Leather Affection: An excerpt

By ty dehner

Saturday arrives, it is late afternoon as Sean is sitting on the sofa watching television in his apartment. He is waiting for the phone call from Lance as to where they are going to meet. Wearing his well-worn Levi’s 501 button fly in blue; he has on a plain black t-shirt under his leather jacket that he wore during their first meeting in the park, with a pair of black ranger style leather boots on his feet. His attention is not with the program on the television screen, his thoughts go to the man he met dressed in leather.

What could he want Sean to do this evening? There was something different about what has happened so far. Sure, Sean had played in the past, light bondage, some spanking and wrestling with a guy or two. Over the past few years, he’d meet a guy, get tied up and even fucked and sucked a guy off, but nothing ever seems to stick. It was more of a one-time event for them to each get their rocks off and then move on to the next scene with the next guy.

With Lance, Sean had a different feeling in his gut. That they are meeting again tonight means things are lasting longer than they normally do. Their conversation in the park was hours long and felt that Lance was seeking something long term. That is how Sean has been feeling as he has been getting older. There is time to be a kid and fuck around, then time to become an adult, getting serious about one’s life, to connect with someone and form a bond that will last.

A knock at the door breaks Sean’s thoughts. He gets up, answering the door to find Lance there, not in his leather, but in Wrangler jeans, cowboy boots, a denim shirt, leather western jacket, gloves and rodeo baseball style cap. Lance is holding a canvas travel bag as he surprises his boy, “Hello boy.”

“Hello?!” Sean stammers, surprised that Lance is at his front door. “I thought you were gonna call and we were gonna meet someplace.”

Lance enters, smiling at the boy, handing him the canvas bag. Sean closes his door going into the living room after Lance where he sets the bag on the coffee table. Lance makes himself right at home, sitting on the sofa while turning off the television.

“Well, sometimes surprise makes life more interesting.”

“How did you know where I live, Sir?” Sean asks cautiously.

Lance looks up Sean, smiling, “There is the internet you know, boy. I have my ways.”

Sean decides to put it out of mind, looking back at Lance in his cowboy gear looking hot as hell.

Becoming more serious, Lance orders, “Come here.”

Sean does as he is ordered. As he stands before Lance, Lance reaches out with his gloved hands running them up and down Sean’s legs and around his ass. Sean enjoys the touch of Lance’s hands. After a moment, Lance stops holding Sean still before him. Gently applying pressure, he positions Sean to his knees. Naturally, Sean puts his hands behind his back.

“Very nice, boy.” Lance appreciates the move of submission and respect.

Reaching under the jacket, Lance begins to work Sean’s tits under the t-shirt, twisting and squeezing them. Sean winces in pain but holds his position. He breathes heavily as Lance increases the pulling on the tit, then catches his breath as Lance lets off on the pressure.

“Look in my eyes, boy.”

Sean’s focus become Lance’s blue eyes as Lance stares deep into the green eyes of the guy kneeling before him. It is hard to keep the focus as Lance keeps applying more and more pressure and pain to the tits in his leathered fingers. They only causes Lance to smile more as he watches his boy do his best to take the pain and make Lance proud. He toys with the boy’s tits a little longer, then releases them as the boy gives a large sigh of relief.

“Open the bag, put on what’s inside.”

Quietly Sean responds, “Yes Sir.” Moving around on his knees to the bag on the table, Sean takes the bag, stands, and makes his way towards his bedroom.

“Where the fuck you going, boy?”

Stopping in his tracks, looking back at Lance, “To my bedroom to change, Sir?”

Lance shakes his head to the negative, pointing to the center of the living room, in front of the television. Sean goes to the spot, places the bag on the table again, he goes to open the bag.

“Not before you get naked, boy.”

Sean looks at Lance with a bit of surprise as Lance nods, sliding back on the sofa to enjoy his boy stripping before him. After removing his jacket, Sean pulls off the t-shirt, unbuttons his 501’s pulling them off, then sitting on the carpet to removes his boots. He stands before Lance in the brand-new jock that he purchased to please Lance.

