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My Rubber and Bondage Life

By Hothardhat

Hothardhat’s rubber and bondage life, and its development over the years, is a bit of a saga. Like so many rubberist life stories, this one began in early childhood. It is an oft-told tale, usually revolving around yearning to pull on a pair of dad’s knee-high Wellies or some such activity. Well, this narrative is not much different. Dad always purchased his rubber boots at the local Army-Navy store. There are not too many of those around any more. Dad would sometimes go into one of these emporiums of all things delightful to a five year old budding rubber fetishist (hothardhat not yet understanding these impulses).

Dad typically marched in there to get stuff for hunting and fishing. No matter Dad’s objective, son Darren (Hothardhat’s real-life moniker) would insist on going along, just to breathe in all the wonderful smells found there. Yes, those places exuded the most delicious aromas of rubber and leather. There before Darren would be 16 inch high olive drab pacs (as they were called), thigh length hip boots and even chest waders, the ultimate. Yes, those were, indeed, wonderful stores.

There were times little Darren would sneak into his father’s closet and poke his stick-like legs into the big rubber pacs. And then try to shuffle around the room with these oversize boots almost falling off his feet. He had no clue as to why he was doing this. It just was fun, and he was inexorably drawn to these items.

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Some archived web pages of note: James Bond, Leather Edge, Boston Cuir

Ever look in the Wayback machine? Metalbond reader Jamie recently did, and he found some cool stuff. Jamie writes:


Dear Metal,

It is hard for me to imagine I’ve been surfing the “innerwebs” since purchasing my first Gateway Computer back in the winter of 1998. Back then before search engines, finding links and webrings was the haphazard way I navigated on that old dial-up AOL connection. It almost seems as if I’m talking “horse and buggy days,” things have advanced so.

I was like the proverbial kid at the candy store when I found Jim Boyd’s site at GeoCities. Killing some recently I found his old site archived. I was not sure if you had the links or not so wanted to forward Jim’s links as well as a couple other favorites from my past … those old pages sure look primitive compared to what we have grown so used to today!



Thanks, Jamie!

OK, here are the links Jamie sent (these take a few moments to open so be patient):

James Bond’s Dungeons and Divers

The Leather Edge

Boston Cuir


Also … be sure to check out

the old Thumblogger version of Metalbond

Metalbond mail

hard slave writes,

OK, so now I’ve wasted a couple of work hours on this story you posted and I’m only halfway through it. I’m sitting at my desk with a massive hard-on hoping I don’t cum in my suit pants. Which by the way if you so much as laid on a finger on me I would. Hoping I can get my boner under control before my next meeting. And of course I’m wearing the tight-trousered suit today, so there’s no hiding it. Thanks.


M. Robles writes,

Now that we have 3-D printing, has anyone used it to make bondage or gear items? Or more, custom-fitted and seamless chastity devices?


Michael writes,

Don’t know if you post submissions from followers, but your recent duct tape photos reminded me of the attached, taken awhile back in a bar with 30-plus people watching. I’m on my knees in the photo. An incredible experience. Post if you like. Would enjoy …



Bondgmk wites,

I was privilege to meet James Bond at the New York Bondage Club many years ago. I was visiting from the UK a friend in Long Island, and the same day I flew in the club had a meet going on. As I had chatted with James Bond online many times, it was one of my wishes at some point to meet him, and I can’t tell you how much of a thrill it was to hang out with him for a couple of hours that evening. I was welcomed with open arms and felt a very much part of the bondage fraternity. It reminds me very much of a gentleman I knew in the UK, the late Jim Stewart (of Fetters fame). So that’s my remembrance of James Bond. I am proud to have made his acquaintance.


Tom writes,

I read your story of The Motivator on Eckie. I did when you posted it, and some days ago again. Wouldn’t you continue it? It is a great story, one of my favourites.


Another guy writes,

Here’s an idea for pics your readers can submit. I’ve grown to like some of the Vibram five-finger shoes. Thought it would be hot to have readers who have them submit pics of themselves wearing the five-finger shoes with legcuffs locked on or their feet or roped up in them. What do you think?



Slv2RubR writes:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, S2/E08 “Slaves of Las Vegas”

Most of the way thought this episode I was pleased with how the kink culture was represented. The episode originally aired back in 2001, before I knew about the kink culture. I believe it was that first glimpse that brought me in. Looking back now, I’m glad I saw that glimpse.



Jim writes,

I have what, I guess, is a relatively strange fetish, even among kinksters. I love to be made to sweat. There are a few pics on Eckie’s site of guys in steam cabinets, and I’ve always loved being in multiple layers till someone else was ready to let me out, but I don’t see much of it in others. Hell, I sometimes workout in the gym in a double-layer neoprene sweatsuit from “Kutting Weight”. Do you know if there are any pages like that out there?

MetalbondNYC_Picture-2 MetalbondNYC_Picture-3



Jamie Remembers James Bond

After he listened to my recent podcast over at the No Safe Word site, Metalbond reader Jamie sent in some personal recollections of James Bond (of blessed memory), The New York Bondage Club, Serious Male Bondage, and other reminiscences.

First, here is a picture of some of James Bond’s handiwork:


Jamie Writes,

Hey Metal,

I enjoyed your interview on No Safe Word. I met Tony and Mikey through Mark and Dale at Serious Male Bondage. It is funny how interconnected the community is. Dan Savage was interviewed on No Safe Word a while back. Anyway the reason for this, I just did an entry for my private journal that I wanted to share with you, as you were the inspiration.

Private Journal entry:

This morning I was tickled to see the Donlean cartoon I had e-mailed to my friend “Metal” posted on his website. This cartoon I can so relate to; as about the only way I can be truly relaxed it to be restrained. That way I don’t have guilt for not working: it is not my fault!

