Rubber Bondage Prisoner

By MetalbondNYC

Aside from a few minor changes, this story is 95 percent TRUE.

Thursday Night

So he picks me up at the airport wearing full leather.  Skin tight leather jeans, leather cop jacket, boots, gloves.  Keys on the left.  He was totally fucking hot.  We go back to his place, where he made me strip and get into my new rubber body suit, which completely covers me from the neck to wrists to ankles, then he puts me in a posture collar, tall black rubber waders, and bolts a metal band around my waist.

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DZ Ranch Land and Cattle Company – Part 4

By FirefighterSIR

Part 4: The Beast

Travis heard more than saw the slave called The Beast.

The blond jock had been on the ranch for months now.  His cock weighed heavy inside the clear plastic chastity device, his shaved balls swollen with loads of cum waiting for release.   His muscled body, built strong by years of demanding football coaches, was now at its peak.  The guards and Masters of DZ Ranch had seen to that, honing him with precision workouts and a full schedule of hard labor in the oak studded confines of the remote ranch under the snowy gaze of the volcanic peaks of Lassen and Shasta in far Northern California.

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Update from Metal on the bondage blog

Hey prisoners, a few items:


1. I’m thinking of posting some new bondage fiction here every night in January. I think I have enough stories stashed away in my “beat bank” to do this. What do all you guys think?


2. I am now following a bunch of you on Twitter —  I’m there under @MetalbondNYC 


3. Oh, and according to google analytics I just went over 2 million pageviews for this site. I guess this is some sort of milestone.




Hoods and other gear from Slickitup

Hey guys, if you are looking for something exciting to give your kinky boyfriend for Christmas, check out Slickitup. They have lots of hoods, full body suits — and plenty of jeans and other fetish apparel.

latex-look-jeans LEATHER_LOOK_SPA_4a74c005eeb76 MOUTH_ONLY_HOOD_4a74b3ea02ef4 SMALL_MOUTH_ONLY_4a74b5b50f15c xmas-mailer


Whenever I have ordered anything from Slickitup, I have received a personal note from the designer and owner of this company, Dave, who is pictured showing off the big guns.

Thanks for keeping it hot, Dave!


Locked up in Second Life

Did anyone catch that movie recently called Hot Tub Time Machine? One of the characters is a young guy who plays in Second Life — as an inmate in prison! My kinda guy. Check out a clip here.

That reminds me of Steel Vlodovic, shown here:


The first thing Steel did when he entered Second Life was check out the prison. He spent about three months locked up as an inmate at Ghul.


Dr. Mad Max – His younger days

By Max Cita

Chapter 1 – Rubber, mud, bondage and sex

A few times each year, usually late Summer or Fall, Max would travel four hours Northwest from Ottawa. He would visit friends at their not too remote rural farm. Farm? Well it was 25 acres of swamp, clay, rock, bears and gazillion black flies in the Spring. The mud, ahh yes, the swamp and high water had wonderful silty mushy, gooy, clean clay.

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