“Nice jock, boy. Looks a little too new. We’ll have to get it dirty in the coming weeks!” Lance grins as this embarrasses the boy a bit.

Lance leans back on the sofa as he watches the boy approach the bag on the table, opening it. As he sees what is inside, Sean looks up at Lance, not sure what to feel as he is amazed as well as excited. Lance just nods that the boy should get started in changing.

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Once completed, Sean looks very different than he has. He wears black Wrangler jeans that are snug in all the right places, a black western leather belt with a large silver “dinner plate” size rodeo buckle. He wears a black and white plaid cowboy shirt that is tucked into his jeans, with a black cowboy hat on his head and black leather cowboy boots. Sean is putting on the tight black leather gloves as he steps back so Lance can see him. After adjusting everything he looks up at Lance to get his approval. Lance rises from the sofa, moving to stand in front of his boy. As he does, Sean places his hands behind his back, standing at attention for Lance.

“Now you look like you should, boy.” Lance takes his leather-gloved hands, make a couple to touches to make his boy perfect. Then he moves in even closer, nearly touching the boy’s lips with his.

“Tonight, you are mine.”

“Yes Sir.”

With Sean on the verge of kissing Lance, Lance steps away. Grabbing Sean’s leather jacket, he hands it to him and watches as Sean puts it on. Lance motions for the boy to go first and he does. As he reaches for the door handle Lance grabs him tightly by the arm and turns him towards him. Lance pushes the boy against the door, pressing his body against him.

“Tonight, you will not question anything I command you to do. You have no power, no voice, nothing.”

This increase in control is a surprise to Sean, but at the same time he’s been wanting this type of control from a man. “I understand, Sir.” Sean’s cock starts straining the tight denim covering his crotch.

Lance then pushes the boy aside, taking control and opening the door. Sean follows Lance out, locking his front door.

It’s Saturday night in the city, wet with a chill in the air. Lance is driving his Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 down 82nd Avenue, seemingly hitting every red light he possibly can. Sean looks out the window, feeling the snug cowboy dress he is in. He catches glances of the hot cowboy he is with listening to the local country and western station on the FM dial. Shortly after they left Sean’s place, Lance placed his right hand on Sean’s left leg, it has been there ever since. Most of the time he gently moves it back and forth, squeezing the leg on occasion. Lance enjoys looking over seeing his cowboy, dress as he wanted and thinks about the fun they are going to have later on. Yes, there is going to be some learning by this cowboy, but he will learn quickly how to serve this potential Master.

The truck turns into a bar with a dark parking lot that is filled with other trucks and a few motorcycles. There are guys in various jeans, boots and other working-class dress entering and exiting the bar. Sean checks it all out as they park and climb out of the truck. Following Lance, Sean admires the view of Lance’s ass in his jeans, how they stack on the top of his boots, the look of his denim shirtsleeves going right into the top of his leather gloves. They step up to the door, Lance opens it looking at Sean to remind him of his place as they enter. Sean looks into Lance’s eyes, knowing he means business, nods, takes a deep breath, and enters.

Entering the bar, Sean follows Lance. Lance smiles entering as he has been here many times. Sean smiles and eyes light up as he sees all the gay men and women out for a night on the town. The Garth Brooks song blasts loudly as gay couples and singles are line dancing on the large wooden floor. There is laughing, while others are making out in the shadows that line the dance floor.

Stopping, Lance grabs Sean by the shoulders, bring him closer so he can speak to him.

“What do you think?” Lance asks over the loud music.

“I’ve never been in here.” Lance elbows Sean in the stomach. Sean corrects himself quickly, “Sir.”

Lance winks at this newbie to the gay cowboy bar. Sean can feel Lance’s breathing on the back of his neck as he looks around.

“I wanted to show you off a little. You look damn nice, boy. Plus, you need to work up a sweat before the fun begins.” Lance kisses Sean, which surprises him a little to be kissed in public.

“Let’s go have some fun!” Lance swats the boy in his tight Wrangler ass.