Anyway, on Metal’s site he had a link to his interview on the podcast, “No Safe Word.” I do enjoy this podcast. I’m acquainted with Daddy Tony and his boy, Mikey, two of the podcast hosts, through friends in San Francisco. I listened to the podcast as I typed out my journal entry for today. In Metal’s interview he mentioned “James Bond,” a good friend who passed away in 2011. I’ve never really documented how this man literally changed my life. Now I will.

James Bond was a bondage enthusiast and photographer. He provided a lot of the photography work for the magazine Bound and Gagged. I used to pick up this magazine at Rochester Custom Leathers back in the 1980s and 1990s.

It was in January 1998 in the dead of winter that I got my Gateway computer. I was living with Joe awaiting my transfer to Tuscaloosa, AL. I figured how my down time would be as good a time as any to join the computer age. Joe had been on-line for about a year. He would be my mentor.

Looking back, it almost seems like this all transpired back in the dark ages. Joe had an extra AOL disk, so I was able to get online without too much trouble. I can still hear the dial-up phone noises! Like everyone on AOL, I had multiple profiles: a regular profile and my “slut” one for the fun gay sites and chatrooms.

It was through a members profile search under my slut profile I located James Bond. (Does AOL still have profiles and chatrooms? I have not been an AOL member for many years.) I contacted James, and he invited me to stop by anytime to his New Jersey home.

James and I made arrangements to get together. I was to arrive on a Thursday night and then head out early Saturday morning. We met at a diner not far from Jim’s house, where we had dinner together and got to feel each other out. We returned to his place and I was like a kid in a candy store. In no time at all he had me in tight, comfortable, inescapable rope bondage.

That Friday afternoon I was laced onto his bondage board unable to move with a tight leather hood. I can still feel the total immobilization with the exception of my hooded head. The leather gag was inserted and buckled on, and then my eyes were covered. Rope slowly but firmly pulled my head back to the board so I could not move at all and was pretty much totally sensory deprived. This boy was flying!

In the evening Jim drove us into the city for the meeting of the New York Bondage Club. At this period of time the club met at Jay’s Hangout, which was located in the basement of the old Anvil. If I’m remembering right, this location was around 10th Ave and 14th St.

I saw this hot man entering the club wearing a Hellfire Jacket. I had to meet him. I went right up and introduced myself. His name was Bob, and things instantly clicked. He introduced me to his friend Eric, who was a manager of the leather store on Christopher St. I told Eric the story of how I was locked into a puppy cage there back in December 1993. Eric informed me that he was the one who locked me in that night!

As the night progressed, Bob took me places I never knew existed. He told me I should consider attending the Delta Run in September. He said I was a natural for the club.

As the year progressed I hemmed and hawed about attending the run. It was kind of at the last minute in early August I contacted Bob to see if I there were any openings. He got me a last minute invite. I sent in the check, and booked a flight.

Delta opened an entirely new perspective into my life. I was able to make a great new circle of friends with mutual interests.

I could write for days how intertwined my friend connections are through that initial Delta Run back in 1998.

Louis, whom I met at the 2002 run, was instrumental in getting me to sign up to go to college in 2003 through my work. He also got me into hiking with him on the Appalachian Trail. Through Louis I met his friends and connections in San Francisco. I feel a real sense of pride whenever I see myself in one of the banner ads for Serious Male Bondage. That is me on the left:


Through my friend connections I can definitely say my life has been drastically changed for the better.

It was after I retired Harold talked me into running for the Delta Board. I was elected and served two three-year terms. The club only exists to put on yearly “runs.” Not long into my tenure I was thrown into a situation whereby I was forced to act and respond in ways I never had before. Talk about a growing experience. Through my work on the board I’ve gained the confidence to not shy away responsibility when I know I can make a difference.

It was through that initial meeting of James Bond that forces went to work to reshape my life as I had known it. From Metal’s interview, it sounded like he had a similar experience. I’m sure James Bond never thought about what an influence he had upon my life. He lived his life fully, and he is sorely missed. I’m writing this out so he will never be forgotten, at least not by me.

Metal would like to thank Jamie for writing this!

To read more about James Bond, click here and here. To hear the podcast, click here.

Do you have personal recollections about something you might like to share? You can get in touch with me via the email address in the About tab.

James Bondage

I heard today the sad news that Jim Boyd of New Jersey, aka “James Bond” / “James Bondage” has passed away.



Jim was one of the first men to ever tie me up. The year was 1992, and I was a young kid who had just moved to New York City to explore his interest in bondage and kink. That naturally led me to the New York Bondage Club, which met Friday nights at J’s Hangout at the time. On my very first visit, I met Bob Wingate, editor and publisher of Bound and Gagged magazine, and “James Bond,” who was a photographer for Bound and Gagged. Having been a longtime reader (and beater offer) of Bound and Gagged when I lived in much smaller towns Michigan and Texas, I was thrilled to meet these two bondage celebrities in person.

When Jim and Bob asked me if I wanted to be tied up, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! They proceeded to rope me down to a floating bondage board, and they kept me tied down for the next two or three hours. It was a fantastic initiation to the Bondage Club! It’s no surprise, after that hot experience, that I became a regular at the Bondage Club, attending almost every Friday night for years.

At the start of each meeting, Jim would gather all the men in a large circle around the pool table, and he would get everyone to introduce himself and tell the group what he was into and what he was looking for that night. Then, every single week, after everyone had said something, Jim would utter his immortal phrase, “OK men, it’s time to pair off and sniff armpits” … and then the fun would begin.


To read even more about Jim and see some of his pictures, keep an eye on Bob Wingate’s Blog.


Metal would like to thank Max Cita for the picture above.