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Chuck invents a homemade chastity belt that works!

A Homemade Chastity Belt That Works!

By Chuck

OK, file this under “There, I Fixed It!” if you want. But like millions of other folks, I’m not able to fly to Europe, get fitted for a real chastity belt, and pay for the thing out of petty cash. So with a lot of studying, putting some simple everyday pieces together, and spending hours wearing and fitting this thing, I now have a real working homemade chastity belt that I could spend a week in. Maybe more.

Chuck invents a homemade chastity belt that worksI’ve had a few of the lock-on chastity “devices.” They are great pieces, except that I have a problem with ring irritation. So unless I want to wake up every three hours in the night and apply lotion, I can’t wear one. Daytime use is a pleasure, but lying on my back in one for an extended period of time is impossible for me.

So after looking at the expensive belts, I saw the elements that make them work. These include total coverage over the genitals area, a tight-fitting body restraint system, a secure lock, and, um … “provisions” for when Nature calls. One by one these challenges were met and overcome, and the end result is hopefully not too terribly amateurish.

A Homemade Chastity Belt That Works 02The heart of the belt is a metal MMA-style cup with perimeter padding, available from TitleMMA.com and other places. Actually, the prototype had a hard plastic cup that I could drill holes in easier, but we’re talking about the finished product here. Dog leash chains (My favorite!) were used as a belly chain and crotch attachment, then enclosed in clear plastic tubing for comfort.

Black shrink wrap was heated on for the final coat, as the chains will rust easily inside the tubing and turn everything brown-colored. They look fantastic for a few days, but after a couple of showers, they lose their sparkle. I almost had to remove the tubing on the chain connecting the O ring and waist belt as it caused pinching, but more shrink wrap saved the day.

A 2½-inch metal “O” ring, available at any hardware store, was squeezed to an oval shape as far as I could take it (They come apart at their weld seam) to act as the fecal avoidance system (ewww) between the cup and retainer chain. Three small leather pieces were also made for attachments to the cup. So far this system has worked perfectly, never any messy troubles at all.

The chains run around my waist and up my butt crack, as these anatomical parts do not change shape or size at all while I stand, walk, or run, unlike if I had placed them jockstrap-style. In other words, this is like a thong.

To hold all the chains together, I cut links from the chains, then squeezed them back together. Surprisingly, this was the most difficult part of building this belt, as many minor length adjustments were necessary until I got it “just right.” Rather than an adjustable belt, I wanted one custom-fit for my bod that looked at least somewhat “finished,” and would lock on as quickly as possible.

A Homemade Chastity Belt That Works 03Inside the cup, total chastity security is guaranteed by a metal cock cage from my pre-existing chastity device. Even if I could get my hand under the cup, I cannot reach Mr. Johnson because of the cage.

I also dipped the cock cage in red Plasti Dip to make the inside very smooth and comfortable, contributing to the long-term wearability of the penis container.

Epoxy was used to secure the cock cage to the cup, but it’s really not necessary. Once everything is on and locked in place, the cup holds the cage exactly where it should be. But a little extra security never hurts, right?

Hygiene inside the belt is a concern, as I guess they all are. I drilled a pee drain hole in the bottom of the cup, and in the shower, a rinse tube fits in there just perfect. If the cup gets washed out every day or two, the smell stays at a minimum.

However, any suggestions for better cleansing are very welcome at this point. I don’t mind the smell while shackled and doing roadwork, but the general public might not like that “Ye Olde Urinale” aroma. A system for drying inside the cup after showering is still a work in progress.

My Dom had given me a padlock for the original chastity device (The key was 2,000 miles away), but I dared not click it on this thing till it was finished. I use my padlocks where I can get out fairly quickly if needed, and they also provide easy chain attachment and simulate chastity security.

However, games are still fun! Sometimes I’ll leave the keys to the belt some distance away; access to them is possible, but very difficult at times. I’m also going to mail the keys to myself next weekend for more time-duration practice.

A Homemade Chastity Belt That Works 04Total costs of the belt? Well, the chain was about $30, the cup was about $20. Lots of shrink wrap was $8, and the leather and screw-on rivets were maybe $5. I think the “O” ring was $2. The cock cage? I bought mine as part of a system, but I’ve seen just the cage online for about $75.

So for about $150, a little imagination, and a lot of time, I have a lockable chastity belt that will not come off. And I can’t wait till I do not hold the key to this genital restraint!

So until I win a trip “Over There” on The Price Is Right, I guess this belt will have to do. Except for the leather pieces and tubing, this thing is all metal, it definitely locks on, and has some bulk actually. I’m fairly smitten with the thing, and very pleased with the results.

