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The Ass Master and CJ

Here is another vintage male BDSM video from the men of Butt Machine Boys

Butt Machine Boys

The twisted Ass Master is at it again. He can’t stay away too long because his appetite for hot young studs is insatiable. The helpless victim is sexy slim CJ with a huge cock and a hungry hole. The Ass Master makes him strip naked and warms his cock and hole with toys. For his freedom, CJ has to get fucked by a series of machines. He starts with the Scorpion in the standing position. He bends over and gets it doggy style with the Predator. The Ass Master has CJ on his back and fills all of his orifices with dildos via the Snake machine. As the Snake pounds on his juicy hole, CJ shoots his load all over the place.

Butt Machine BoysButt Machine Boys

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Tyler Saint male bondage

A Chasity Tale – Part 01: ‘What I Wanted’

By Coinnigh

This story was originally posted to the Chastity Belt and Device Fiction page (Altairboy’s site, link here). It has been “re-imagined” as a male-male story.

When I told my boyfriend what happened, he said, ‘I guess you got what you wanted.’ Here’s how.

I am an aviation engineer. I work at an experimental facility where we test airplane components. I have worn a chastity belt of my own design for over a year. It is a steel tube that covers my cock. There is a chain that fits over my cock and balls and is locked in place. My boyfriend is my reluctant keyholder as he considers me weird for wearing a belt but goes along with my compulsion to humour me. He holds the keys, and we have sex only on his schedule not mine, which often means I am left feeling like a horny and hungry bottom. This was all fairly tame stuff until I wanted to go to the next level. I asked my boyfriend if I could be released from my belt so I could work on a more advanced unit. One that would do more to punish my erections and force me to be more faithful in thought as well as deed.

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