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Begging to cum

Chic has muscular, straight personal trainer Royce tied to the bed, teasing him unmercifully. He slowly strokes his hard cock, verbally taunting him, while Royce pants and gasps, his balls tight and ready to shoot. Poor Royce keeps begging for permission to cum, laughing uncontrollable at the absurdity of the situation but growing increasingly frustrated. He keeps trying to bargain for permission, trying to convince Chic to please let him cum, but Chic just won’t let him. When he finally agrees, Royce starts twisting in his restraints, pants loudly and shoots in an intense orgasm. Then Chic torments his sensitive cock as Royce writhes in torment.

beg me to let you cum

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Title of this shoot: “Chic Makes Royce Beg”

male cum control

knob polishing

Greg shoots a big load without permission

ginormous cock

Tied to a chair, muscular, handsome and hung Greg is having his big, hard cock slowly stroked by Chic as he gasps, pants and shudders with the intense pleasure. Chic is taking him on a slow, tormenting ride. When Greg is desperate for release, Chic gradually increases the pace, stopping short at the edge a few times to add to Greg’s frustration, building up his load. His muscles strain as he waits for permission but ultimately loses control and shoots a big load without permission. Of course he pays the price with a long, post orgasm milking on his very sensitive cock.

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Title of this shoot: Greg’s Post Orgasm Milking

male bondage

Jason is tied up and wants to cum

muscle bondage

Chic has muscular Jason tied to a bench, at his mercy, enjoying the access he has to feel and stroke his firm, young body. He slowly sucks and strokes his cock to erection, licking his balls and sensitive nipples until Jason is gasping and moaning, breathing and panting loudly. He gradually picks up the pace until he takes the younger man over the edge, shooting his thick, hot load in Chic’s hand.

male bdsm

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Title of this shoot: “Jason and Chic”

male bondage

Robert gets tied up and edged on a massage table

muscle bondage massage

Chic has handsome, muscular and sexy Robert tied to the massage table, licking his nipples, stroking and sucking his cock and teasing his balls while he pants and gasps, his body jolting and shuddering with pleasure. Chic takes his time, never changing his pace for what seems like an eternity to poor Robert. When Robert is desperate for relief, Chic picks up the pace and brings him right to the edge three times, and backs off, leaving him hanging, aroused and frustrated. He finally takes pity and strokes him to orgasm, and Rob shoots his load right over his shoulder in an intense orgasm.

bondage massage

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Title of this shoot: “A Long Hot Edging”

male cum control

hard cock and bondage