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Wearing a metal cock cage

Hey fellas. It’s a long story, but my buddy Pisslurper, who has written a number of bondage- and chastity-themed stories for Metalbond, has inherited the metal cock cage that Marknorth was wearing.

Check out the picture and information from Pisslurper:

chastity stories by Pisslurper

Pisslurper writes:

This is for all you pervy fucks who get off on having your cocked locked up and controlled by another guy. Remember Marknorth and his recent addition to Metalbond’s Chastity Challenge? Lucky for me, I recently got locked in the same metal device!

After eight days (and counting) with Metal holding the key, I gotta say, this cock cage rocks! If you’re a real man, or a real slave or sub or boy or faggot or whatever you are, you owe it to yourself to get your cock locked in a chastity cage.

That’s right, we are meant to be locked!

This metal cage fits me as if it were custom made for my cock.  And, with this thing locked on my cock, it’s not coming off.  I can slip completely out of some other cages, but there is no slipping out of this cage.  Even better, the steel tube feels awesome on my cock.  Right from the minute my cock slipped into the smooth, polished steel cage, it knew that it had found its home. Another good point is that the entire unit fits nice and snug even when my balls are warm and hanging loose.

But, the best point about this cage is that it is steel; manly, studly steel.  It looks good, it feels good, and it securely locks my cock.  It goes perfectly with steel handcuffs and leg irons and steel collars or whatever else you like to get in trouble with.


Metal would like to thank Pisslurper for the enthusiastic endorsement of metal cock cages.

Now drop and give me 30!


Nick and Daniel – Part 2

By Atlanta Stud

Part 2

The next morning Dan started whipping up a large batch of scrambled eggs, toast, juice and coffee when a shirtless Nick walked into the kitchen wearing his cargo shorts and black no-show socks. That was the first time Dan had seen Nick shirtless and was impressed with his muscular shoulders and traps and his muscular hairy chest, which he kept neatly trimmed.

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Metal’s Chastity Challenge for 2013

Metal's chastity challenge

Hey guys,

Who wants to spend part of 2013 locked in chastity? I’m looking for men who are willing to lock themselves up just like Chuck — aka “Kuffed” — did today.

My idea is to get a bunch of guys locked with a numbered lock, starting on January 1, then having everyone send in a picture every other week or so. We can think of a special prize to the guy who goes the longest without breaking his seal.

If you are interested in participating, send me a picture with a sign in it, listing your screen name and the words “Metal’s Chastity Challenge” and today’s date, just like Chuck did.

NOTE: You must have your own device and your own plastic numbered lock!



Rubber is skin bondage

The author of the Waiting For Ross stories once told me, “Rubber is skin bondage.” My long-distance bondage and chastity buddy Marknorth apparently agrees. Look what this sick fuck did to impress me, one weekend back in early November:

Waiting For RossWaiting For Ross 02[nggallery id=195]



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Chastity devices and airport security

the Curve chastity deviceHey guys, thanks to everyone who has written in with comments and suggestions on wearing a cock cage through airport security. I know everyone needs to make his own decision about how far to push things, but I wanted to let you guys know that I have thought about this for a while, and I have decided against wearing or sending any guys through airport security while wearing a cock cage. Yeah, I’m sorry to spoil all the fun here, but in my view, if you have to fly, the cock cage should come off. The reasons I have for this are twofold.

Tied Feet GuyThe first reason has to do with the question of airport security in and of itself. Let’s think about this for a moment. We have already had the shoe bomber. Then there was the underwear bomber. Who knows what else might be planned. I just don’t think it is a good idea to wear a device locked on your dick through airport security screening. It raises too many red flags, especially for security personnel who are not familiar with what these devices are or who do not “get it” when it comes to kink. The fact is, those TSA agents have enough to worry about, without having to fuss over some guy’s cock cage. Yeah, yeah, I know, you can say these folks have “seen it all” and “nothing is going to shock them” but still, I just don’t think it is a good idea (more on that in a sec). I think airport security is one place where you just don’t want to mess around. You could miss or delay a flight, or you could divert resources from the REAL threat, or whatever.

CB 6000 chastity deviceThe second reason I am against wearing a cock cage through airport security, is that I do not believe in subjecting other people to sexual matters that they might not be comfortable with, or might not want to view. In other words, forcing some person to examine your cock cage, because it is part of his or her job, is almost in a way like pushing a non-consensual “scene” on someone. Yeah, it might be exciting for you to face the “humiliation” of being caged but what if the screener does not want to participate in that? After all, it’s one thing to walk around at Dore Alley or the hotel lobby at IML in a leather straitjacket and dog collar, and if a “vanilla” person walks into that space they should know quite well what they are getting into. But I would not wear stuff like that at a shopping mall, or at the movie theater. So, I just don’t think it’s cool to subject “vanilla folk” to stuff that they might not want to see, or that might make them uncomfortable. And that includes wearing a cock cage at the airport.

So, in my view, it’s probably best that if you do have to fly, just take the cock cage off … at least while you go through the security screening.