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Needle play with Tober Brandt

Sadistic dom Tober Brandt probably wasn’t planning to teach his captives Cullen Cable and Duncan Murphy how to be as twisted as he is, but that seems to be what he’s done. The big man let his guard down for too long, and now Duncan has control, stunning their new victim and tying him down, piercing his flesh with needles!

Sadistic dom Tober Brandt


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Title: Tober Brandt, Cullen Cable & Duncan Murphy

Description: Tober Gets His Flesh Spiked

male bondage

Tied to a pickup truck

Jeremiah (Tyler Saint), Duke (Nick Moretti) and Tober Brandt are hanging out when discussion turns to their freakish experiences out in the wild. Musclebound Jeremiah is the first to share, explaining the time he was tied up and stripped naked by a mysterious assailant who stretched his nuts and wailed on his muscled body out in the sun. Will he ever discover who or why?

gay porn Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint

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Title: Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint

Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti & Tyler Saint male bdsm

Tober Finally Gets his Man at Bound Muscle Jocks

Cullen was just the bait, of course. When Duncan arrives to rescue the man from his ball-stretching agony, Tober secures them both in his dungeon, and he doesn’t waste time putting the big man Duncan to the test. With ropes and chains to secure him he gets to work, tormenting his cock, pinching his nipples tight and claiming the big man as his own.

Tober Finally Gets his Man at Bound Muscle Jocks


VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Description: Tober Finally Gets His Man

Male BDSM Tober Finally Gets his Man at Bound Muscle Jocks

Derek Da Silva gets water tortured

Tony Buff, Tober Brandt and Derek Da Silva

Fear” from Titan takes the darker side of man-on-man sex and brings it to the light of day. In Fear Scene 1, Tony Buff and Tober Brandt hunt down Derek Da Silva in the wilderness. When they finally get him, they tackle him to the ground, tying his arms behind his back. They viciously throat-fuck their eager servant so hard he gags several times until he finally throws up on Tober’s thick, hard cock. This hardly deters Derek, as he takes a deep breath and goes down for more intense face-fucking. After fucking, pissing and cumming on him, Tony and Tober are just starting to have their way with Derek, who’s eager to be used and abused by these rough, tough-talking tops. “You’re in for it now!” Tony warns Derek as he hoists him upside down over a pool of icy water. He’s completely naked and completely bound up with rope with his arms tied behind his back, as he tenuously swings over the pool, Tober and Tony pissing on him and punching him like he’s some sort of human pinata. Despite hard punches to his balls and stomach, Derek’s cock remains rock hard though out the entire scene. With the skill of a true bondage master, Tony lowers Derek head first into the water! Still suspended and bound, Tony jerks Derek off until he cums, with his juice streaming down his bound body and into his own mouth. Then Tony and Tober shoot (again) all over their willing captive.

Tony Buff and Tober Brandt hunt down Derek Da Silva in the wilderness

Models in this shoot: Tony Buff, Tober Brandt and Derek Da Silva

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With the skill of a true bondage master, Tony lowers Derek head first into the water

Pure Leather collection from TitanMen


If there is one thing TitanMen does best, its leather! Pure Leather is a collection of some of the very beast Leather scenes ever produced by TitanMen. Spanning a decade of hot, hardcore leather action and starring legendary Titan leathermen Joey Dino, Spencer Quest, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager, Alex Baressi, Diesel Washington, Tober Brandt, Rick Van Sant and more!

plth_scene03_007 plth_scene03_008

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Muscle fetish porn: Cirque Noir


Cirque Noir is gonna shake you down, even if you’re not scared by performers with names like Rimjob the Klown, or The Man with a Pussy. You’ll be spewing your cum as you’re crying for momma. Because when TitanMen goes over the top, it isn’t rhinestones and feathers. They go over to the Big Top, and it’s a big red rubber nose and fist stuck up your ass. The kinkiest scenes ever filmed bookend two extended-length three-ways with the fiercest fucking they have put on film. TitanMen exclusive stars Spencer Quest, Tober Brandt and Logan Steele, plus the ass-pounding and aptly named Stretch, pound each other down as they roar from chain fuck and maxi-sized double insertion into reams of passionate fisting, only pausing to cool down under golden showers of warm man piss. In this Extreme Circus, see the pissification of Joey Russo’s charismatic cock! The explosion of Cobalt’s helmet-headed tool when his granite ass is trapezed onto Quest’s steely rod! Stretch’s self-fisting is a prelude for a simultaneous cock and fist in his ass. And gasp when you see Buck Angel, The Man with a Pussy, double fist Logan Steele and Tober Brandt! Cirque Noir is one sexy, scary, sensationally twisted fuck of a movie.

Be afraid, be very, very afraid!


Starring: Buck Angel, Cobalt, Ivan Grey, Joey Russo, Logan Steele, Richie Rennt, RJ, Spencer Quest, Stretch, Tober Brandt

Categories: Big Dicks, Daddies, Rubber/Latex, Uncut Dicks, Uniforms, Extreme, Fisting, Bondage, Large Toys, Muscles

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Male BDSM: Tober Brandt experiences heavy CBT

At Bound Muscle Jocks, Tober Brandt undergoes extreme torture and CBT! (Warning: That is a 20-pound dumbell attached to his balls. Do not attempt this, unless you want to have your balls torn off!)


Tober Brandt, Duncan Murphy, Cullen Cable

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Title of this video: “Captured Cock, Part 7

Key words: cum shot, piercings, masturbation, ropes, chains, jock strap

Models: Tober Brandt, Duncan Murphy, Cullen Cable

jock BDS porn

Tober Brandt punishes Cullen Cable

At BoundMuscleJocks.com, Stalker captures and torments his bait, the incredibly sexy Cullen Cable. After Cullen pisses off the Stalker, metal clips are placed all down Cullen’s back and then swatted off with a riding crop!

Tober Brandt punishes Cullen Cable

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Title of this shoot: Captured Cock, Part 1

Featured: Tober Brandt, Cullen Cable

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male bondage Tober Brandt punishes Cullen Cable