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Bondage Adventures of Malachi and Mike: The Basketball Ruse

By SockgaggedJason

Sockgagged JasonNOTE: This story picks up where the previous post, Mac the Mummy Pledge, left off. To read that story, click here. In this installment, the bondage adventures of Malachi and Mac continue.

Malachi and Mike arrived at the university’s secondary basketball court on campus. This would be the site of their latest adventure.

They’re both members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Malachi, 18, was a pledge. Mike, 20, was an initiated active brother in the frat. As we know, however, the two boys had a unique, erotic bond between them. After that first drunken Friday night, several weeks back, Mike and Malachi became master and slave, respectively, to one another.

Both of them were toned, athletic Midwest boys though Mike had a slight bad boy edge to his demeanor. This was something that a meeker Malachi liked.

Standing on the basket court, Mike reviewed the ruse he came up with for today. In a nutshell, Malachi was to play the part of the obnoxious younger friend who had to be put in his place. Mike, there for a basketball game, would enlist his teammates’ help in punishing Malachi.

Mike was excited because it was the first time he’d be able to act out his fantasy of humiliating a guy in public. Malachi, while not crazy about the idea, wanted to please Master Mike and, at the very least, enjoyed the thought of being tied up in the process.

They had an elaborate plan to fulfill their fetish. Would it work?

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Bro to Ho – Part 5

By Cutieboy90

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Cutieboy90It was another rainy winter afternoon. I sat on my futon relaxing for once, and enjoying the silence. Shawn had taken Gabe out for a walk, something they’d come to appreciate only recently. They got along nicely, even if it had taken a little while for Gabe to get used to it. I smiled as I looked over the progress reports I kept on my tablet.

Shawn had been working very hard, and had turned his life around. His grades had improved this semester, all A’s and B’s. His performance on the swim team had also improved, and he was able to compete now. Of course, his status at the Frat house was still the same. Unrelenting bitch duties, always in some form of sexual slavery for a bunch of bored, horny frat boys whenever he wasn’t in class or at AA. He still struggled with the concept of it all, but he was being punished far less frequently, now spending most weekends with me.

Gabe had taken a bit longer to settle into his new role as my dogslave. Unlike Shawn, Gabe’s changes had stayed being closed doors, and only Billy, Shawn, and myself knew about it at all. The biggest external difference for Gabe was that we’d decided to take him off the wrestling team and the football field, and keep him closer to the aquatic center where we could keep an eye on him.

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Bro to Ho – Part 3

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesThe rest of the semester flashed by in a blur of exams, finals, studies, and presentations. For me, it wasn’t a big deal, it was just the end of another semester. No distractions, no worries, just the expected tedium and routine. I knew it was very different for Shawn, and the idea of a whole house of horny, stressed out frat boys using him harder than usual was one I jerked off to most nights when I had the time to do so. The other image I got off to? Well…

Billy called at the end of Thanksgiving break, with a top-secret agenda. Before I’d volunteered Shawn to be the house bitch, Billy had been considering someone else: Gabe, a hot, muscular stud with a quick temper. The sinewy young man had short sandy blond hair and deep grey eyes, perfect grades, and was a valuable asset on both the wrestling mat and the football field. He’d returned to grad studies after taking some time off. Billy’s idea was to temper Gabe’s hot-headedness by locking him up and humbling him until he learned to keep his cool. As Gabe was an openly gay member, the bitch duties wouldn’t be as much punishment, rather a reward for improved behavior. The only real catch was that Gabe considered himself a total top, an alpha, like most of these guys thought of themselves.

First things first though, Billy wanted me to check Shawn’s progress myself. Surely I could also see what I thought about Gabe too at the same time.

And that’s how I got an invitation to the party.

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 11

By Greg Alexander

The brothers of Delta Psi were out, and they were getting hammered.

Trevor was downing his 6th beer of the night, and compared to most of the other guys, he was taking it easy. Across the table from him, Hank, his face flush with red under his Stetson, was gulping down another pint of Guinness. Collin and Reid were grinning and slamming their glasses together forcefully as they gulped down their Logger’s ale. Bryce, for his part, was doing shots of vodka, and although the bottle of absolut in front of him was more empty than full, he seemed only mildly affected. Wes and Shane were the only two pledges who had been invited along. Wes was downing shots with Bryce, trying to keep up, and obviously not succeeding, he was already completely smashed. Shane was sitting next to Trevor and tapping his flip-flop to the beat of the background music in the bar. He had also had his fair share of shots, and his tongue was loose.

They were at Dirty Nick’s, the frat’s favorite hangout. Midterms were finally over, and nobody in the frat had seen their GPA so low that they were in danger of being kicked off any of their teams. It was reason enough to celebrate.

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 08

By Greg Alexander

I was so scared I could have shit my pants. There I was, bound, gagged and completely helpless, at the mercy of a bunch of muscular frat jocks who at this moment had every reason to hate me, and every motive to extract their revenge. All I could do is crane my neck and stare up at them, a desperate pleading look in my eyes, as the row of pledges stared back at me, distinctly unforgiving smirks on each of their faces.

“Remember,” Trevor was saying to them, as they all looked down at me, none of them taking their eyes off of me, “the little shit bag has pictures on his hard drive of all of you naked, elephant walking around the basement of this fraternity. Little creep likes to sneak in here and take pictures of us late at night. Don’t ask me how. Now, pledges, it is up to us, the brothers of Delta Psi, to scare the cocksucker straight.”

The pledges were nodding enthusiastically at this.

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