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A Week in Chains – Part 5

By asiancuffs

Part 5 – The last day of the camp

I woke up when the sky started to brighten and my sleep last night was good because I could have fresh air for the night. When I spent my last 2 nights in the cell, the air circulation was bad and to make it even worse, our odors filled the room. My clothes were muddy and sandy due to direct contact with the ground. I stand up and stretched my body. I couldn’t see anyone in my sight and I guessed they were still asleep. I felt my wrist shackles were sticking to my skin and I managed to slide them up to my arms.

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A Week in Chains – Part 4

By asiancuffs

Part 4 – Suspended shackling and slept out night

The clanking sounds of chains woke me up and to tell the truth, I didn’t really want to get up at all. I took my dried socks with me to the stream for our washing like yesterday. I put on the dried socks before breakfast. The food was the same like yesterday. No new instructions were given to us. Eric was released and joined with Vincent and he told us that having his hands shackled above his head supporting the body weight was terrible. We took our tools and proceeded to the unfinished walking path. When I started to walk with William to our working site, I was stopped by a guard and was ordered to follow him. I don’t know why and followed his instruction.

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A Week in Chains – Part 3

By asiancuffs

Part 3 – First Day of the Chain Gang

The night was long and my sleep was not too good. We were woke up when the light shined into the room from the barred windows. I don’t know the time but I guessed it was about 6:00 – 6:30 am. One guard came into the room and unfastened the long ankle shackle leading chains that hold us together for the night. We were ordered to step down from the bed, put our boots and line up outside the building. The guards passed a 3 feet thin rope to everyone of us and told us to tie one end to ankle shackle’s ‘O’ ring and hold the other end with our hands while we walk.

This can avoid the linking chain dragging on the ground making us easier to walk. We took the same path to the stream watched by 2 guards. It was a lot easier to walk when I hold the connecting chains up from contacting the ground.

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A Week in Chains – Part 2

By asiancuffs

Part 2 – Chain Gang

The sense of losing track of time made me feel helpless. It was 16:00 when I took a look on the clock hanging on the wall before we left the room. All of us were sitting in the wagon with 2 guards watching us sitting near to the back door. There was a gate between the guards and us. The weather was hot and air circulation was bad as there was only two 6”x6” small windows with iron bars in the inmate compartment. We sweated like just finished diving. The drive was long for the 40 miles and it took 2 hours for that because we were moving slow due to traffic jam in the city.

After we left the city, we were driving on a bumpy road and the air felt fresher. We took turns to peep outside to enjoy the scene on the way. It was very rural with lots of sugar cane and banana trees planted on both sides. Conversations were allowed and we tried to figure out our destiny. We wonder if we were going to be in this restraints for the next few days or not because they were not heavy enough. Chuck told us that according to arrangements, there should be a collar. We also talked a bit about our public arrests. Eric and Vincent were picked up in a street side grocery store when they were getting some drinks. They were surprised and shocked when the cops grounded them, but immediately notice that this was part of the play. Chuck and Daniel were picked up on a street market too. Chuck told us that this public arrest was not arranged beforehand and he liked it very much. We all agreed that this kind of public arrest should be included in the role play because getting arrested and handcuffed in front of a large crowd of audience was fascinating. We don’t think we can try it at home.

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A Week in Chains – Part 1

By asiancuffs

Background: In the south Pacific in SE Asia, there is a country that made up of thousands of islands – country P. The whole country suffers from the economy downturn so much that people were trying to make money in any way. After the removal of the naval base, some of our marines were still there. Among them, there was a guy (Chuck) into heavy metal bondage and POW programs. After liaisons with the local authorities, he came up with an exciting POW/Chain Gang role play.

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