Displayed – Part 04

By Pickle

Note: This is a continuation of a story by Pickle that has not been updated in quite some time. To start at the very beginning, click here.

~ Chapter 16 ~

I’m left hanging there, and as much as the fiendish belt is giving me some added support so that my arms aren’t taking my entire weight, I’m wishing to Hell it wasn’t there.  I discover it automatically tightens and loosens along with all its other functions.  It squeezes the fuck out of you for several minutes … as if breathing isn’ t tough enough just from hanging there, and then releases for a few minutes, so you think you’re safe from it.

Then it tightens again.  The thing not only sends random shocks through your navel to the back of the pole (where there must be some kind of conductive material I didn’t notice) but also the entire belt shocks you where it touches you.  I learn the “nose cone” also retracts leaving just a thin rounded rod that both jabs a guy in the navel repeatedly and at various sequences, but also circles around inside his navel as it does so … sometimes nailing him dead centre and other just off-centre, so it works the entire bellybutton.  That results in getting me so hard that my cock and balls are constantly getting shocked at full force, along with the shocks to my mid-section and feet.

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Nic Slammed on the Brakes

By bdsmsydney

Nic slammed on the brakes. In the dark, nearly midnight, He had nearly missed seeing the biker at the exit to the petrol station. Bikers jacket, but no helmet and no bike.

The biker smiled and thanked Nic for the lift, yes he was going all the way back to Sydney. The biker slumped back and closed his eyes. Nic looked him over, about 30, short but fit, well-fitting quality bikers jacket and black jeans, with a prominent bulge in the crotch and tall Doc Marten boots with red laces. Clean shaven black hair and masculine.

Nic was already getting the stirring of an erection.

The biker had just got himself into a lot of trouble, Nic hoped.

Where was his bike? But the biker was exhausted. Not now, Nic thought.

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 12

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 12: This Season, Brown Is Trending

They let me loose and I fell back, panting.  Automatically, my hands went up to my neck.  But it wasn’t my neck anymore; it was a thing wearing a collar.  “Yeh mon,” Malcolm said, “you a slappie now.”  I twisted, holding my stomach, trying to get my breath.  My eyes were level with their waists, and I saw that their shorts were tented.

“OK slappie, straighten up,” Jojo said, kicking a chair in my direction.  “Sit on it,” Malcolm said.  My balls slumped down on the wooden seat.  “Keep still,” Jojo said.  “This doan take long.”  He plugged a shaver into the wall, and in two minutes he had shaved me bald.

“Get up,” Malcolm ordered.  “See that wall?  Stan’ there.  This is a camera, slap boy.  Hol’ still, gonna take you picture.  I said hol’ still.  An look pretty—this is you audition, dude.  I mean it—how you think I get this great job?  You keep lookin unhappy, dude, this gonna last all night.  OK, that’s better.  Now turn left.  Turn right.  Lemme see you butt.”  So now my white naked body and my white bald head were fully recorded.  “Through that door,” he told me, pointing.

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Bad boy bad boy what you gonna do?

At Bad Boy Bondage, Master Devon has received another twink sub into the facility, and this smooth and uncut young man is going to make a great addition. He skillfully uses a flogger on the the chest and back of the vulnerable Joseph, the captive’s hands tied tightly up at his face, unable to defend himself from the torment the handsome young man is delivering. The perp is given just enough slack to really squirm as the flogger makes his plump ass glow.

Bad boy bad boy what you gonna do?


See the video at Bad Boy Bondage

Title: Devon & Joseph Rowland

Description: Sub Takes a Thorough Flogging

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My adventures With Billy – Part 05

By Robmacz

I walked over to the door that Billy had told me to go to and went inside. There was a waiting room with several chairs and at one end of the room a small window with a grille and a woman in uniform sitting behind it. I walked up to the window and got out my surrender notice and placed it on the counter.

‘My name is Paul Waring, I’m due to surrender today.’

She stared at me blankly and took the paper, then tapped a few things into her computer. ‘Take a seat, you will be called shortly.’

I sat down–there was no one else in the room–and waited. The longer I waited the more nervous I became. I had left my watch at home at Billy’s suggestion, along with my phone and other personal belongings. There was a clock on the wall which was now showing 10:15. I wanted to get things moving; this waiting was becoming intolerable.  What was keeping them?  I checked the clock again. 10:22, nothing. The woman behind the counter was reading a magazine or newspaper or something, this was just another day for her. Then all of a sudden I heard a door swing open.

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