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Let’s face it, if you are totally naked in a room full of others who have all their clothes on, all sorts of things can happen. You might get tied up, or be forced to do things. Sexual things. Like what happens in the CMNM and CFNM scenes. What’s the difference you ask?

If you like to see totally naked men in the presence of other men, then check out CMNM — clothed male naked male.


Clothed Male - Naked Male

If you like to see totally naked men in the presence of women, then CFNM — clothed female naked male — is for you, and there are sites that cater to this: CFNM-TV and CFNM College


Forced male nudity

Forced male nudity

Combative Glenn is outraged the officers are being so personal, running their hands over his naked body and fondling his genitals. They insist on examining his arsehole to make sure he’s not concealing anything. First they get him to squat so his long cock and pendulous balls dangle between his legs. Then they get him to bend over and insert their digits up his rectum, finger-fucking the angry traveller as long as they want.

See the video of this scenario at CMNM

Forced male nudity

BONUS: If you are into women (clothed female naked male), then check out these similar sites:

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Adventures in CFNM

Clothed Male – Naked Male

Clothed Male - Naked Male

There is no turning back now! Mike has been brought to the depths of depravity in his training to make a shameless exhibitionist of himself on social media! Views soar as he kneels naked sporting a great big stonking hard on. While his profile rises so does the permanent image of him as a filthy slut spilling semen for likes. This knowledge sinks in while the camera zooms in on his face for his final close-up!

See this video at CMNM

Title of this video: Social Influencers

Clothed Male - Naked Male


Also check out these femdom sites:


Adventures in CFNM


CFNM College

Forced to get naked in front of fully clothed men

At CMNM.net, with his hands cuffed behind his back, Carl is pinned against the solicitor’s desk being violently groped by the two men. They amplify his shame making him say aloud everything that’s happening to him as they stroke his balls, grip his cock and squeeze his foreskin. Their insistent tugging causes his dick to engorge and he can’t stop the building pleasure of being so used.

Clothed Male/Nude Male

See more like this at CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

forced male nudity

Also check out CFNM (for naked men in front of clothed women)

New Site! CFNM-TV

Here’s a picture from a new site — CFNMTV.com, which is about naked men being worked over by females. (Yeah, I know there are some Metalbond readers who are into such things):


Handsome lads Ryan and Shamus are bent over naked on table with their asses sticking vulnerably up in the air. The girls are bent on revenge and want to let these men know what it’s like to get fucked. They spread their ass cheeks and penetrate their holes while the resistant lads grunt and groan.

To see more, go to CFNM TV

Also check out CFNM and CFNM College

And of course CMNM

Femdom sites for bi and straight kinky men

Today’s posting is dedicated to the STRAIGHT and BI men who check out Metalbond (because I know there are some of you out there!) If you like to see men tied up and dominated by women, then these pictures and links are for you. (If you are gay, don’t click on anything in today’s posting):

Divine Bitches 1 6-1 7 27 32 b2 b2a b3 b4

Click for CFNM

(The folks who run this site also have CFNM College and CFNM-TV)

Divine Bitches

Men In Pain