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UPDATE: Dore Alley picture

Hey fellas, it was not apparent to me by looking at the picture of the guy bound in public at Dore Alley, but it turns out he was in a genuine heavy-duty BODY CAST (not vetrap).

Dore Alley public bondage 2012

Mark from Serious Male Bondage kindly sent in more information about this very heavy scene:


Hey Metal,

I’m glad you picked up that cool photo of our friend Mumman in his rigid black cast for your post ‘what happens at dore alley.’ Here is more info about that photo if you care to use it:

The material is not vet wrap, but actually medical grade fiberglass casting material. 40 rolls of fiberglass was used to make this upper-torso cast at a cost of around $6 per roll, so the total cost was around $250. Once the 40 rolls were applied and hardened, the cast was approximately ¼ inch thick. It was not necessary to use this much material to create a cast like this, however we wanted to end up with enough thickness so that the cast could be cut off and reused over-and-over again.

The man in the cast is Mumman (FetLife) and the man in the tee shirt is Mister-X (FetLife).

Our casted man was in his rigid torso cocoon for nearly 12 hours. After we left Dore Alley we continued to do photoshoots with him into the night hours. Special casting saws were used to remove the cast. Great care must me taken to ensure that the subject in the cast is fed and hydrated, and does not overheat, choke, panic or vomit. A cast like this takes at least 30 minutes to remove, so any emergency can turn into a disaster. A full body cast takes at least 60 minutes to remove. We had the cast saw with us during the entire Dore Alley visit. This type of play is not for the inexperienced newcomer, and do not use any of this information as an instructional guide. Play with bondage and fiberglass casting at your own risk.

Photos and videos of the entire casting process, Dore Alley, and the removal of the cast will be available on both and our hetero site Our casted man wrote an article about his visit to SeriousBondage Institute, which is titled ‘Mumnan’s Bondage Adventures’ and can be viewed here:

And there is yet another link to info on the Dore Alley fiberglass casting scene here:



Thanks, Mark, for this information, which is very much appreciated!




Master Nick and Master Lukas put a man into arm casts

Master Nick and Master Lukas at BrutalTops are experts in using submissive men for their own greedy and insatiable sexual needs.

Master Nick and Master Lukas put a man into arm castsDressed as doctors at the end of a long shift they immobilize their new “patient” a pathetic sub making him sniff their fragrant masculine armpits which are radiating pheromones. The tops trample the naked man so he has to stare up longingly at their perfect muscular bodies while they crush him beneath them powerful feet.

[nggallery id=127]


He’s made to worship those feet and Master Lukas’ anus. The tops get their sadistic pleasure inserting a hook into his anus, which is attached to his nose so they can watch him writhe and squirm while they laugh over him displaying their ultimate superiority.

[media id=49 width=640 height=360]


To see more, join Brutal Tops


Restraint review of ON THE INSIDE movie by Mark

“Restraint” Review of ON THE INSIDE

By Mark

(I am not reviewing the movie or the plot as honestly I have not watched it.  I only fast forwarded to the restraint parts, hehe).

They use the humane restraint wrist to waist system on almost every male prisoner.  That is hot.  They are also in the leg hobbles.  (but you never see them struggle with them or be put in to them or taken out of them).

The coolest scene ever was when the guys, in their restraints, were walking.  I have never seen this depicted before:

Take a look at my pictures of the ankle hobbles.

ankle hobblesPlease notice that the strap that connects the two ankle cuffs is HARD.  It is made of three layers of leather (you can see the three layers on the bird’s eye view).  This means that it does not bend.  This means it is like walking with a stick of iron between your legs.  It is not like chain that hangs and gives freely.  That three layer hard stick of leather does not bend at all.  It is three layers stitched and riveted together.  THIS CAUSES THE GUYS TO WALK VERY FUNNY.  They walk like they have something up their butt or something.  It is really dehumanizing and comical and kinda really hot.  The scene was short, but it showed like five different guys trying to walk with them.

The restraints seem to just be a part of every day life and they all seem to accept them (which is hot).

humane restraint wrist to waist systemThere is a guy in a straitjacket but you really only see the back of him and not much footage at all.

There is a close up of Nick Stahl with his hands in those humane restraints.

Some of the scenes are intense because the guys will argue with each other while in full restraint (so it is like they are small dogs acting like big dogs cause all they can do is bark and are fully restrained).

There was also a really cool corridor with like ten really huge mean looking doors with the slots.  That was a dream come true!  We saw in to the room one time with the big padded walls.  But not much more action was given there.  Sad.

I am torn about this movie.  On one hand, you should jump to buy it because there are so few depictions of the really cool big chunky humane leather restraints like we see here.  On the other hand, there is not enough restraint footage.  The pictures are almost better of the restraints than seeing them in the movie.  It is worth seeing if you can but not something you should go out and get special order or anything.

For a movie with high use of restraint in a mental hospital (with a good plot as well), I would instead recommend the movie WHERE TRUTH LIES of 1996 (NOT the 2005 movie).

There was a section of this movie in which a really hot guy’s voice on an overhead speaker announced their arrival to NORTH WOOD (which is the mental hospital).  It was really cool cause it really was the standard bondage story lines “You will all be treated equally no matter if you are here because you were declared criminally insane, mentally ill, or just are needed for a graduate student project on your specific text book case condition”  …..  “You will comply”   etc. etc.

That was hot to hear.

I will keep it on my shelf but probably won’t get back to it much.

It was worth checking out though!




Metal would like to thank Mark for submitting this “restraint” review. For more from this contributor, check out his section in the Metalbond Prison Library by clicking HERE.