K9 Mobile Groomer

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner gay bondage storiesThe summer sun was breaking the horizon as the mourning doves were cooing for their mates. The hummingbirds darted across the clear sky, racing to their next taste of a flower’s nectar. It was morning in the desert. As I left the house, I could feel the slight coolness that would disappear as the mercury moved towards triple digits in the afternoon. I was in my Adidas Superstar Pride shoes, which were nice and white with the rainbow Adidas logo. This is Palm Springs, so being gay is nearly the norm compared to other cities. All the neighbors in my gated community are gay couples, and the city council is all gay. The leather community is just as robust.

It was my daily morning walk, getting out before the heat of the day set in. It was a cool 91 this morning as my Pride shorts and white long-sleeve cotton shirt felt a touch of the slight breeze. Walking to the community gate, I passed a neighbor walking his dog. We waved, greeting each other on this fine morning. He lives a few houses down from me, and I like to watch when he takes off on the weekend on his Harley. In the winter, he wears a nice set of black leather riding gear that fits him just right. This tough biker walks his Bichon Frise with a pink leash and a diamond collar. I always chuckle as it seems just so gay! But he wears his black Harley Davidson t-shirt with pride.

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Andrew Fitch endures BDSM and water torture


In this video from 30 Minutes Of Torment:

The Chair – Andrew Fitch gets tied down to the chair as he receives the crop on his torso. Clothespins are attached all over his balls, pinching hard as his cropping continues. The Pit – In the pit, Andrew struggles to balance on one leg with his hands bound behind his back. Van breaks out the flogger and beats the stud front to back before taking him to the water chamber. The Water Chamber – His hands bound above his head, Andrew receives the cane all over his torso and endures water torment. After he’s exhausted from the day, Andrew is made to blow his load. Will he pass the challenge?

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CDubs in the tickle chair

The handsome young CDubs is looking too tempting while his feet are trapped in the stocks. Watch master Matt do his work, using his skilled fingers and all his best tools on his visitor, driving CDubs crazy. By the time the handsome man is done he’s exhausted, but very happy!

Scene Categories: Amateur, Fetish, Domination, Glasses, Tattoos, Tickling, Foot Fetish, Brown Hair, Short Hair, Jocks, Daddies, Other Location, American, Hairy, Bearded, Clean Shaven

See the video at TicklishChubs


See the video at Ticklish Chubs

Scene Title: CDubs & Matt

The handsome young CDubs is looking too tempting while his feet are trapped in the stocks

The handsome young CDubs is looking too tempting while his feet are trapped in the stocks

Video: Roger gets tied up and tickle pleasured

This is a video from Tickled Hard. Franco blindfolds naked hunk Roger Michaels, binds his legs to the tickling table and locks his wrists up behind his head. He tickles the smooth, muscular stud with fingers and a feather on his torso and wide, size 10 1/2 feet. Roger swears and moans with ecstasy as his big feet are tickled. It’s so arousing that Franco takes the opportunity to beat off Roger’s cock, leaving Roger even more susceptible to tickling touch. Franco tickles Roger on his belly, blowing raspberries there before moving up to his ticklish armpits. Pits, thighs and even lower back, Roger is ticklish absolutely everywhere. Franco alternates between Roger’s torso and his legs until he turns his full attention to Roger’s sensitive feet. He slides an electric toothbrush all over Roger’s lubed soles and in between his toes, making Roger moan with tickle pleasure. The sensations become even more intense when Franco climbs on top of Roger and tickles his feet with soap savers and the best tools of all, Franco’s fingers. The session ends with a non-stop tickle of Roger’s feet with a scalp massager and a sneak foot tickle attack during Roger’s interview.

Here’s the trailer clip:


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Roger gets tied up and tickle pleasured

Jesse sucks cock before being hoisted on the beam

After being brutally whipped and jerked off, Jesse Stone is lowered to his knees so the man lashing him can shove his dick down his throat. Jesse chokes and gags, his eyes darting around in fear, but he willingly sucks the huge cock until the man cums, hoping against hope that he will be shown mercy. He is allowed to rest on the concrete floor but is soon tased then strapped to a wooden cross. A loincloth fashioned from his shirt droops low around his waist, allowing video of this portion of his torture to be televised. After only 30 minutes, the young jock understands of the power of the cross as his muscular body is pulled apart by its own weight and his lungs struggle for breath. And his crucifixion has just begun.

Jesse sucks cock before being hoisted on the beam

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: JESSE STONE: Political Prisoner – Chapter 4

his crucifixion has just begun

Tied up in his business suit

For some (many) of us, there are few things hotter than buttoned-down beautiful men in proper shirt and tie dropping their pants and following all their filthiest impulses to get off together. Add in some leather cuffs and a black leather blindfold, and the fetishy fun just multiplies. At PeterFever, muscleboy fireplug Rio kneels on the bed in white shirt and tie, with hands cuffed behind him. Then handsome Asian top Hiroya comes along to tease him to the point of a long, delectably intolerable edging session. Rio gets kissed, nips tweaked, and dick and ass played with till he can’t hold back a second longer. Once he’s finally given up and let his nuts spew their juicy splatter, Hiroya fingers and fucks him for his own jollies. It’s a scorching hot scene made even sexxxier with both guys in proper business suits. Watch out Hiroya, or you’ll have to explain cum stains on the tails of your white shirt when you get back to work!


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Title: Asian Suit Studs

Site: Peter Fever