Lance moves quickly into the bar as Sean stops his gawking, moving to catch up. Arriving at the order station at the bar, Lance holds up two fingers and soon the hot shirtless bartender brings them two bottles of Coors. The bartender knows Lance, tapping him on the shoulder as Lance drops the money and tip onto the counter. The bartender thanks Lance then looks at Sean. Looking back at Lance the bartender questions if Sean is with him, Lance confirms, smiling. The bartender motions that Lance has made a good choice. Sean didn’t notice the exchange as he was checking in the sites around him. Taking Sean by the neck, Lance leads them into the bar and dance floor.

As the evening progresses Lance shows Sean how to line dance, which they have great fun doing. Sean isn’t as coordinated as Lance, so he struggles with the moves. Lance is patient and continues to encourage the boy to keep going and later on they are doing quite well as a couple. Later in the evening the music is slower as Sean finds Lance taking hold of him, drawing him closer and they dance looking into each other’s eyes. Their cowboy boots slide around the floor as the kiss each other occasionally taking in the bond that is growing in them. then dance on their own. They smile at each other, while they each have a feeling in their heart of their respective places in their growing relationship, at this point in time, they are friends, really good friends.

Sean leans on Lance, whispering into his ear, “Sir, I have really enjoyed this.”

Lance enjoys hearing that, placing a tiny peck on the boy’s neck. “Well the night is still young. After this song, we’ll head to my place.”

Sean slowly kisses Lance, who grabs Sean’s neck and brings him in close. They release and hug each other as they dance with other gay men and lesbians dancing around them with the mirror ball spinning slowly above them as other sit at the surrounding tables wishing they were someone tonight.


The darkness of the garage is broken as the light comes on and the door moves upward. In comes Lance’s 4×4 pickup, parking as the garage door closes, water from the drizzle that has started drips on the cement floor of the garage. Inside Sean looks at Lance waiting to follow his lead for getting out of the truck. Leaning against his door, Lance looks at Sean as his gloved hand slides over the steering wheel.

“I think you are really special boy. That being said I would like to start training you to be my slave. Are you comfortable enough to start that?”

While Sean has longed for this type of experience, he is a bit surprised that it is happening a week after meeting Lance. Looking back at Lance, he sees a cowboy that wears his clothing well, a man that has been loving, gentle and allowed himself new experiences. He decides that it is worth taking the leap of faith and see where the night will go and down the road his future.

“Yes, Sir.”

“I like the simple answer, boy.”

Lance reaches into the center console pulling out a two-inch black leather collar that he reaches over and buckles on Sean. As he sits back Lance instructs his collared boy how things are going to be. “When you are in my house, you will always wear this. Only I will decide when it is not to be worn. Do you understand?”

The boy reaches up, feeling the snugness of the heavy leather. “Yes Sir!”

Lance takes the lead, stepping out of the truck, as the boy does also. As he comes around the truck to his boy, Lance takes a chain leash that is hanging on the wall. He attaches it to the collar, looking his boy directly in the eyes. The boy looks back, understanding his submission to Lance. Lance turns taking the leash, leading the boy into the house.

In the dungeon where they first bonded, Lance leads his boy into the center dropping the leash. The boy looks into the mirror before him, taking in the western clothing he wears and the black leather collar that he wears around his neck. Lance reaches up, removing the leash, “Remove your clothes, I want you nude, boy!”

Lance steps back. Without hesitation, his boy begins to remove his clothing, neatly folding them and placing them in a spot that Lance had pointed too. Lance enjoys watching his boy work so quickly as he works his way down to his jock and then nothing but the collar on his neck. The boy stands tall, looking forward, his hands behind his back and his cock growing before him. Lance approaches him, only the sound of his boots on the concrete floor is heard as he grabs his boy by the neck, lowering him to the floor.

