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Metalbond Mail

Hey guys check out the message I got from a reader of this site and my response:


Dear Metal,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website. It’s always a good, hot read! The redesign looks great and thanks for all the work you put into it for the greater good. I just spent 5 hours reading stories that have had me horny the entire read! Keep up the awesome work!




Dear Donal,

I am really glad that you were lured into my trap — reading the stories for hours and hours. That’s the way I designed the site, to keep guys like you “chained” to your computer screen.

Heh, heh, heh



And for all of you story readers out there, good news! As promised, I just added a brand new “Locker Room Tales” installment by Marknorth. You can find it in the Prison Library, under Marknorth’s sub-tab and also under Newest Stories.

Enjoy! And be sure to leave feedback!

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Locker Room Tales is added to the Prison Library

Hey prisoners, have you been catching up on your reading in the Prison Library? I hope so. Just remember, for those of you who are locked in chastity, there will be NO MERCY shown if the stories make you uncomfortably hard in your cock cages.

For those of you who are interested in locker room bullying (of the homoerotic/bondage variety) you might want to check out Locker Room Tales – Never a Jock by Marknorth. This is a story that I just migrated from the old site, so check it out.

Good news for those who like this story: There will be TWO brand-new installments of Locker Room Tales coming to Metalbond, so keep checking back often.

Unfreedom Day — a true adventure by Marknorth

Hey guys, Marknorth is spending Independence Day with a chain collar locked on. It’s not the tightest of collars, but you gotta give the guy credit for trying. He also sent a true-life self-bondage story, which is below the picture.

Marknorth July 4 lockup


Unfreedom Day

By Marknorth

Dear Metal,

I spent the night before Independence Day in a chain collar. It reminded me of the loss of freedom.

Several weeks ago I had a weekend with no obligations or plans, so I decided to use the time to do a self-bondage lock-down in my cell.

Put in the usual supply of water and protein shakes – and straws.

Let my dick choose the length of time to be locked away – 18 hours.

Utilized the typical set-up; padded hood, leather cuffs (ankle and wrist), leather collar (2” fetters), all locked and linked by heavy chains. Secured a chain from the ankles to the I-bolt, making escape from the cell impossible, without using the “fail safe” key. No cock-lock, just an under armour jock and cup.

I decided to wear racing leathers and boots to complete the experience.  Love the way the leathers fit – tight in all the right places.

Was in the cell and had everything locked on by 6:00 pm Friday night – having forgone dinner to avoid a call from nature.

No escape until the keys dropped from the mag-lock at around noon on Saturday.

My hard-on usually doesn’t dissipate for several hours after the initial lock-down; so the struggle within the hard-cup adds some discomfort – although not as much as a chastity cage.

It didn’t take long to start to heat up inside the hood and leathers, but that was to be expected.

leather dainese suit


Since there is no way to mark time, it is hard to tell exactly when it starts to become uncomfortable and the “real” lock-up begins as the initial “buzz” wears off; but that is the point, after all – it’s not bondage until you want out.

This was the first time that I had worn the leathers for a lock-up of more than a few hours, and it was apparent that they were going to add a level of discomfort that was unexpected – especially the increase in body heat.

Also found out that getting to my dick to piss was a serious amount of work – the zipper on the leathers doesn’t extend quite far enough to allow for moving the hard cup out of the way easily.

So every time I had to piss was a frustrating struggle. Didn’t test that part out ahead of time – an error on my part, as I usually consider all the possibilities and test them out before locking things in place. This time, though, it didn’t seem like it would be an issue ahead of time.

So, time passed, the level of discomfort increased making it hard to sleep. I know I dozed off but not for long periods.

Of course, as the discomfort builds, so does the frustration of not being able to get free.

It soon became a series of attempts to find a way to get more comfortable – pacing, kneeling, sitting, laying down on the cot trying to sleep.  Nothing was working and the frustration continued to build.

For the first time in a long time the thought of having to use the “fail safe” kept coming to the forefront.

I love the leathers, love the hood, and love being locked up – but for some reason the combination that night was making me overly miserable – and I wasn’t sure that I could make it for the duration.

As more time passed it became apparent to me that I needed to get out and get relief.

Eventually I caved in. My “fail safe” key is kept in a large plastic juice bottle that is filled with motor oil. The opening is too small to stick my hand in, so it needs to be poured out to get to the key. That creates an unbelievable mess on the floor!  But my frustration overcame what I knew would be a long and tedious clean-up.

I dumped the oil out and got the key – regretting that step already.

That key opens the lock box with the necessary keys to remove the restraints.

Once I had the locks off and removed the restraints and hood – and the leathers and boots, I left the cell (frustrated at the mess and for failing to make the full 18 hours).

I almost screamed when I looked at the clock – it was 10:50 am – I would have only made it a little over an hour more before I would have been freed!!

Now I was really pissed at myself – such a fucking wuss!!!

Cleaning up the oil took over an hour – and it stained the concrete on the cell floor.

The mess confirmed the “price” for using the “fail safe” – it’s there for an emergency – it worked as needed and verified that I would always be able to get out of the restraints quickly should that emergency arise (something that I have never had to test before).

Lesson learned – man-up and tough it out – I’ve done it many times before.  I’m going to do it many times more.

