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Hairy bastard is tied naked with his legs splayed and his package totally exposed

At BreederFuckers, Alex can’t stop himself from growing excited by this persistent manipulation, but now that his dick is throbbing it’s tied to trap it in place. Dave lashes his balls with a flogger. Alex can feel his jewels being bashed to the point he feels like he’s driven crazy. His arsehole is widened and stretched open till his hairy sphincter is sloppy wet. Notice how as his arsehole is being mechanically fucked his dick vibrates in time. Alex is totally overcome with sensation of being rammed so hard and persistently and he thrashes against his binding when his arse cheeks are caned.

tied and duct tape gagged

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severe testicle torture

Liam gets bound in his football uniform

Since Liam is so averse to being seduced, Adrian whips his shorts down and suspends one leg and his dick and balls in the air. Now he’s bound and with his arse totally exposed! There’s no way for him to evade the vibrator, which is rammed up his fuckhole and drilled into him till his guys are humming.

metalbond gay bondage

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StraightHell is now Breederfuckers

Daddy bondage

DILF in bondage

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Ian is dressed like a businessman but they treat him like a fucking animal as he’s tied down on his hands and knees. Time to reveal what a beast this muscular macho prick really is by shredding his clothes and showing off his tough tattooed naked body. He bucks in rage as his arse is rapidly lashed but there’s nothing he can do to escape his deserved punishment. They are going to train this straight DILF to be a bitch even if it breaks him! His sphincter is rammed open as Dave shoves a big fat dildo up him. They heckle him to fuck himself on it while he struggles to rhythmically push his arse back. At the same time he’s ordered to chow down on a dick, but the useless prisoner can barely lick the tip. They ram their cocks in his gob even as his face goes beet red and he hurls all over the carpet. It’s going to take dedicated and regular fucking to train this bastard’s mouth and arse!

hot bondage daddy

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DILF tied up

Alex gets restrained on the spanking bench

At BreederFuckers, Alex is like an enraged fucking beast strapped to the bench as he is. Dave mocks his predicament and yanks his tight pants so hard the fabric wedges deep up in his arse crack and against his arsehole. His pants are destroyed, giving full access to his hairy bum. The panicked captive fights against his restraints and feels his arse parted and spanked. He’s absolutely helpless to prevent any discipline that’s going to be inflicted upon his bum.

male spanking and discipline

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gag the fag

Construction worker Alex gets tied up and abused

At BreederFuckers, a construction worker gets wrangled down into their lair and has his clothes destroyed. They squeeze his balls and sniff every inch of his naked body. Now that Alex’s body is restrained and spread on display they teach him who the fucking boss is by lashing his ass. His cock and balls are roped up so he understands that his precious jewels belong to his captors now.

gay male bondage

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spank that fag's ass

He gets roped with a ball gag stuffed in his mouth

Mark likes to display his manly body and wear tight clothes to accentuate his muscular frame. It’s time for this straight fucker to stop teasing and submit. Roped up with a ball gag stuffed in his mouth, they take their time groping his body and perving over every inch of him. Check it out:

male bondage and humiliation

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fag with a ballgag