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Getting Tied Up by the Best

By Bind

I discovered a man near San Francisco who is known on Recon as Ropetopsfbay. He had fantastic pictures of men whom he had tied up.  The rope work was not just secure looking, but very attractive on the men he tied up.  He taught ropes classes, was published, and had given many demonstrations of his work with men in San Francisco.  The minute that I saw his work, I wanted to be tied up by him.

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Lock him up and throw away the key

Check this out … our friend Bind recently spent a whole day locked up underground.

26 hours locked in a below-ground cell

You can read Bind’s first-person account of his ordeal by clicking below:

26 Hours Locked in a Below-Ground Cell

AND … His experience has been documented with pictures and video over at Serious Male Bondage:

Serious Male Bondage

This is one of many recent exciting finds over at Serious Male Bondage.

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26 Hours Locked in a Below-Ground Cell

By Bind

Mark, the owner of several websites including www.seriousmalebondage.com, has a very interesting thing on his back deck that he built.  They call it the “Deck Cell.”  The first time I saw it in person was February 2012.  I was invited to go up to San Francisco to experience some bondage at Mark’s place that we affectionately call the Serious Bondage Institute.  I was given a tour of the place, then we went outside to the back of his house and I saw it.  The moment that I saw the “deck cell” I knew that I needed to be locked in it.

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My Experience Getting Buried Seven Feet Down in a Backyard

By Bind

After months of planning, my friend dug a hole seven feet deep.  The plan was for me to be buried alive in the hole.  I wasn’t sure how he would dig me out, and I wondered why the hole was so deep.  I was starting to wonder if I was going to be buried, or just trapped in the hole and covered with a plywood board or something.  But, knowing my friend and his creativity, I suspected the unexpected.

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