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Male bondage artwork by Mitchell

Here are some vintage images from Mitchell, which are shared here with the permission of the artist:

artwork by Mitchell


Mitchell’s blog is here.

BONUS: Virtually everything Mitchell ever published is now available to view and download at the Mitchmen Club at Adonis Male, which requires you to sign up for a free membership. The club includes Mitchell’s illustrated version of the story of “Brick and the Mad Scientists” (that’s Brick the bodybuilder) by Steve McHalperin. Brick the artist did the original illustrations for the story.

Male BDSM art by Brick

These works by Brick are from his recent series, called “Slave Academy 2022” — and they are shared here with his permission:

Male BDSM art by Brick


Metal would like to say a big THANK YOU to Brick for sharing these erotic male fantasies with everyone by letting the images be shared here!

See more works by Brick by clicking on his name in the list of tags, directly below.

Also be sure to check out this posting about the artist on the Mitchmen site.

Laugh Now Cry Later

Here’s another vintage male bondage artwork by Joe T. The title of this drawing is “Laugh Now, Cry Later” and it is posted here with the permission of the artist:

Laugh Now Cry Later by Joe T


Metal would like to thank Joe T. for letting his work be shared here. To see more from him, click on his name in the list of tags directly below. You can also visit the Mitchmen blog for a post about him, available here.