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Tied and gagged with a ballgag

Angry fucker Leo has worked up quite a sweat struggling against his restraints. The room is thick with his horny masculine scent. Little does this prisoner realize, the more he fights the more they have a hard-on for his hetero arse.

ballgag gay bondage

To work him up even more Dave lays into him with a flogger, whipping Leo’s bare arse until he’s trembling and humble. The proud straight captive won’t stop whining, so Dave fills his gob with a ball gag before prising open his bum cheeks and pundering his sweet hot hole. With a lot of angry prodding he widens this stud’s pink arsehole and loosens him up. Dave makes Leo inhale the fumes from his own fuckhole and pries his arse open, further fucking his hole with a thick dildo. Leo’s proud cock and balls are weighed down with an enormous weight. His package is strained so far with all his most sensitive bits pegged, the bastard feels like they are about to be ripped off. Simultaneously his arse is rammed full. This is how you tame an ungrateful straight bastard!

gay bdsm stories and pictures

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gay bondage and discipline

Simultaneous pleasure and pain

Drew is learning that he MUST submit and sexually serve men or there will be severe consequences.

gay bondage bdsm

He’s still full of furious indignation that his body is being used by men, but he knows it’s best to keep his filthy trap shut and not fight. Drew’s cock is so fucking confused as he receives simultaneous pleasure and pain. A brisk flogging to his arse makes him flail about with his weighed down nads and engorged dick swinging and strained to breaking point. This vicious treatment gets so intense that Drew becomes a total trembling wreck. He’s left gasping for air and trying to recover as his stiff dick still dribbles sperm.

gay bondage fuck suck

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gay fag ballgag

Leo has a particularly loose dangling nut sack

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Leo is disgusted by the thought of what happens in seedy gay clubs where men are laid out for the arses to be used by any hard cock that happens by. This is now his reality!

Leo has a particularly loose dangling nut sack

Tied down naked to a bench, Leo has no way to cover his exposed arse or his vulnerable package hanging between his legs. Leo has a particularly loose dangling nut sack that is extremely pleasurable to bind up. Adrian secures this straight man’s cock and balls to the bench so the stupid fuck can barely move without causing himself excruciating pain. He’s then presented with a stiff dick in his face and ordered to suck. The bastard curses and screws his mouth shut, but a few swift strokes from a cane to his vulnerable buttocks soon changes his attitude. Leo quickly learns to do whatever he can to pleasure a man’s cock or else his bum gets a severe lashing. Now he’ll always have the taste of dick in his mouth and feel an erection stabbing at the back of his throat. At the same time his arse is filled with a thick dildo that insistently pumps his arse full and widens his sphincter. Now that the runway is clear, Adrian slides his cock into Leo’s arse and the team spit roasts him like a slutty bitch. They screw him till they cover his face and arse in their seed. Now that he’s a cum-covered sub bitch, he’s going to be really popular down at the gay fetish club!

gay bondage Metalbond

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Gay bondage and humiliation

Predicament bondage for Drew

For Drew there is no greater shame than having his arsehole being leered at by a gang of filthy queers. But that’s exactly the position he’s bound in, with his legs strung up in the air he can’t cover his precious sphincter. Any big movement will cause the rope around his neck to tighten, so he must fight the urge to pull away from Adrian’s groping hands at every second. The intensity is increased when Adrian lashes the sensitive soles of Drew’s feet and his tender bum cheeks with a cane. He’s put even more in a bind with his nuts and silky dick bound up.

gay bondage and humiliation

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gag the fag

Drew is tied to the discipline bench

Drew is a tough construction worker who balances a hard day at the job with tipping a few back with his mates after work. He’s had his share of brawls and will muscle himself out of any fight. So as part of Drew’s submission training at BreederFuckers, they make him rely on them for every breath he takes. The sexy fucker becomes so drained he’s desperate for any respite. He collapses over the discipline bench he’s tied to while Dave and Adrian get down to working over his pert arse. Continuous bare-handed spanking and flogging liven him up quick, making him howl for mercy.

gay bdsm

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severe testicle torture

Drew gets tied to a sawhorse and turned into a cocksucker

For Drew, the term cocksucker is an insult. At BreederFuckers, they teach him that cock sucking is all his hot mouth is good for. He’s tied down naked with nowhere to go when Adrian sits in front of him, presenting a hard dick right in front of his face. He is going nowhere until he learns how to worship a man’s cock!

gay bdsm

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gay cocksucker

Tied up in a public toilet

Chris has some of the biggest balls! At BreederFuckers, they bend him over naked and tie him up in a public toilet in a most ungentlemanly position. His genitals are wrenched back between his legs and they tie those great plums back so they can see them while also wrenching open his precious arsehole. Simultaneously his hole is rammed full with a vibrator. Bound in place, there’s nothing he can do but shimmy from side to side, making his bells ring while his insides get mercilessly rammed. His arse cheeks are beaten till Chris is howling and crying. He’s left trembling, dripping wet and bent naked, ready for any pervy takers who walk through the door

gay BDSM

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gay toilet slaves