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UPDATED POST: More pictures from inside a historic prison

Here are some additional pictures from Eastern State Penitentiary, courtesy of Metalbond reader Louis:

You can see MANY more pictures of Eastern State by clicking on the links below:






And a couple more links:




Thanks, Louis, for sharing all of this!


Metal gets bound by Louis

When visiting the men of Men in Chains and Serious Male Bondage recently on my trip to Iowa, I finally got to meet Louis — who has websites here and here. Louis and I have been in touch via email for ages, and it was great to meet him! He put me in various forms of restraint, including secured with humane restraints to a cot while wearing boxing gloves:

prisoner locked to cot


And he also locked me in this box:

locked in a bondage box


Louis shared these and many more pictures to his Tumblr page

This is the same guy who invented a self-bondage system shown HERE

TBT: Jim Stewart and the history of Fetters

I think in all of bondage, my favorite restraints are the “darbies-style” handcuffs and leg cuffs, shown here:

Jim Stewart and the history of Fetters


The picture above is from the website of a guy named Louis, who has a site on Tumblr dedicated to “Straitjackets, medical restraints and more.” You can click to see his blog (which has NOT been censored by Tumblr!) by clicking here.

As Louis writes on his site, these cuffs and much more were sold by Jim Stewart (of blessed memory) and his company, Fetters.

You can learn more about Jim and the history of Fetters by clicking here.

Also, be sure to check out Jim’s very extensive website, featuring tons of content — including lots of stories — available here.

Self-bondage on steroids

Blog reader Louis made a self-bondage contraption — complete with magnetic locks and a timer mechanism. Check it out:


Louis writes:

For my system there are four timers: 1) A Harbor Freight programmable timer at the power outlet that turns off the entire system for 15 minutes every morning. 2) An enable timer that turns off (currently) at 4 hours. 3) A delay start timer so I need to push the start switches (both of them) for 2 seconds to start the primary timer. 4) And the primary timer that I can change the time on.

The timers can be set for up to 9,990 hours (1.13 years). Three (3) of the counters are CNT-35-96. No, I didn’t spend anywhere near $146 for the timers. They were used, usually less than $10.

There is a 300-pound magnetic lock for each wrist. I can’t pull them loose. At the front of each hand is two start switches. I need to engage one on the left side and one on the right side for 2 seconds to lock the locks. There is a switch on the back of each magnetic lock to release the locks. The switches on the control box can be set for both switches, either switch, can’t be disengaged, or a specific switch. The rotary switch connects the circuit output to the other connections. (Currently not used.)

It feels a LOT safer when I get both hands free at the end of a session. I now play, almost all of the time, with gloves on. I would not do that when I needed to manipulate a key with one hand to get free.

Here are more pictures of the setup:

IMG_0988a IMG_0993a IMG_2055 IMG_2084 IMG_2112 IMG_2129 IMG_2184 img_7808


Metal would like to thank Louis for the pictures and information.

FYI: Louis also designed the jail cell time lock in Yossie’s cell. The jail cell time lock has been updated, replacing the sprinkler timer with a CNT-35-96.

And, you can read more about straitjackets by visiting Louis’ web site: The Straitjacket Page.