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Martin is ingeniously bound with his cock and nut sack suspended

At BreederFuckers, Martin needs to focus on the here and now. His only purpose in this moment and every moment for the rest of his life is to serve as a cock-sucking slut! All Adrian has to do is lightly stroke the sensitive soles of Martin’s feet and he immediately kicks out, causing himself immense pain as his dick is wrenched by the rope!

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Killian gets breederfucked in handcuffs

Sprawled naked on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back, Killian must wait to be sexually used and controlled. It’s now his profession to service any dick that’s presented in front of his face. But this fucker needs to be trained in how to make men’s cocks stiff. Adrian bullies the hetero issuing stern commands and pushing his head down until Killian properly deep throats. The surprising thing is that this servitude actually turns this straight whore on! He grows a shameful stiffy which Adrian and Dave mock as they plunge into his arsehole and ram their dicks down his throat. Even when he’s made to rim Dave while being fucked Killian’s prick is gushing with precum!

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