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Male BDSM: The Battle of the Pain Sluts

Bound Gods Master Avery

Bound Gods Master Avery

In this Bound Gods video, it’s a battle of the pain pigs as Master Avery and Van put Chad Rock, Scratch and Chad Brock through the paces. The title of this video is “The Battle of the Pain Sluts – Live Shoot

Bound Gods Master AveryBound Gods Master Avery

The competition begins with the sub’s ass hooks tied to weighted buckets that they must hold out right. Drop the buckets and the ass hooks slide even deeper into their holes as Master Avery tests them with the flogger. Electricity is a well-known adversary of Chad Rock, and the taser causes him to lose the challenge, earning all three prisoners a hard paddling. Next tied to wooden posts each captive is flogged, belted and single tailed. Chad’s torment is furthered by use of the cattle prod. The members make the call and decide that Scratch earns the victory fuck for taking Avery’s belt so well and Van and Avery both cum all over him.

Bound Gods Master Avery

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Tober Brandt and Chad Brock in ‘Psycho Boyfriend’ at Bound Gods


Tober Brandt is the psycho boyfriend who torments Chad Brock, in this vintage shoot from Bound Gods.

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Chad Brock is trying to leave Tober Brandt, his psychotic boyfriend of five years. Tober would not have it and stuffs him in the wine barrel. Once in a while, Tober takes Chad out and tries to convince him to stay. Frustrated, Tober flogs his boyfriend into submission, shocks Chad’s nipples with electricity and stretches him on the vertical wooden rack. Tober then fucks his exhausted boyfriend hard in bondage, which makes the prisoner remember the good old days.


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Bound Gods male bondage

Sebastian Keys gets used and humiliated on the big main stage at Hustla Ball Berlin

Spencer Reed and Chad Brock

It’s 3 AM at Hustla Ball Berlin, and Sebastian Keys is the attraction as the guys from Bound In Public hit the main stage. In a dance warehouse full of literally thousands of people, Sebastian is fisted, made to suck cock and flogged. With a row of clamps across his chest he’s zapped and screams to the cheers of the horny crowd.

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Spencer Reed and Chad Brock take turns fucking Sebastian’s ass before he is suspended and fisted once more. As Sebastian declares himself a slut one last time, he gets two loads on his face for his last night in Berlin.

Sebastian Keys gets used and humiliated on the big main stage at Hustla Ball Berlin

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gay male bondage

Master Avery in full leather puts his naked slave through a hard bondage session

Master AveryMaster Avery in full leather awaits naked slave Chad Brock in one of the vast rooms of The House. Chad’s cock is rock hard as he crawls to his Master’s boot to service him. Master Avery makes Chad endure the crop as the slave works up to the cock that’s concealed behind his Master’s leather. Avery then suspends Chad on one leg and flogs him until he screams. Bound by belts to a metal chair, Chad takes electricity on his thighs and his cock as he sucks Avery’s cock. Master Avery fucks the hell out of his sub in full suspension, then fucks the cum out of Chad and covers the sub in his own load.

Master AveryMaster Avery

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Chad Brock is tied up, zapped, caned and fucked by Dirk Caber

Chad Brock is tied up, zapped, caned and fucked by Dirk Caber

Chad Brock is caged and chained to the walls as his hot leather master, Dirk Caber, approaches. Dirk orders his slave to his knees and jams his cock down his throat. Eager for more, Dirk enters the cage and gives Chad a taste of the violet wand. Chad is then flogged front to back as his hard cock swings through the air and drool drips down his gag.

Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_01 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_02 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_03 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_04 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_05 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_06 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_07 Chad_Brock_and_Dirk_Caber_08

After being made to suck Dirk’s cock, Chad is suspended upside down and caned. Once his ass is beaten red, Dirk fucks Chad’s pulverized ass till he bursts his load all over the slave’s face.

Chad Brock is tied up, zapped, caned and fucked by Dirk Caber

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