Lance forces his boy to the floor and on his stomach. As Lance goes to the wall grabbing some white cotton rope as his boy feels his cock lying on the cool concrete floor pressed by his torso. Grabbing his boy’s hands, he begins wrapping the rope around each wrist then snuggly pulling them together, looping the rope to securely bind his wrists together behind his back. There is silence between them, though the boy breaths heavily as his chest is compressed on the hard floor. At times, the boy lifts his head to watch what Lance is doing. After the wrists, Lance takes another piece of rope and works his same bondage magic on the boy’s ankles. He checks his work as he makes it snug, but not too tight to cause circulation problems for the long-term bondage that the boy is about to experience.

Getting up, Lance goes to where his head gear is stored on the wall, deciding what to put his boy in next. The boy takes this moment to feel the security of the rope bonds, struggling a little as it makes his cock harder and slipping in the developing pre-cum. Deciding on the black leather head harness, Lance returns to his boy, strapping the leather contraption on the boys head, then installing the seven locks that will keep it in place. There is a little muffed noise from the boy as he gets to feel the snugness of the leather straps and them pushing on his mouth and chin to keep him quiet. Lance gets up returning to the rope wall as the boy lifts his head to see himself in the mirror secured in bondage on the floor now locked in a leather head harness. As Lance returns, he enjoys hearing the locks jingle as the boy moves his head around.

Kneeling at the boy’s feet, Lance takes the rope and starts wrapping it around his ankles. He then pulls the ankles up, bending at the knees. Lance takes the other end of the rope threading it through a metal ring in the top of the head harness. Lance pulls on the rope, so it starts to raise the boy’s head off the ground and increasing the tension on his legs and chest. Lance keeps tightening until the boy is looking straight forward at the mirror, unable to lower his head. He is choking slightly with the leather collar causing tightness in this position. Once he has reached a very strenuous position, Lance ties off the rope that now won’t allow the boy to lower his feet without pulling his head further back.

Lance stands, looking at his new captive boy. “Lesson one, boy. I enjoy you suffering and you being helpless to do anything about it.” Lance gently kicks the boy with his boot in the side a couple of times to show that he is in charge.

“I’ll be back later.” Lance leaves the dungeon, closing the door behind him. Helpless to do anything, the boy looks in the mirror at his helpless self. For a while he struggles in the bondage knowing he can’t escape but he has to try. It also turns him on to feel the tightness of it all, the strain on his body, the tightness of the leather over his mouth keeping him from asking for release.

Behind the door Lance watches the boy struggle, enjoying the view and his power of freely putting a man into such a difficult position to suffer. Reaching down he squeeze his dick through the denim with his gloved hand. He is enjoying the prepping of his dick to the ultimate use later on in the night. The boy might be thinking that this is the extent of his training for the night, but there is much more in Lance’s twisted mind that he wants to explore. Playing with his dick, Lance is enjoying that the boy is so willing to go where he leads. Perhaps this is the boy that will allow Lance to get into the severe and long-term experiences that he has dreamed of doing for years.

As the time passes, the boy struggles with his bounds. But it is not a struggle to get free, he is enjoying the feeling of the rope and leather against his skin. Here he is, naked on a cold floor, with no control as to what is going to happen next. His dick grows, sliding across the floor in the pre-cum that he is producing like crazy, moans come from the patch of leather on the muzzle that keeps his mouth tightly shut, as the struggle continues. Soon his struggling stops and the boy, again, looking into the mirror and admires his situation. There is a little more feeling of the bonds, then, a pair of black boots step in front of the boy’s face.

The boy is surprised to see heavy black leather motorcycle cop boots, Dehner’s, standing in front of him. He didn’t even hear Lance enter the room he was so into watching himself feel the struggle. Looking up, the boy sees that Lance has changed and is now wearing all leather, pants, shirt, and gloves in black. Lance looks down at his struggling boy, naked, as the boy moans into the leather muzzle. Lance grabs a chair, setting in directly in front of his bound boy, sitting. He has a large pad of drawing paper and some pens, where he starts drawing this boy in bondage before him. The boy just watches as this leathered man uses him as a model, helpless and restrained for his pleasure.

