Mark Goes To Jail

I asked Morgan if I could post his very hot first-person story “Mark Goes To Jail” here on Metalbond, but he said no, and fuck me very much for even requesting such a thing. Instead he wants you wankers to buy his book, which contains the story and other tales of his adventures, on Amazon or get it on kindle.


Or … if you happen to have issue 40 of Checkmate (the “Prison Issue”) like I do, you can read it there.


Thanks Morgan, you fucker.

Fuck you, too!


Metalbond is looking for Davespeed

A long, long time ago I used to chat online and over the phone with a very interesting man from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle or someplace like that, who went by the screen name of Davespeed. We talked a lot about fantasies and experiences regarding spread-eagle bondage, military brig incarceration, and long-term cage confinement. He also read me a story he had written, about a prison guard who gets locked up by a former inmate whom he used to guard. I’ve never forgotten these chats, all those years ago, to the point at which I am thinking of writing my own prison story inspired by the scenario described above.

Anyway, Davespeed, if you are out there somewhere, please get in touch with me! There is a contact form in the column to the right.


Metalbond reader wants more stories

I got this email last night from a reader of Metalbond:


Evening Metal!

Hope you are doing well. I just chatted with boyinacage, who said he sent you Chapter 4 of ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ a few hours ago. Hope we will see it soon! It is a great story. Very similar to ‘Waiting For Ross’ in style and content. Freakin hot!!! Both are great reading. It has been 6 months since the last installment of ‘Ross.’ Any chance of getting Tim out of the cage in the car trunk at the airport soon? Gotta be a lack of air after 6 months, LOL! Thanks for all you do for the community!




Hi Dave,

Thanks for the nice note. Yep, I did get Chapter 4 of ‘Twelve Days’ from boyinacage, and I will post it here very soon. Unfortunately I have not heard from the author of ‘Waiting For Ross’ in a while. Trust me, you guys will know right away when I do, because I want to find out what happens to Tim just as badly as everyone else!


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