Hey jock slave, drop and give me 25!


Today’s video preview is from Bound Gods, but it was inspired by a local “pushup slave” who would wear a black sleeveless Under Armour shirt to the gym because I told him to. In this video, an innocent baseball jock gets violated. Nasty coach Nick Moretti keeps Blake Daniels after practice to get him into better shape. Blake is made to run the bleachers and do push-ups. After a long workout, Blake takes a well-deserved hot shower. Coach Nick catches him with an erection and Nick cannot help himself. He gropes the stud and gives him a good of fashion OTK ass spanking. He cock-teases the athlete until he practically goes insane. After some rough corporal, Nick fucks him with a baseball bat and then he fucks him even harder with his cock. Blake doesn’t care about the abuse, he is just happy that he finally gets to cum.

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Officer Denali processes a thug

What a winner this criminal thug is, and he needs to spend more time behind bars to make society a better and safer place. Officer Denali received the arrest warrant information and went by to arrest the 26-year-old thug! He was working in the construction field. Of course, like most tough guys that don’t adhere to responsibility, he will get out of prison and be brought back in time after time. Officer Denali has a job to do, and he does it well as he cuffs, shackles and chains up his prisoners to take back to the GIL City Jail for processing … strip down, cavity search, dressed out in prison orange and then jailed as he awaits transport to state prison.

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The doctor will inspect you now

At Daddys Bondage Boys, the Doctor has his last inspection of the day. The patient soon gets out of his shirt and flexes his muscles so the Doctor can start his check up. Upon dropping his shorts there is no doubt that his huge cock is fully functional. The medical continues with some electro torment and the captive screams beautifully.

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Title of this video: Will He Pass Part 1

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