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Seth Santoro gets beaten, fucked and beaten again

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Seth Santoro thinks he has what it takes to make it through 30 Minutes of Torment, so he starts off with his hands bound above his head while Van pulls down on his balls. Title of this video: “Seth Santoro – Beaten, Fucked and Beaten Again.”

Seth Santoro gay bondage

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Kip ‘The Giant’ Johnson vs Seth ‘The Tsunami’ Santoro

At Naked Kombat, two hot newcomers fight balls to the wall for the right to fuck!


Two hot newcomers step onto the mat today. In the blue trunks we have Kip “The Giant” Johnson. Fighting against The Giant is Seth “The Tsunami” Santoro fighting in the red trunks. Standing at 6’3″, The Giant is more than confident that mass kicks ass, he plans on wearing down his opponent and taking him to the ground. Tsunami laughs at the big lug, he knows the old saying, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Will Tsunami keep his promise by making The Giant his bitch for the day? Or will he prove to Tsunami that size matters?

34772_4 34772_5 34772_11

Video of Kip Johnson and Seth Santoro at Naked Kombat here

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Christian Wilde abuses and fucks Brock Avery and Seth Santoro

Here’s another vintage shoot from Bound Gods. This one features muscled studs Brock Avery and Seth Santoro with Van Darkholme and Christian Wilde as doms.


Brock and Seth are ordered to their knees to present their holes for Mr. Wilde as he warms up their meaty asses using the riding crop. After swallowing Christian’s hard cock, both slaves are put to work as they’re made to lift weights, do pushups and jumping jacks all while painful clover clamps pinch on their balls. Mr. Wilde then beats the bound studs down with the flogger as Van suspends them in the air. With their asses exposed, Christian pounds away on both of their holes before they are tied down on the table for another fuck. Cock is replaced with electric butt plugs shoved up Seth and Brock’s asses as they are ordered to blow their loads. Finally, Christian rewards both studs by covering their faces in his hot cum and having them lick up every drop.

36815_1 36815_6 36815_9

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Gay prison porn: Officer Connor Maguire torments prisoner Seth Santoro

Check out Connor Maguire and Seth Santoro in this shoot from Bound Gods:


Seth Santoro waits in his jail cell as Officer Connor Maguire uncuffs his hands and orders him to change into his prison clothes. Officer Maguire then locks his prisoner back in his cell, with a chain around his neck as Seth is made to swallow Officer Maguire’s rock hard cock. Seth is then bound in rope, helpless, as Officer Maguire torments him with the flogger. Seth screams as the whip beats him all over so the angry officer shuts him up by stuffing his cock down his throat. On the desk, Officer Maguire clamps down the stud’s balls with the electric ball crusher and electrodes attached down his thighs. Seth’s hard cock points straight up to the sky as pulses of electricity shock his balls. Finally, the officer fucks his prisoner hard on the desk and gives him a face full of cum.

34767_0 34767_4 34767_6 34767_9

Video of this particular shoot available HERE

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Fuck me like you hate me

Seth Santoro, Brock Avery and Connor Maguire are featured in this archived shoot from Bound In Public, called There’s No Mercy in Fucking:


Blindfolded and crawling on his knees, cock whore Seth Santoro shoves his face into horny dudes’ crotches as he’s flogged from behind. The guys shove dicks on sticks in both of his holes, prying him open to double penetrate his perfect ass until he’s ready for the real thing. Seth is tied down on the table as the crowd runs a train on him, handgagging his mouth to shut him the fuck up. When he begs for mercy that only gets the crowd going more, they quickly ram their hard cocks up his ass before giving him a nice bukkake with cum dripping all over his face. One last surprise with clothespins down his torso has Seth screaming at the top of his lungs while all the crowd can do is laugh at the whore’s expense.


Video here

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Seth Santoro and Beaux Banks get into puppy play

in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ at Hot House:

Seth Santoro and Beaux Banks get into puppy play

It’s time to give the dog a bath, and Seth Santoro takes pup Beaux Banks into the yard on a leash to get the job done. With a little coaxing, Beaux hops in the water and soon finds that the experience of getting scrubbed down is amazing. Seth washes every inch of his pup, which gets Beaux horned up and ready for more than just a bath. Beaux is grateful for everything he’s been given and thanks his master for getting him clean by giving him his very own tongue bath. As Beaux licks Seth clean, he finds daddy’s bone bulging behind a pesky zipper and begs for Seth to let it out to play. Seth relents and Beaux gives it a few sniffs before he works it with his eager puppy mouth, taking it bush deep down his open throat. Beaux is as happy as a pup can be as he wags his tail in anticipation of Seth’s big cock up his ass. Seth can hardly take the agony of the wait and after a few licks of his pup’s hole, he slides his raging hard-on deep into Beaux’s tight ass. Seth works it hard in an extra-long fuck session that leaves Seth used up and ready for a nap — but not before he gets a mouthful of jizz from his extra hard and generous master.

Seth Santoro and Beaux Banks

VIDEO of “Skuff: Dog House” available here

Models in this shoot: Seth Santoro, Beaux Banks

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Free video preview from Bondagezine

Check out these screen shots of porn star Seth Santoro in “Duty Bound” at Master Jack’s site Bondagezine. (Hint: If you click on either of the images directly below, you can watch a free video preview.)

This is one of many videos available from Master Jack over at Bondagezine — a site with lots of pictures, stories, streaming content and much more. You can also order DVDs to be shipped to you. Master Jack has been online for more than 20 years now. He specializes in REAL bondage content featuring REAL MEN who are REALLY INTO BONDAGE. Fucking hot if you ask me. Check him out.

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