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Jared is tied up and on display

At Dream Boy Bondage, Jared has been cuffed to a wood plank, a rope wrapped tightly around his genitals, for hours. His naked body is nearly hairless, with his pubes shaved and just a few hairs around his nipples. The man in black strokes Jared’s cock, getting the elite athlete hard, despite the intense discomfort, then mercilessly flogs his chest and abs as he moans, his beautiful face contorted in pain. Later, Jared’s arms are cuffed over his head, behind the plank, causing his back muscles to cramp while arching his torso beautifully and exposing his deep armpits with their smattering of hair. The man gropes and slaps Jared’s muscular torso and whips him again as he squirms and twists seductively.

Jared at Dream Boy Bondage

Jared at Dream Boy Bondage


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Title: JARED: Elite Athlete – Chapter 3

Jared at Dream Boy Bondage

Catching up with Hoss Kado

I happened to be to scrolling TikTok today on my iPad when none other than Hoss Kado — the self-described “Omnisexual Heteroromantic Himbo” — turned up in a live feed sipping coffee and holding court with his followers!

Longtime readers of the Metalbond site will recognize Hoss from Dream Boy Bondage and Roped Studs, where he has appeared in many videos under the name Jared:

Catching up with Hoss Kado


As I learned from watching his live feed today, Hoss is now living in Las Vegas. He’s got some interesting new ink, and he’s as lean and flexible as ever. He’s also keenly self-aware. He shared with his viewers that he prefers topping women and bottoming to men.

You can find Hoss Kado on X/Twitter by clicking here. Even better, visit his online portal — hosskadovip.com — which will take you through to his list of social media sites, which include his Only Fans, Pornhub, and other pages. Please visit his pages and subscribe and show this beloved content creator some love!

Catching up with Hoss Kado

Jared is handcuffed against the plank

At Dream Boy Bondage, Jared is an elite athlete, excelling in a variety of sports, from crew to hockey. His body exudes power and speed, from his thick, muscular legs and ass to his narrow waist and broad shoulders. His ass is extraordinary, two mounds of muscle, especially impressive given the leanness of the rest of his body. But Jared’s strength is useless to him now. He is chained, standing, face-first, to a wooden platform, wearing nothing but a tiny jock that beautifully frames his perfect ass. He flexes against the plank, showing off every muscle. Then his ass and back are mercilessly whipped.

Jared Dream Boy Bondage

Dream Boy Bondage Jared


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Title: JARED: Elite Athlete – Chapter 1

Hoss Kado Jared Dream Boy Bondage

Leo Edwards and Jared get into nipple pump action

At Roped Studs, today’s victim is Leo Edwards, who is on the local soccer team. Coach Jared has been working Leo for weeks, getting him used to “hanging out” in his jock. Today, Jared is taking things to the next level, introducing this awkward but super-hot guy to his favorite kink: combining pain and sexual pleasure. Jared starts out with a nipple pump. Leo seems reluctant and confused, wanting to please his coach, but fearful. He takes the pain of the nipple suction – and, before he knows it, is sucking his coach’s cock!

Jared and Leo Edwards male bdsm

Multiple videos of these two available at Roped Studs

male bondage cocksuckers

Jared Hoss Kado Roped Studs

Video: Liam turns the tables on Jared

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, Liam turns the tables on Jared, shocking him unconscious then binding him spread-eagled on the same table to be whipped, zapped with a cattle prod, forced to suck cock and fucked. Jared is dominated, and there is nothing he can do but take it.

Jared is now spread-eagled on the torture table

After fucking and torturing Liam for days, Jared is now spread-eagled on the torture table, naked, his wrists and ankles bound to each corner. “It’s my turn, bitch,” Liam tells the sadistic young top, zapping him with the cattle prod. Jared remains cocky, daring Liam to torture him, as if he were still in control. But their roles are reversed. Jared is helpless and Liam wants revenge — big time. “Suck it!” Liam demands, shoving his huge, black cock into Jared’s mouth, while whipping his abs and pecs. This is muscle-stud bondage as it should be, with two, young studs trying to mind-fuck one another as they are bound, stripped, tortured and fucked. Jared might think he’s the top, but Liam dominates every inch of his lean, white body, making him moan in agony, suck dick and take a huge, black cock up his ass.

Here is a free video preview — be sure to watch this in full screen mode!


Title of this shoot: Your Ass Is Mine – Part 6

See the whole video and many more like it at Dream Boy Bondage – they have TWO new updates like this every Friday!

Jared aka Hoss Kado male bondage