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By Marknorth

I didn’t care for the plaster encapsulation of my head at all.  Breathing through straws stuck in my nostrils as the plaster cured didn’t do it for me a tall.  In addition to the straws, the plaster shrunk as it dried and kept getting warmer and warmer.  I’m not claustrophobic by any means – I’ve been locked in a shitload of bondage hoods, sometimes for days – but that plaster really got to me.

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I Was Naive – Part 2

By slavesuit

I was bound and struggling in this heavy bondage suit for a few hours.  The stimulation in the chastity belt kept me on edge but never provided me an orgasm.   I was completely frustrated yet loving every moment of this bondage.  Clearly, I was being provided with the best gear and scene that I had ever had.  At least once this guy came back and released me; I would have had enough bondage to last me awhile.  But did I really want it to end.  After all I was in heaven.

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