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Male BDSM fiction: Locktober 2019

The author POW has a fantastic story about how two guys celebrated Locktober a few years back. Click to read:

Locktober 2019


POW recently migrated his story site to a new host. His main page is here. Be forewarned, though, that many of his stories feature extreme themes so proceed at your own risk!

He’s also featured with several stories right here in the Metalbond Prison Library

Are you just a hole? If so, cage your dick and head to Locktoberfest!

The notorious Cagedjock is hosting the first annual Locktoberfest on Friday, October 6, 2023, at a top-secret location in Brooklyn:



This event, the first of its kind, is dedicated to the Locked Boys community — and is also open to tops who are eager to assert their dominance! Which are you?

Click for Locktoberfest

Find cagedjock on X (formerly Twitter)

Cagedjock is hosting the first annual Locktoberfest