists supporters to play tennis under the sun and that’s why the marks were there. I put on my cowboy boots again and walked to the chief’s room with light and bouncy steps.

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A Week in Chains – Part 6

By asiancuffs

Part 6 – Free like a bird/a night in the detention cell

The sleep was good even though I was in seated hands above head shackle position. We were released early in the morning (again couldn’t tell the exact time, I guessed it was around 5:30 – 6:00). After our final washing at the stream, we returned to the foyer for our debriefing by the warden. He told us that we have done a good job and the standards of the walking paths were acceptable for beginners. There will be a wagon to pick us up shortly and we will meet at the roadside. Meanwhile we could pack our stuffs (do we have anything to pack?). They will take off our shackles that we have been wearing for days when we got back to the city. We were dismissed and some of us start heading to the roadside while the guards packed their stuffs.

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A Week in Chains – Part 5

By asiancuffs

Part 5 – The last day of the camp

I woke up when the sky started to brighten and my sleep last night was good because I could have fresh air for the night. When I spent my last 2 nights in the cell, the air circulation was bad and to make it even worse, our odors filled the room. My clothes were muddy and sandy due to direct contact with the ground. I stand up and stretched my body. I couldn’t see anyone in my sight and I guessed they were still asleep. I felt my wrist shackles were sticking to my skin and I managed to slide them up to my arms.

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