I’m sure my Dom will set records for my time in it, and I’ll keep everybody updated on the numbers. He’s promised me a week in it under his lock and key … at least! O–O

Update on the belt: I recently was locked in it for over a week, and did not have the keys. All was well except for the metal “O” ring. It was fine while standing, but sitting caused discomfort after a few minutes. Minutes in restaurants turned into hours.

So a redesign of that area is in order. Maybe it will be made of leather, but I’d prefer something more solid. My Dom has suggested a plastic or rubber ring, so I’ll look into that.


Metal would like to thank Chuck for today’s chastity information and pictures. Chuck can be found on Gearfetish.com as Kuffed. He’s Yossie’s collared pup, and also stops over to see the fine folks at SeriousMaleBondage from time to time.

We are going for the world handcuff record

Hey guys, this is important, listen up!  We’re going to go for some sort of handcuff world record. That’s right fuckers, I want one Metalbond reader to get in the Guinness Book. I am totally fucking serious about this.

This endeavor was inspired by longtime Metalbond reader and contributor Chuck:

handcuffs workd record

… and it is being instigated by none other than Mikeintightpants.

Mikeintightpants writes:

Well done Chuck, that’s a great pic and it undoubtedly gave you a “hard” time when that lot was locked on – I’ve counted 20 pairs.

No, there’s nothing in the Guinness book of records to show the most handcuffs worn at one time, the nearest they get to it is to record the largest handcuff collection, but the collection that’s featured is no longer in existence as it’s had to be sold as the owner got into trouble and no doubt found himself wearing cuffs involuntarily, together with a spell in prison.

However, the UK publication “The Book of Alternative Records” deals with a number of records set for the most people handcuffed together – not quite what was meant by the question posed but it’s still an interesting theme.

In January 2007, 305 Metropolitan police officers and Special Constables were handcuffed together (with their own cuffs, of course) in London. In May 2009, 430 police recruits locked themselves together in Scotland and their record was beaten in February 2010 when 562 Mounties were locked together in Saskatchewan, Canada. All the above events were organized for the benefit of various charities.

Following a recent meeting with a couple of my cuff buddies (and with the approval of Metal) it’s my intention to claim (informally on this site) a new world record for a handcuffing experience — don’t worry Chuck, I’m not planning to challenge your record (yet!), mine is something a bit different.

Hopefully Metal will agree to post my claim as a separate current thread on the new site?


You got it. Mikeintightpants! Let’s see what you got buddy!


Meanwhile, I want every reader to start brainstorming ideas NOW on how at least one of us can get into the Guinness book for some sort of handcuffs record.

This is a serious challenge, and it is an order!

Get to it, prisoners!

You can email me by clicking the tab from the About page.

Metalbond’s Chastity Challenge

Locked Into Spiked Hell For Hours

A true story of painful chastity

By Chuck

Chastity has always been fascinating to me. To have your sexual pleasure taken away from you, while having all other bodily functions available, seems like a dream come true to this versatile sub. But finding or making a device to do this, and also to offer a level of discomfort or even pain at the same time, makes an even more interesting proposition.

I’ve had a CB 3000, a Meo 9000, a metal cock cage, and a locking leather jockstrap-like device (bought used, from Worn Out West in The Castro). I’ve even built a system that uses a metal MMA protective cup (I’ll be submitting that story here soon), and all of these have had painful pleasures on me for one reason or another.

The little beastie. Kind of reminds me of a shark’s mouth.


And sometimes I like to see how much pain I can control, so when Metalbond offered a Punisher if a subject could keep it on for 29 hours, I jumped at the chance to try it. I had never been in a soft chastity device, much less one with spikes (though my CB 3000 had the Points Of Intrigue), so I really wanted to give it a go.

It seems The Punisher was designed with two things in mind: First, to deprive the wearer of any orgasms or even hand contact with ye olde penis. Second, to inflict about as much pain as possible without causing any open wounds. I have to say that it succeeded quite well at both.

I was surprised when I was picked to wear the Punisher, but gladly accepted the challenge. Metalbond provided a link to the Official U.S. Time Clock that I could use to stand in front of and take pictures, to prove when I was locked up. That clock is set on the Eastern Time Zone; I’m in the Central Zone.

As soon as the Punisher arrived, I tried it on to make sure I had it right. I didn’t want to put it on, click the lock shut, then realize I had screwed something up. A little advice for future Punisher wearers; if you have a little bit of a hard-on, you can slip into it easier than being totally soft. A little amount of lube or lotion helps too.


Let the time begin!


