Earn It Pup – Chapter 8

By Pup Shaggy


[Note: this is the final part of this story by Pup Shaggy. To begin at the very beginning, click here.]

I waited in darkness. In silence … for the most part. I didn’t even know if he was still in the room. But I knew how much he liked me groaning and whimpering in my gag, displaying the control he had over me as I wrestle with the chains and padlocks that he’d ‘given’ me; the bonds that held me. I’m on my chest, crushing the nipple clamps biting onto my sensitive nips. My legs held over my back in an arch, kept there by a short chain connected to my arms, themselves held across my back just under my shoulder blades as high up my back as they’d go. My collar also chained to something – I assume a radiator – to stop me from wriggling myself away, not that I would… not on purpose.

My hood buckled to my head, not even aware of the last time it hadn’t been. My vision black, my voice taken and my ears full of earplugs made of metal and plastic that blocked out every sound. You’d have to be screaming pretty loud for me to hear you with them in.

Every now and then, I’d struggle. For fun, and for him: Master Alex. But like I said, I had no idea if he was even with me. I’d have been concerned that someone on the other side of the hotel door would hear my noise and get concerned… but that wouldn’t happen… not this week… of all weeks. My limbs burned, my shoulders ached, and that was how both of us liked it; me in constant pain. You really can’t get used to it, no matter what you think. You can be tied up every day of your life and your limbs will never stop hurting or aching when you are. Plus, there’s always some new way he finds to make me groan and drool in pain. That was part of the fun for him, coming up with new ways to abuse me… And I loved it…

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i am His

by pwnedpuppy

When i fly out to visit Sir, my servitude really begins before i even leave.

The clothes Sir orders me to wear for the flight are pretty simple and remain the same regardless if its freezing cold outside or we’re in the middle of a heatwave. In a way, it’s my uniform.

Plain white t-shirt, 501s, white socks, no underwear. A pair of plain black Vans slip-ons. No hoodie, no jacket, no alterations to the prescribed outfit. i am unremarkable in my appearance.

In my backpack, a simple haul – an envelope containing the chain and collar Sir has sent which i’m to wear after clearing security. No key. my wallet minus my photo ID (which i need to get on the plane) is put inside an interior pocket of the rucksack. So is my cell phone. They are not to be removed for any reason. That’s it.

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