Ignac is tied up and gagged and gets his hole wrecked

Ignac and Karel are RAW and raunchy at Str8Hell. Check them out:

Ignac is tied up and gagged and gets his hole wrecked

Having only recently had his cherry busted, Ignac is gagged and tied in the chair as Karel feels his body and starts to beat his ass with a crop. Ignac moans as he feels it and then Karel’s fingers too as they rub over his hole. That sexy ass feels the crop again and begins to redden.

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tied up and fucked

Buttplug harness


D035N-6 D035N-12 D035N-15

Check out this buttplug harness, which is perfect for making sure that plug stays put – whether it’s metal, silicone or vinyl. Available with a locking or non-locking option. Metalbond prefers the locking version, because it means your prisoner is just going to have to suffer with that buttplug until you decide to take it out. Keep him locked in long enough and you might just get to watch his pants get dark with precum!

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His torn hetero arsehole is anointed in sperm

This fucking hetero banker thinks he rules the world and is in dire need of a lesson in humility. They tie the bastard down so his exposed arse is pointed out. He’s going to learn to be a cock sucking slave whore or they will fucking destroy him! Dave loves wielding the lash, and Jozef’s pale pert banker’s bum is a horny target. He beats Jozef’s bum but the stubborn prisoner still won’t open his gob to the stiff dick that’s presented in front of his face. It takes a much sterner promise to get him to finally wrench his mouth open and close his precious lips over that cock. Adrian pounds his skull while Dave tears open Jozef’s tight arsehole with a thick dildo. Jozef is moaning and crying for mercy. His torn hetero arsehole is anointed in sperm. Dave demands Jozef lick his arse out, but the selfish bastard is fucking lazy. So he covers Jozef’s burning humiliated face in piss!

Adrian pounds his skull while Dave tears open Jozef's tight arsehole with a thick dildo

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male bondage

The Debt – Part 5

By Pup Shaggy

After closing the door again and locking the van, Hunter pulled him to his feet dragging him inside. Spencer watched as the van disappeared into the darkness, the first time he’d actually seen it. He kept trying to get to his feet, trying slowly to catch up, but bare feet on stony ground past midnight is not a cup of tea, even without someone pulling you along. Hunter dragged him inside, the heels of his feet dragging behind him, lifting him up the step of the doorway. He was met with a gush of warm air that made him shiver as the luna night turned to electric-light. The open front door passed them as they entered, swinging closed, closing them off from the outside. A picture passed on the right of a family, Hunter distinctly standing in the middle wearing sane clothes. Plain simple shoes lined up on their left. So this was Hunters house?

God knows what you had to pay for a place like this. Saying that, he didn’t see much of the house itself. He was lead directly to a door that looked suspiciously like a cupboard only with a combination padlock.… Once open, they were met with descending stairs and a deep gloom that only comes from being under-ground. They started descending into the basement. Light made way to darkness again as they moved, only now it was a deeper and darker kind of darkness, quickly coming to a halt at the bottom of the stairs to another door, only this one had no lock. Once open, they entered a grey concrete room, the first room he’d seen. It was empty apart from the odd wooden beam supporting the ceiling and the house above them. The room was largely empty except for a bare iron frame bed with a stained mattress, a basic chair and a small cage. All lit by a single bulb that dangled dimly from the ceiling. The room smelled new though, retaining that distinct paint smell.

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Forced nudity in prison: It’s freezing cold water for this inmate

At Strip Search Hell, the prison officers have to assess whether an inmate will cause them problems. A guy can come in with the full intension of behaving but then goes totally crazy. They can kick off, fall out with other inmates, cause jealousy in others or spread trouble through the jail population. That’s why cleanliness is so important, and it doesn’t matter if it comes out the end of a freezing cold hose.

cmnm forced male nudity

The prison officers don’t have time or inclination to ask him a load of intimate questions. They suspect he’s gone jail bent, and that’s all that’s needed before a mandatory visit to Mr Hose. It’s freezing cold water for this chap, underneath his foreskin and right up his hairy arsehole. They want him spotless.

show me your asshole

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