After an hour or more, Lance is happy with the results of his drawing. He stands placing the pad on the counter, not showing the boy the results of his work. He returns to his boy, reaching over to release the rope from the top of the head harness, allowing the boy’s feet too fall to the floor. He then unlocks the harness, allowing the boy’s head to be free. Gently the boy thanks Lance for removing the harness. Firmly Lance places his boots in front of the boy’s face, “Lick my boots, boy.”

Lance sits and his boots are shoved into the boy’s face and he begins licking. It is not easy in the bondage that he is in, but the boy works hard to get his tongue on the boots and please Lance. Squirming on the floor, the boy works his way like a worm to get to the higher parts of the boots. Struggling, the boy works around the floor below this leather man to keep his tongue on the slick shined leather of this man’s tall boots.

As the boy struggles with the boots, Lance sits up, pulling a black medium size butt plug out of his pocket. The boy focus is on the boots, so he doesn’t even notice. After a few moments Lance stands, and the boy stops licking. A gentle nudge by his boot toe into the boy’s lips lets him know that he needs to continue licking. Bending over Lance begins to inserting the plug into the boy’s ass. Feeling it enter through his tight hole, the boy stops his licking. Lance doesn’t stop as he again gently kicks his boy’s face, “Fuck, no one ordered you to stop!”

His boy resumes the licking as Lance begins to slap the boy’s ass, thus driving the butt plug in. The boy continues to lick even through his face shows the pain that the insertion is causing. One heavier slap and the plug seats itself into the boy’s ass. Lance sits again as his boy takes in the pain of his filled ass with the taste of this Master’s leather.

“Stop!” commands Lance in a loud powerful voice. The boy immediately does, allowing his face to rest on his cheek on the floor.

Lance sits in the chair, allowing the boy to rest a bit. He has worked hard and pleased the Master in all that he has done. Lance thinks about how fucking hard this boy has worked for him in truly difficult positions. When he feels the boy has had enough rest, he stands, going to the boy’s ankles and releases them from the rope bondage. He doesn’t remove the rope around the boy’s wrists. Going to where the boy’s head lies, he plants his boots.

“Stand!” is all that Lance commands.

Another challenge for the boy, as he must stand while not able to use his hands. He struggles to get on his knees as he slides his torso across the floor, lifting to his knees. His face slides through the patch of pre-cum on the concrete as he works his way to roll on his side. As he struggles, he feels the plug as it fills his ass and moves around as he moves.

“Enjoy that feeling, my boy. As your training continues you will have your holes filled most of the time.”

He rolls on his side, then his knees, working one leg under himself then others finally able to stand and looking into his Master’s eyes.

Once standing Lance installs a leather cock ring on his boy. It is a little difficult since the boy is hard, but he gets it on him, making it nice and tight. Lance slaps the boy’s cock a few times, enjoying the pain on his face as he steps back some, then step forward back in place after realizing his mistake. Placing his gloved hands on the boy’s shoulder, Lance guides the boy back to his knees pushing his head to the shaft of his boot so the boy can continue his worshipping. Kneeling a bit faster than standing the boy goes down and starts licking the boot shafts. The boy makes quick work of the shafts with long tall licks. When Lance is satisfied, he then grabs his boy by the hair and slowly guides him licking up his leg to his leather clad crotch. As his boy works his leather crotch, Lance binds the boy’s hands to his ankles with rope.

“Do what you’ve been wanting to do all night, boy. Open my zipper with your teeth.”

The boy looks up at his Master, surprised at what he just heard.

“Come on, worship it, bring it out.”

With his teeth, the boy works hard to get a hold of the brass zipper of the Master’s leathers. It takes him a few moments to get a hold of it and get it started. He takes in the heavy leather smell that envelopes his face as he is buried deep in his Master’s crotch. He is able to get the zipper down, then inserting his tongue he works his Master’s sweaty cock and balls out of the fly of the Master’s leather. It is difficult at time, but with the Master’s dick being rock hard, it makes it easier. Once he gets both the dick and balls out, the boy immediate starts taking the dick into his lips. The boy works hard to please his new Master.

