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Be Careful What You Wish For

By Aqualaguy

After I’d written my story “Conversion”, which was a fantasy piece where I was transformed from a human into a human urinal by S c o t t  C a a n and a number of other anonymous men in wetsuits, I was approached by a loyal reader of the Metalbond blog. (He has requested that I keep him anonymous, so I will respect that.  You will understand why by the time you reach the end of this story. For literary purposes, I will simply call him KH.)

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He gets locked into a chastity cage as punishment

Meanwhile over at BrutalTops, soccer hooligans Derek and Toby are in their element. Marching a rival supporter back to the Tops lair, hand gagged and in an arm lock, this dirty cunt is under their complete control.

Brutal Tops MetalbondNYCTied to chair, the Masters first use its mouth for some beer-spitting target practice before moving on to getting their sweaty armpits and dirty arse cracks cleaned by it’s slutty mouth and tongue.

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Given a boner by his Master it’s now Ben’s turn to get them hard. Even with some encouragement he does a shit job and receives a good caning. Derek puts the useless cunt’s tiny flaccid penis into a chastity cage as punishment.

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