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Suit Test

By Rubrpig

Charles and Frank both groaned as the alarm went off. They smiled sleepily at each other and then decided it was time to get up, as they had to get ready for work as usual. They had to be careful, as it would have cost them their careers and security clearances if they were discovered to be homosexual. Things were changing very slowly, but in 1971 it was still almost impossible to be gay and employed in any defence industry.

Charles was a senior engineer at ILC Dover, and Frank was a junior engineer there as well. The division they both worked for was involved in the Apollo Lunar program, as ILC Dover was the company that built and maintained the custom made Lunar Space suits. They both worked closed with the astronauts, as they were responsible for the fit and integrity of the space suits. Each astronaut in the Apollo program was fitted and supplied with two suits. One for training, which received a lot of wear and tear during the training for the mission, and their flight suit, which was only used for their actual mission.

They had been working together for about a year and one night after work, they ended up going for a beer. During the course of the evening after a few too many beers for both of them, they ended up realizing that they were attracted to each other. Like a pair of high school kids, they ended up in the back seat of Charles’ Chevy Impala making out.

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Gear 365 – Part 5

By Rubrpig

About a week after the anniversary party for his company, Adam was working from home as it was a Friday and he had a report to finish and no appointments. As he was telecommuting and no scheduled Skype meetings, his Daddy told him that he was to put on his football uniform and spend the day in full gear as he worked. Adam got into his equipment and uniform and was fully dressed before his Daddy left for work. Daddy Mike nodded his approval and told Adam to put the helmet on as well and enjoy himself. Daddy Mike left for the construction site leaving Adam standing in the doorway dressed as a running back.

Heading to his home office, he sat down at the desk and removed his gloves and connected to the corporate servers and brought up the draft of the report he was working on. After most of the day with only a couple of breaks for the bathroom and lunch, Adam finished the report and sent it to his boss. Turning off the computer, he sat back and then he glanced at the screen and noticed the date on the screen and suddenly realized that he and Daddy Mike had been together for a year in 2 days.

Realizing that Daddy Mike had not mentioned anything, he decided that he would bring up the subject that evening once his Daddy got home. He sat and thought about everything that had happened in the course of the year. He realized that his life had vastly improved. He was more focussed and disciplined at work and at home. He had improved his skills as a hockey goalie and helped his team win their first league championship. He had learned that his needs were not as important as the needs of his Daddy and the responsibilities he had at work.

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Remote Control – Chapter 02

By Hard Slave

A quaint bell rang as Ted opened the door to The Leather Store. The store sure lives up to its name, he thought as he breathed in the familiar smell of animal hides. Walking up and down the aisles, Ted saw leather garments of every type: jackets, pants, chaps, jockstraps, you name it. No sex toys in sight so far, however.

“Can I help you?” The quiet voice startled Ted, and he turned to see an average-looking man with horn-rimmed glasses and a shaved head. “Are you Bill?” Ted asked tentatively. “Ah, you must be Ted. Follow me please.” Bill led the way down a wrought iron spiral staircase so narrow Ted’s shoulders rubbed the metal support bars as he descended into the basement of the shop. Once his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, Ted gasped in amazement at the array of whips, floggers, collars, hoods and other objects that defied definition.

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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 16

By PredicamentBondage

As Ben comes around, he finds himself sitting, naked, in a very solid bondage chair. His chest and stomach are tightly strapped to the vertical back of the chair. His thighs are strapped to the seat, and his ankles are strapped to the substantial front legs. Premium leather wrist restraints snuggly secure his arms to the upright stanchions so his hands are held uselessly to the side and just below the level of his butt. A snug collar ensures that his head doesn’t sag and his eyes face forward. The whole construction is of 4-inch square section welded steel that is powder coated black, and reeks of rock-solid quality.

Ben can’t move and is going nowhere until I release him.

My captive is a straight male office worker who keeps himself fit by going to the gym three times per week before work. He’s 26 years old, short spiked black hair, small landing strip goatee, dusting of chest hair, dusting of lower abdomen hair leading to a trimmed bush and shaved balls. His cock is about 7 inches, cut, straight with a pretty pink bell end that cries out to be tortured.

Overall, Ben is a very saleable commodity that I’m looking forward to training. He definitely gets my spunk rising, and I can easily see myself fucking his arse and mouth, and I’m looking forward to both in the coming weeks.

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James – Part 5

By Thunder

That was Sunday night. It’s now Wednesday morning, and time has been flying by as we spent most of Monday working on my walking skills by taking a hike in the woods and around the property. To do this, he allowed me running shoes and has taught me to walk on the balls of my feet and the tops of my paws. I am much faster in this position, though I still have a lot of ground to cover to get really fast. As we would hike, he would occasionally talk to me and ask me questions about how now being a dog felt and how my mind was adjusting.