So at Noon, Eastern Standard Time, on Sunday, January 23, 2011, I put the Punisher on as practiced, and snapped the numbered plastic lock into place. Good old lock number 580571. Nice, it sounded like a real convict’s number. No turning back now, I said to myself. Almost immediately, I felt the spikes trying to poke holes into my most private and prized of possessions.

After two hours in the Punisher, my nuts were burning. The lower restraint strap had done its work well, separating and pushing both testicles away from each other. My sack was stretching, had turned red, but there was nothing I could do about that now, except to grin and tough it out.

Three hours into this, I noticed my left leg was wet. I dropped my sweatpants, and found a stream of precum had settled in the thigh area. The sticky goo was somehow pleasant, and it reminded me how much I love chastity play!

Of course, it didn’t help on Sunday night that my friends over at SeriousImages / SeriousMaleBondage were doing a webcast, strapping my bud Mikey up for a couple of hours. I watched Mikey and Daddy Tony have a great time, along with a little help from others there. Let’s just say that I couldn’t watch for long, as the Punisher became very small and the spikes became very sharp(er).

About 9 hours in … so far, so good!


I went to bed at about midnight, and slept well for three to four hours. Then the lower nut sack burning started. I’ve had this trouble with other devices, so I guess I’m just over-sensitive in that area. Applying a good lotion stops the burning for a while, but during this night, relief came only for about an hour at a time. I would just get to sleep, then wake up in excrutiating pain, and would have to apply the lotion again.

4:35 in the morning, my time. I can’t sleep, it’s hurting so bad.


These were the times when I really thought about calling it quits. But I was already more than halfway through the 29 hours, and I knew if I could just last until I got up, I’d be OK. For whatever reason, the devices don’t burn me in the daytime; standing and moving around is OK. It’s just after I sit or lay down for a few hours, do they start burning me.

I’ve tried every lotion I know, I’ve tried Vaseline, and even placing a cloth between my nuts and a device… nothing works for long. The area gets very warm and starts burning. Does anybody have a fix for this? If so, I’ll gladly submit to permanent chastity, most likely by my Dom who has me both collared and permanently marked, Yossie.


(missing image 5)

At the 24-hour mark!


At 29 hours. Mission Accomplished! …or is it?


 At 8 O’clock (EST) on the second night.


After the 29-hour minimum had passed, I wanted to see how far I could go. 36 hours was the next goal, as I would have been able to take it off right before bed. However, after 32 hours passed, the spikes had done their job so well that it was time for freedom. I had reached my limit, had met the challenge, even earned some bragging rights… but now I had to break free.


Oh, the pain… the pain.


 This image might look a bit gross at first, but the residue is from the lotions I used to try to relieve the burning. And yes, it did smell pretty rank after 32 hours of confinement. The red marks, impressions, indentations, and irritated ball sack speak for themselves.

The only complaint I have about the device is that the locking hole was not large enough to allow a tiny Master lock to fit into. A small, other-brand lock would fit, but not with the numbered plastic lock also inserted. I had wanted a keyed lock as a reinforcement to keep me in the Punisher all night, but I didn’t want to drill into a device that I had not yet earned.




Now it’s January 26, 2011, two days after the 32-hour ordeal. I’m back in the Punisher, this time with one of my smallest locks on, but with the key about a half mile away, back in my play cabin. And that’s a long walk back there, especially in 36-degree weather.



  I’m not sure how long I’ll have it on this time… we’ll just have to see.


Metal would like to thank Chuck for the pictures and the report.

And extra special thanks to Marknorth and JT for making Chuck’s torment possible!

Chastity devices available for purchase here

Chuck is locked in Yossie’s cell

This is a private cell owned and built by Yossie, the famous handcuff collector (see Yossie’s Handcuff Collection). It features concrete and rebar walls, and a 4-inch thick concrete reinforced ceiling. If you look closely you can see a loop of rebar protruding from the floor in the back corner of the cell, which is used for attaching chains. In this case the chain is attached to the prisoner’s collar and is of sufficient length to allow him to stand but not long enough for him to reach the barred wall and door of the cell. His collar is RIVETED on, and can only be removed with a power saw.

You can see more pictures of inmate Chuck in a posting titled “The Chain gang” at the Serious Male Bondage website.

Chuck is subjected to chain gang style labor

Inmate Chuck spent a few days at the infamous BlackSteel Correctional Facility run by Yossie, where he was required to sleep in a cold cement jail cell at night and shovel rock and fill pot holes during the day — all while wearing a set of heavy steel “five-way” shackles (neck, wrists, ankles), which were RIVITED-ON.

Much more pictures of this, plus video, are available at Serious Male Bondage.