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Femdom sites for bi and straight kinky men

Today’s posting is dedicated to the STRAIGHT and BI men who check out Metalbond (because I know there are some of you out there!) If you like to see men tied up and dominated by women, then these pictures and links are for you. (If you are gay, don’t click on anything in today’s posting):

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(The folks who run this site also have CFNM College and CFNM-TV)

Divine Bitches

Men In Pain

Tied with his ass up


Meanwhile, at BreederFuckers, Shamus hasn’t yet learned how to respect his new owner. He’s tied with his ass up and subjected to breath control. His already sore arse is given vicious smacks from his new master’s bare hand. His dick and nuts are tied to a heavy weight and his long silky foreskin is clamped open.


With his movement so restricted, Dave sees the perfect opportunity to plunge into his sore hairy ass, which he wets with spit. In this humble position, Shamus has no choice but to obediently beg to suck cock or receive further punishment.


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How the Army Buried Me in the Ground


stories by CREUSSHere is a real story again.

It happened about 25 years ago when I was a soldier. I spent 7 years in the army from age 17 to age 24. We were all professionals, that has to be said, as the military service still existed in those days. As the “elite” of the army, discipline was hard and rough so punishment for misconduct or any failure could be severely inflicted.  We were quite often training in battlefield conditions. Usually, it was a matter of 3 nights and 4 days per training session but it could be longer, of course.

You probably noticed that when you are in a barracks, there is always a place used and/or called the “prison.”  It is not always pleasant to visit, but it happens.  Anyway, when you are outdoors for a few days, there isn’t a fixed prison, so the officers (I am unable to share with you the exact division of the army that I belonged to, let it suffice to say that we were the crème de la crème and the best of the best) have found a simple way to handle “convicts” for over a century – sorry, no pix available.

Here is my first experience:

Actually, I will start my story as my punishment began.  All day long, we were undergoing map reading and compass training. But for some reason I got lost and got back to the campsite quite late – far too late, actually.  I was yelled at until my commander was hoarse and would be punished overnight for my inability to follow orders.

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Total degradation and humiliation

Breederfuckers 01Meanwhile over at BreederFuckers, sporty tough guy Toby is the perfect specimen of a young straight who is ripe for total degradation and humiliation. His tight hetero asshole is screwed deeply by a fucking machine, his sensitive nipples and foreskin are clamped and he’s flogged for good measure. He moans in anger and pain as his oiled body is selfishly used.

BreederFuckers 02Breederfuckers 03

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Sailors on shore leave

Brutal TopsSex starved sailors Nick and Derek are on shore leave, and like most horny seamen they plan on getting pissed, causing a little mayhem and getting laid. A red light in a window catches their eye, but the promise of a sexy temptress behind the door turns out be none other than slutty sub Martin.

Brutal Tops foot domination

The two handsome muscular Masters decide to have some bully boy fun at this filthy whores expense, using it’s mouth as an ashtray before washing their stinky armpits and rancid ass holes across it’s sloppy wet tongue. Roping up the cunt they trample over it’s body and tiny cock then feed it their hot sweaty feet and toes for a refreshing bath.

lick my feet fag

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