I was learning to talk better through the fitted human hood and enjoyed our talks more and more each day, even once when I was mounted on the fucking machine for hours after he said I provided an unsatisfactory fuck one day after a long walk. Tuesday was just like Monday, starting with my plugging and ending with a printed email from Alan talking about how excited he is and how the renovations on the house were going very smoothly. I had no idea what renovations he was talking about, but I smiled and hoped it was something fun because I could not wait till I saw him again to show him what I was learning for him.

At that point it hit me that I had not thought about work one single time since being hooded, and I barked at myself in a laughing tone over that because maybe I was becoming a new man, well, hybrid man.

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Remote Control – Chapter 01

By Hard Slave

Ted owned several cockrings, but the chrome one was his favorite. It fit perfectly, and the metal felt so good against his skin, he’d sometimes wear it all day at work just for fun. So when he realized he’d accidentally left it in the hotel room on his last business trip, he knew he had to replace it right away.

Ted visited the web site where he’d made his original purchase, scrolling through dozens of models, searching for The One. No luck. Disappointed, he Googled “best cockrings” to see if it would come up. It didn’t. Ted sighed, about to give up and pick a different (surely inferior) model, when he noticed a link down at the bottom of the page, “Ultimate Cockring: It’s NOT for everyone!” He clicked through to see what the fuss was. The picture looked very similar to the cockring Ted lost, but it was the description that really grabbed his attention:

“Master’s Slave Ring: This unique cockring comes with a bluetooth-like chip that can be controlled remotely using our special “Master’s App” from a phone or laptop. Male behavior modification using the latest technology, Master’s Slave Ring will have your boy literally jumping to attention at your command. Not recommended for solo use or by non-submissive wearers. The Master’s Slave Ring is sold for amusement only. Master App, Inc. is not responsible for ill effects caused by misuse of the product.”

Wow, Ted thought, that’s one sick cockring! If I was a sub, I’d definitely go for this, he thought. He was about to hit the “X” but a twitch in his cock and a little churning in his balls caused him to read the description again. He then looked for, and found, one review…

“It’s been three weeks since Sir put me in the Master’s Slave Ring, and it has changed my life. I am able to go about my daily business at work, etc., knowing that at any time my Master can signal a command straight to my balls. I’ve learned to drop what I’m doing and obey or suffer the consequences, which can be very painful. Be careful what you wish for…”

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Earn It Pup – Chapter 5

By Pup Shaggy

I took it all in. I was lost for words, even if I wasn’t gagged I wouldn’t have been able to say anything. I sat on my haunches staring trying to decide what to look at. A part of me was almost worried I’d spent too much time imagining what was down here that I was going to disappoint myself when I saw it… I didn’t. If anything I hadn’t been creative enough.

The space was massive, probably the length and width of his entire house. 3 of the walls were painted with thick black lines made to look like prison bars. The forth was plain concrete and was decorated with hooks, shelves and a case of so many things I wasn’t even sure what most of them were. There wasn’t a single window; a single clock, there was nothing to tell the passing of time. Nothing. Every speckle of light was artificial, raining down from the long dirty fluorescent tubes hidden amongst the mass of beams and chains spread across the ceiling.

On the far wall of the left of me was a wall of bars, like a prison wall, only behind it I could see 4 more doors; two pitch black like the entrance, another one made of more bars and the forth heavy metal. It was all sort of hard to make out, there was so much to see, I was afraid the room was going to change and I would have missed something if my gaze wasn’t constantly moving. I was lost in the place and it took Alex to laugh, walk up beside me and come down on his knees; literally talking into my ear to snap me back.

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Permanent Change – Part 01

By Sportsrubb

Hey guys. It’s my first story to compose. I want to catch some things I like in different ones, so here’s a start. If you have any comments, suggestions or want to give supper:

Present day

With a blast I wake up. Sitting upright in under a second my heart races like crazy. I’ve got the feeling that I have slept for ages. Everything is dark but I can feel that I’m my own bed. My own room. It looks a bit warmer then usual though. When I scratch my arm I feel rubber, which makes me start thinking. Did I put my rubber on, can’t really remember me doing that…. We’ll sleeping in rubber isn’t that unusual for me but not remembering is rather strange. In a sudden I feel a sharp pain in my head. The kind of pain that equals the worst migraine I ever had. Thankfully there are painkillers next to my bed. Always. So with some difficulty I manage to find them and I can do something to that awful headache. The flashing doesn’t stop immediately so I decide to get back in bed and close my eyes.

6 months before

Well, here I am again. Surfing the internet, posting pics on instagram, and wasting my whole evening behind the computer looking at hot guys having fun. Why, why isn’t my life like this I wonder.

I’m the rather usual gay guy. A bit self insecure about the looks, have a nice job and some great friends, but not any of them into any gear. And yes there is a boyfriend, who actually likes gear himself too.

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