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Anthony is tied spread eagle and receives an intense edging

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At Slow Teasing Hand Jobs – a site where men are restrained and teased without mercy — muscular, sexy Anthony is tied spread eagle to the bed and gets his his rock-hard cock teased and edged. He receives slow, relentless strokes, being driven wild with pleasure and frustration.

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See the video here

Title of this shoot: Anthony Tied to the Bed

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Cum control for Markey

Muscle man Markey is tied up and subjected to a slow, tormenting, stop-and-go edging, inching him toward orgasm 10 strokes at a time, pleasing and frustrating him as his breathing becomes loud and labored and his rigid cock twitches and dances.

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See the video at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs — a site featuring amateur teasing, edging and cum control

Title of this shoot: “Markey’s Stop and Go Tease”

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