Lance is impressed with the oral skills of his boy. Truly the boy is a born cock sucker, he has all the right moves with his mouth. The caress of his tongue on the head, toying with the piss slit, Lance is feeling he might have a dream boy in his service. As the boy sucks, Lance enjoys pulling his boy’s hair or holding his nose shut causing his boy to have trouble breathing. The boy also works on the Master’s balls, sucking them in one at a time, then taking both into his warm hole, gently swirling around. Lance drops his head backwards as the sensations his boy is providing him. His balls are boiling with cum, Lance knows he won’t have long before he will have to release. With that feeling Lance gets rougher with his boy, holding the boy’s head as he slams his dick deep into the boy’s throat. The boy just breathes when he can between the slams, slime of phlegm pouring from his hole as the Master takes full control of the fuck face boy.

Lance can’t hold back any longer as he pulls out, pointing his dick at the boy’s chest shooting a large white load. It has been a long time since Lance has shot like this, very powerful, this sensation lets Lance know he has to take more power over this boy and make him his eventual slave. The boy watches his Master shoot his load with honor onto his chest. He can’t keep his eyes off the beautiful, powerful tool that his Master has. The boy burns this moment into his brain for a later dream that he will have when he is allowed to sleep.

As he catches his breath and calms, Lance orders his boy to take his dick back into its hole. Without question the boy takes the dick back into his mouth, enjoying the feeling as his dick has softened but still fills his mouth, plus there is the added saltiness of the cum that it is covered in. Watching his cum drip down the boy’s chest, Lance sits up rubbing the head and shoulders of his new boy with his gloved hands. He enjoys the feeling of his leather sliding across the bound and naked boy.

“Good boy, good boy.”

Lance gently removes himself, laying his boy on the floor, then working to remove all the rope, also the butt plug. Lance grabs a small white towel to clean the boy’s chest of his cum. The boy enjoys his freedom as he lays on the cool floor, looking up at his leather clad Master.

“Stand!” his boy does so quickly.

Going to him, Lance hugs him. The boy begins to bury his face in the leather, enjoying the warmth, smell, the strong embrace of his new Master. Lance keeps his boy tight, stroking his head and body with his gloved hands.

“How are you feeling?”

“Wonderful, Sir,” whispers the boy.

Lance holds him for a few more moments, then quickly release him. Before the boy can do much of anything, Lance has grabbed a full leather hood from the wall and is pulling it on the boy’s head. He laces it tightly, latching the collar around the neck. The boy instinctively puts his hands behind his back, though he is unsure of what is happening. He thought for sure they were done for the night. Before he knows it, Lance has grabbed a gag that he inserts into the boy’s mouth, strapping it behind his head then locking it in the front. Going to the closet, Lance opens it revealing many boots, leather clothing, uniforms, and other gear. The boy is handed a pair of 18” red leather logger boots with instructions to put them on. Heading to the bed to sit and put on the boy is stopped by the Master.

“No, you only sit, when I command you to sit.”

Nodding his head, the boy stands putting on the boots, lacing them up.

“Make them tight, boy. You are never to do anything loose! Tight, feel it against your skin.” The boy nods his head in understanding the wisdom he’s been given.

Standing straight when he finishes lacing the boots the boy looks at his Master. Lance moves the boy around the room pushing him back to the wall where a wooden cross is leaning. The boy is shoved against cross and his ass is mounted on a large dildo attached to the cross. Moaning with the pain that fills his ass, this dildo is larger than the previous butt plug. Lance smiles at his boy’s pain as he forces the boy to mount it quickly, no relaxing at this point. Lance is much more in charge now, the gentleness from before is gone. Raising the boy’s arms, they are bound by rope to the cross beam, then the remaining laces of the hood are tied to the beam. The boy’s booted feet are tied behind the slightly tilted cross to eye bolts in the floor. Lance then snaps the blindfold to the leather hood. Stepping back, Lance admires his works and the sightless, speechless boy that is secured before him. Now Lance is going to take the boy deeper into his dreams than he ever thought.

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Read the full adventure of Lance and Sean in ty dehner’s first novel, Leather Affection, which is now available on Amazon in print and for Kindle download.

More information about the author can be found at tydehner.com

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