I’ll be punishing myself with a longer lock up with the same set-up in near the future.

Thought you might get a kick out of that episode – I wasn’t going to share it with you because is somewhat embarrassing.  Was the first time that I wimped out in a self-lock-up and I have spent so much more time locked up under those circumstances.

Your continued prisoner,


Metal would like to thank Marknorth for the account above.

Self-bondage game with a large padlock and key in the mail

Hey guy’s it’s Friday night and check out what MarkNorth just did!



Marknorth writes:

Dear Metal:

I put my fate into the hands of the US Post Office tonight!

I have some work that I need to get done away from the office (plenty for Friday and Monday), so I did the deed and dropped the key in the mail to myself and snapped a lock and chain on tonight.

I dropped the key in after the last pick-up time today, so it will not go out until tomorrow evening. If all goes well, the key will be back in my box Monday – but I won’t be able to “sneak in” and get it until early evening, to avoid the possibility of being seen with this ridiculously large and heavy chain on my neck!

I’m attaching a set of pics for your amusement.

This will be the first time I have done something like this on my own, where the key is completely out of my possession. Even in extended self-bondage scenes the key has always been in my house, even if inaccessible for periods of time! Now it’s totally out of reach.

Well, we’ll see how this goes – I was nervous, but hard as hell, as I released the envelope into the mailbox on my way home from work tonight!


At least (hopefully most) 4 days’ worth of this thing around my neck …


02_Envelope-Ready 03_Key-Dropped-In 04-Drop-in-the-mail 05_Locked-On-2

Long-distance 48-hour lockup

MarklnorthLong-distance 48-hour lockup

An illustrated adventure by Marknorth

A blogger buddy and I have been emailing for a long time (and a few phone calls) – and we discussed the idea of some long-distance lock-ups and were finally able to make it happen. About a week and a half ago he mailed me a box that I was not to open until he told me to.  The plan was to hook up on live video (yahoo messenger) and take it from there.

We set last Friday as the date and he sent me an email beforehand telling me that he wanted me in my orange prisoner uniform, black boots, leather ankle cuffs (locked on and with a short chain locked between them) when I logged on.  At that time I would open the box and see where it went from there.

As I was getting ready, I was excited and nervous – I had no idea what was in the box – it wasn’t very big, but it was heavy.  I was thinking some heavy handcuffs or something.

When we logged in, it was a one way video chat.  I could hear him, but not see him (on purpose – he wanted me to be under surveillance, not being able to see my captor).

He made me show him that I was dressed as directed and that the ankle cuffs were locked on.  Once he was satisfied, he told me to open the box – I had to do it so he could see that it had not already been opened.

It was a heavy, short chain and a large brass combination lock (4 digits).  He ordered me to place the chain around my neck and set the links so that it was tight (no way to pull it up over my head) – then he ordered me to close the lock.  I did it immediately – really without thinking – and I was fucked.  It was a heavy chain and lock – would have been a bitch to cut off.  And I just locked it on myself without the combination – by a guy that I really didn’t know and who was a thousand miles away!

I was locked up in the chain at about 8:30 pm on Friday.

He gave me a set of tasks that I had to complete to earn the digits to the combination.  Each successful task would earn one digit.  I needed to be free by the end of Sunday so I was really worried that I wouldn’t get them done – or that he would fuck me over and not give me the combo.

At first I thought it wouldn’t be that bad – but I was wrong.  I thought that I would be able to just unlock the chain between the ankle cuffs – but he had thought of that.  Randomly throughout the entire weekend he did “cell checks.”  I received an email from him with orders to write something on a piece of paper, take a pic showing the ankle restraints and chain, and email it to him within 10 minutes.  Sounds like a lot of time, but it isn’t – especially if you don’t catch the email right away.  I was basically chained to my computer the whole weekend.  If I didn’t get the pic to him in time – additional time would be added to the collar being locked-on or I was given some other punishment.

MarklnorthMarklnorthThe damn chain was really heavy and started to make my neck sore early Saturday.  By Sunday morning it really was starting to hurt.  I was scared by late Saturday that he had some worse crap in mind, so I offered to accept something more restrictive so that I would ensure that he would give me the combo on Sunday night.  Of course he took me up on that – and added locking wrist restraints, locked to the collar chain by another short chain.  The added weight and movement of my arms made the collar even worse.

MarklnorthMarklnorthBy noon on Sunday I had earned the combination – although I wasn’t going to get it emailed until later – which I already knew.  He gave me reprieve from the rest of the restraints at 2:00 – the collar still locked on.  BUT the final set of instructions came regarding the release.

I had to go out in public and take my picture – with the collar and padlock visible – at a landmark in town.  It is a small town – so I was scared shitless that I would be seen.  I did it in front of the post office sign, but had to scramble back in my truck twice as people stopped to get their mail (the PO boxes are accessible 24/7).


Finally I got the pics to him and he was satisfied.  I got the combination at the 48-hour point and was able to remove the damn collar.  My neck was sore for several days – but my dick is still hard.

What a ride!  I can’t believe that I did that to myself – I was truly imprisoned in my house and to the computer.  It was, however, exhilarating.

Metal would like to thank Marknorth for sharing this latest adventure!